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Tips For Traveling With a Baby

Tips For Traveling With a Baby

This post is for all the parents out there.

By no means am I an expert when it comes to traveling with a baby or kids. In fact, I’m more of a practicioner. I mean, let’s try anything that works, right?

One thing I do know is: it’s a lot of work. Today I just want to share with you what’s worked for me in the past.

Most people with babies and young kids avoid travel at all costs – I get it. But sometimes you just must – especially because they fly for free when they’re under 2.


♡ Invest in a travel stroller.

This tip is brought to you by my husband, Michael. This stroller is lightweight, thin & fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane. When you get in, everyone will roll their eyes at you, but then you’ll collapse it, store it & get on your way.

This fits perfectly into the trunk of Ubers & taxis. It’s not some huge, lumbering piece of equipment.

♡ Have some stickers on hand.

This is so random & I can’t remember who gave me this tip. But bring stickers. This give your baby’s little fingers something to play with. Even if it distracts them for 15-20 minutes, this is a great hack to buy you some time.

Zaza plays with a sticker & loves them. She puts them on her face, then my face, then takes them off. OBVIOUSLY watch your kid closely so they don’t eat them or choke on them. I mean how can you not, they’ll be suffocating you on your lap the whole flight.

Stickers are such an easy thing to bring that take up no space & stimulates their little brains for a bit.

♡ Have food & a sippy cup ready to go.

I like to bring a small food thermos with baby food like blended blueberries, bananas & spinach. In another container I’ll have some sweet potato, mashed banana & avocado.  Healthy fats keeps little tummies full for longer.

I’ll bring a bowl, spoon & bib & give them bites of the food I brought. Most the time I’ll bring a whole banana too & just scoop some into the spoon to give her little bites if they need a snack (or distraction).

There’s also this baby cup that I got because Kylie Jenner recommended it & Zaza loves it. Just keep it empty, then when you get past security fill it up with a bottle of water from the convenience store.

Additionally, I like to buy a bottle of milk too. You never know.

♡ Download music before you get on the plane.

This is something that I learned the hard way. When we were flying to Aspen I went to play Zaza’s favorite song from The Lady & The Tramp soundtrack. It soothes her, calms her & she’s been listening to it since the day she was born.

Anyway, I went to play it & it wouldn’t work! Little did I know I had to download the music to be able to play it on Spotify when we were out of service. I was so fucked. Now I know to download everything I need (or even think I MIGHT need) pre-flight.

If you’re interested in Zaza’s playlist you can scope it here & then download it on Spotify. Trust me, a playlist makes a big difference.

♡ Bring a pacifier, even if your baby doesn’t use one. Hear me out…

Our pediatrician was on the podcast a while back talking all about parental anxiety, childcare, vaccines, & more. He also told me that baby’s ears pop during take off and landing & that’s why they cry most the time. My mind was blown. I didn’t know this- did you?

Having a pacifier for them to suck on can alleviate the pressure.

We love this pacifier & I literally keep them everywhere. In my handbags, in the stroller, in the diaper bag- everywhere. Be sure to bring 2 on the flight with you in case one drops & the disgusting carpeted ground or you lose one. Cause when you need one, YOU NEED ONE.

Other Quick Tips:

♡ dress your baby in comfortable clothes.

♡ bring a blanket from home.

♡ try to align your flight with their sleep schedule.

♡ bring a plastic bag, or some sort of bag for messy stuff, banana peels, wipes, dirty spoons & bowls, etc.

♡ promise diamonds if that’s what it takes.

♡ DO NOT forget your diapers and wipes.

♡ always keep at least one set of spare clothes in your carry on bag.

Do whatever you have to do to get through it. It’s rough up there, let me tell ya. One of the best things about traveling with kids though is that you are called through to board the plane first so you have extra time to get organized (ask the flight attendant if you need help), you can usually skip security lineups and go through the special family travel lane.

Whether you’re flying domestic or international traveling with kids is HARD. Even when everything goes perfectly it’s hard. Just remember to take some deep breaths, go easy on your kids (and yourself) and do what you have to do to survive.

Hope these tips help you grab at least a few moments of peace if you’re going on an upcoming flight with your little one. Praying for you. LOL.

Would love to know all your tips, tricks & hacks for traveling with a baby or just kids in general. Share!

x, lauryn

+ the magical fairy water that makes my baby stop crying. 

++ the must-have accessories every new mom needs.


  1. Bring a change of clothes for everyone in your carryon in a sealing bag. If a bodily fluids disaster happens you don’t want to be stuck wearing those clothes for the rest of the flight!

    1. I second this!! My first daughter would get motion sickness and the first time she threw up on a flight (there have been multiple times), my husband had to sit in throw up pants for an hour and a half on the flight AND on the ride back home. Now that she’s four she can take a small dose of Dramamine that knocks her out and she sleeps most of the flight. Phew!

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