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Tips For Taking Care of Afro-Textured Hair

Tips For Taking Care of Afro-Textured Hair

Today I’m so excited to bring successful mumtrepreneur Kameese Davis to the blog.

Her brand Nylah’s Naturals is dedicated to haircare solutions for Afro-Caribbean women  & children, plus Kam is all about heritage, science & caring for hair.

Kam started Nylah because she could find any EFFECTIVE haircare products for her daughter who also has sensitive, eczema-prone skin- so, voila! Nylah’s Naturals was born.

Not only is Kam a mother, but she’s badass entrepreneur who runs workshops which help educate & empower woman on the importance of haircare & taking care of yourself. Plus, she took matters into her own hands for the sake of her daughter’s health- my kinda girl.

Oh, & did I mentioned she also assists foster carers & young girls living in the UK? Well, her project is called Untangled & helps these young girls look after their hair. Like I said, badass hustler right here.

With that, let’s welcome Kameese Davis of Nylah’s Naturals to The Skinny Confidential.


Tips For Taking Care of Afro-Textured Hair

My daughter Nylah was the inspiration behind my haircare brand & therefore I couldn’t think of a better name. When she was born I wanted to ensure that my daughter felt included & beautiful in a world which often celebrated a standard of beauty not inclusive of afro-textured hair types.  I wanted my daughter to know, from her earliest memory, that she, with her, soft, kinky, coily, & at times frizzy hair was also the very definition of beautiful.

In terms of caring for her hair, my daughter’s eczema required that I apply a lot of scrutiny when searching for a haircare product as I needed something that would not aggravate sensitive skin.

Tips For Taking Care of Afro-Textured Hair Tips For Taking Care of Afro-Textured Hair

This led me to realize that many products marketed to Black women contain harmful & toxic ingredients.

Unfortunately, many of the natural alternatives that I encountered did not have the efficacy needed to properly care for my daughter’s hair. In addition, I needed a product that would bridge the gap between good science & homemade haircare. So I decided I would be the solution to my daughter’s haircare needs. And in that decision, Nylah’s Naturals was created.

Nylah’s Naturals is more than haircare. We also focus on heritage, hair & science. I am also passionate about tackling hair discrimination.  As such, we have delivered a selection of hair science workshops to our customers & the public. Our workshops are designed to empower attendees to properly care for their hair, we do so through providing hair education led by specialists such as dermatologists, tricologhists & GPs.

We are excited about the future of our brand.

Human hair plays an important role & relevance in society due to its undeniable function in visual appearance & social communication.

Caring for your hair is an integral extension of your personal presentation. At Nylah we understand the challenges of caring for hair that needs a sensitive touch in order to flourish. But at Nylah we also believe that armed with the high performance products, the correct information & effective regime, you can implement effective haircare practices to love your hair & promote frizzy, curly, coily, kinky glory.

Here are five tips to help you to care for hair which requires a sensitive touch to flourish:

♡ Wash hair frequently.

It was once a popular myth that Black hair should not be frequently washed, & whilst it is not practical to wash Black hair every day, afro hair needs to be cleaned regularly due to its need for consistent hydration.

Regular cleansing helps to remove product build-up from the hair shaft allowing water molecules to absorb into the cortex; this helps keep your hair supple & promotes elasticity. In addition, infrequent wash days can compromise the health & integrity of your hair & scalp.

I recommend that hair is washed at least every 10 – 14 days using a sulphate-free, strengthening & moisturising shampoo such as our Strength & Shine Shampoo Cream. This will ensure that hair is thoroughly cleansed, strengthened & infused with essential amino acids.

♡ Do not grease the scalp.

Now, less than ten years ago, a well-greased, shiny scalp was a signifier of healthy hair & a healthy scalp. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth because occlusive pomades & high abrasion oils clog & suffocate hair follicles, which does not create an optimum environment for healthy hair growth.

Furthermore, heavy grease attracts further dirt, debris & pollution to the hair & scalp. This not only interrupts the process of desquamation, it can exacerbate existing scalp conditions through creating an unhealthy scalp environment.

Nylah's Naturals

♡ Understand the difference between moisture & hydration.

Understanding the difference between moisturising & hydrating your hair is essential to implementing a healthy hair regime. Whilst both methods should be used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

The term hydration lends itself to the process of adding water to be absorbed into the cortex of your hair; this lubricates & softens hydrogen bonds increasing the hair pliability & capacity to withstand manipulation. Whereas moisture refers to the process of lubricating the eternal fibres of the hair, i.e. cuticles & sealing water into the hair shaft.

Due to the structure of afro hair, water molecules can easily escape from the hair cortex, which causes the hair to dry quickly. The more porous the hair, the quicker its capacity to release water molecules. Adding a hydrating hair spritz followed by a moisturizer such as our Moisture Retention Curl Cream will deliver intense hydration to the innermost part of the hair.

Then seal that moisture in with our Super Seed Hair Oil or a butter of your choice. In addition, this works by lubricating the external shaft of your hair.

♡ Be mindful of your product’s pH balance.

pH level, i.e. powers of hydrogen, play a significant role when it comes to the health of your hair & the integrity of your strands. Your hair’s natural pH is somewhat acidic & sits comfortably at a pH of 4.5 – 5.5.

Products with a higher pH value may increase the negative charge of the hairs surface, lift the hair cuticles & increase the friction between the fibers. Using products with a higher pH will lead to cuticle damage & fiber breakage. To keep cuticles constricted, & smooth the hair’s surface, products should range between a pH of 4.5 & 5. 

♡ Get a shower filter!

Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of minerals such as calcium, magnesium etc. These minerals deposit on the hair’s fiber & cause hair to become dry, brittle & lifeless.

Furthermore, these minerals react with the ingredients in soaps & shampoos to produce a solid salt residue, which is an insoluble substance that prevents the proper conditioning of the hair.

If hard water is taking a toll on your strands, I recommend swapping out your shower head for a shower head filter meant for hard water. This will remove excess minerals in the water & improve the water quality & the performance of your products.


Hope you loved this post. Do you have afro-textured hair? Spill all your tips for hair growth below!

Be sure to follow for some serious hair science, advice & reviews.


  1. Here’s an Afro hair care tip for an everyday, natural chic curl- for male or female,,the PM before- Rose oil (post shower), wide tooth comb, bougee hair wrap (self care is made for us to feel like gods & goddesses),, in the AM, wash hair ( with no additional products) , comb through && style with a hair soufflé + that wide tooth comb! ?✨

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