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Tips For Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party: Zaza’s Pineapple Soirée Details

Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party

Today on the blog we have all the details & specifics of Zaza Pineapple Soirée.

You may have seen a little bit of the party on Instagram but as always, we want things laid out on the blog too. 

And HEY this party may look extreme lol BUT there was a lot to celebrate. It was a party to see friends & family we haven’t seen in 2 years, it was a party to announce our 2nd pregnancy, it was a party to just come together & enjoy ourselves. And of course celebrate ZAZA !

Ok, so here are all my tips to throwing a kid’s birthday party, but like, what the fuck do I know. I just kind of winged it & added my own twist.

Let’s do this: 

Tips For Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party: Zaza’s Pineapple Soirée Details

Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party: Zaza Pineapple Soirée Details
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party: Zaza Pineapple Soirée Details
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party: Zaza Pineapple Soirée Details
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party
inflatable castle slide
Pineapple Soirée Details


♡  pick a theme.

This makes the event WAY easier to plan in my opinion. Start with a cute theme & build on it. We went with pineapples which made decorating seamless with pastel yellow, green & pink. Our guests wanted to kill me because no one had these specific colored clothes on hand. LOL. 


Boone totally delivered with this cute number though. Next year we’ll make it a camel theme so everyone can wear neutrals. Anyway, the theme made it easy to choose games, decor, food etc. Starting with a theme is my top tip.

An introduction to the pineapple soirée theme all started with the incredible invitations by @blissandbone. You guys have heard me talk about Cindy from Bliss and Bone before & man oh man did she deliver once again. 

She ALWAYS, without fail, just understands the importance of every little detail & nails the vision in my head every.single.time. Not to mention they are always ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

We went with a pastel yellow envelope, baby yellow sheer wrap, & envelope with hot pink font & a hot pink ‘Z’ candle wax seal.

Bliss and Bone invitation
Bliss and Bone invitation | Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party - invitations
Birthday party invitation ideas
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party: Zaza Pineapple Soirée Details

All the details for the party were included on the invite & really set the tone of the whole theme. The best thing about working with Bliss and Bone is that they automatically set up the evite too. So you just go into your account & the evite looks the same as the paper invite & all you have to do is add your email addresses & press send. Efficient !

If you’re looking for a totally elevated invitation situation Cindy at Bliss and Bone is your girl. She has done incredible invites for our wedding, baby shower, birth announcement, & now Zaza’s 2nd birthday. Just cannot recommend working with Bliss and Bone enough- they have TASTE.

♡ paint trays to decorate cupcakes.

You can buy these on Amazon & they’re affordable, come in different colors & are so fun for the kids, plus they’re reusable. You can put a frosted cupcake in the middle & all the different sprinkles in the little paint circles. This is such a fun activity for kids- pretty too. Get creative with the sprinkles- some ideas for you: unicorn sprinkles, funfetti sprinkles, & pink princess sprinkles.

♡ games but make them cute.

We did a pineapple bowling station & used a coconut as the bowling ball. And we had pastel-painted pineapples as the pins & it was SO CUTE. 

We also had a princess bouncy castle from @inflatesandiego that they customized for us. It said ZAZA’S CASTLE & was a big hit. All of their creations are beautiful – no seriously go look at their Instagram. They have different bouncy house & waterslide rentals that are so aesthetically-pleasing. They were so efficient, the kids LOVED it. Max & Collette are the owners & if you’re in the San Diego area I fully recommend supporting their business. Maybe for the next party we’ll do the waterslide?

Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party
cupcake decorating
painted pineapples
inflatable bouncy castle

♡ party favors: for kids & adults.

Screaming kids at a party for a few hours is a lot to handle ( AM I WRONG ! ) so we decided to have a little party favor table with things for the adults & the kids. We did:

+ pink @calirosa margaritas:

Cali Rosa is this delicious pink tequila that we used in Evinrude’s Spicy Boozy Pineapple Margaritas along with chili oil, pineapple, lemon, lime & local honey. Love this tequila – it’s 100% made from blue agave & aged in red-wine barrels. Yum. They also provided us with the neon pink YOU HAD ME AT TEQUILA SIGN. Totally fit the vibe.

+ @tajacollection chic, white pineapple candles:

Taja is the best company to use for custom candles. I have them all around my house, I love to give them as gifts, & for Zaza’s birthday we did a pineapple etched square base in kind of a frosted white. The scent was so good too – Pina Princess.  All Taja candles are hand-poured with soy wax & no phthalates, parabens or synthetic dyes. Been a big fan for years so I was so happy to have these custom pineapple candles at Zaza’s party. 

+ @bliss marshmallow masks:

Huge fan of Bliss & their liquid exfoliant lately. Their Marshmallow Mask is major too, so we had them laid out on the party favor table. The light pink, white & teal blue packaging fit in with the theme seamlessly. I love Bliss products, so if you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend. 

fun kids party for adults
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party: Zaza Pineapple Soirée Details
bliss mighty marshmallow
party favors
that's it pineapple crunchables
kids party favors
kids party favors
kids birthday party favors

+ @beekeepers_naturals throat spray & brain fuel: 

I take Beekeeper’s Naturals brain fuel almost every day. It’s like liquid adderall. Like I said, kids parties can be A LOT, so it was fun to have Beekeeper’s products for the adults. The founder has been on the podcast & let me just say, the throat spray is like magic.   

+ @thatsit PINEAPPLE BARS: 

FOR THE WIN. Zaza is obsessed with apple crunchables, so we were so excited for these bars. They surprised me so much, I ate them on our flight home & harassed the company to send me more. They’re so delicious, there’s only 2 ingredients ( pineapples + apples ). Not to mention, the bars were so on theme. 

+ @moodygirlchocolate bars: 

Moody Girl is my friend Leah’s company. All of her chocolate is vegan, free of refined sugar, soy & gluten, & safe for Paleo diets. All her flavors are insane: mint & chip, raspberry, & matcha. My sister Faye introduced me to Moody Girl and I’ve never looked back. 

Cali Rosa tequila

Cali Rosa tequila at a party
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party - snacks
Zaza birthday party details

 + @myserenitykids puffs for the kids:

Zaza has been obsessed with broccoli puffs since she could eat & has them every single day of her life. Serenity Kids is such a great brand & all their products have minimal ingredients. You can learn more about them here & here, AND stay tuned because they’re coming on the podcast soon. In the meantime, use code SKINNY at for 15% off your first order. We wanted all of Zaza’s little friends to try the puffs so we had the broccoli puffs & the carrot/beet puffs. They were a huge hit.

+ custom & personalized candy by @lananicoleevents: 

We did Bosstics ( Tic Tacs ), Zaza’s Sugar Wands ( like Pixy Stix ), Zaza’s Pineapple Soirée ( these were Reese’s bars ) & Zaza’s Baby Sharks ( little packs of Goldfish crackers ). Lana is so talented & if you need any inspo for your event, just go look at her Instagram page. She did customized candy for my baby shower too. For that we did  Cheeto’s bags that said BABY BOSSTICK & skittles bags that said BABY BOSS. We also made BOSStic tic tacs for the goodie bags.

This is a really fun way to get creative & really personalize your party. It’s such a special touch & Lana is so great to work with.

♡ pretty rentals. 

Our go-to is @archiverentals. They have so many options, just go look at their Instagram. They did the cutest kids table & chair situation as well as cocktail tables with baby pink lounge chairs. We had different shelving units, side tables, sofas, cushions – they even provided us with cake stands. Archive Rentals just GETS IT, every time. We worked with them to create our own custom bar – it was white & said “Mommy’s Boozy Pineapple Bar.” We had frames, food & drink menus, flowers & straws on the bar, while ALCE 101 made drinks.

Archive Rentals not only provides rentals, they do design for weddings, corporate events, birthdays – literally any kind of occasion. They’re style is so on the pulse & very of the moment. Highly recommend. 


Mommy's Boozy Pineapple Bar
Mommy's Boozy Pineapple Bar
birthday gifts
birthday gifts for toddler
Tips For Throwing a Kids Birthday Party: Zaza Pineapple Soirée Details
Kids Birthday Party decor
Kids Party family pictures decor

♡ party planner

IF you’re looking for a party planner @roundtownevents is the MOVE. They have helped me plan so many magical set-ups & they always get my annoying, specific vision. From photoshoots to birthdays ( they did Zaza’s first birthday too ), the way they streamline everything, make sure every detail is organized & in place, you just will not regret hiring them. They’ve done parties for Desi Perkins  & recently Jen Atkin’s son’s birthday. They know their shit.

They are elevated event planners, but like on crack. And they help create, plan & design & the whole team are MASTERS of their craft. 

♡ keep the food & drinks simple. 

We had a lemonade situation for kids & for the adults we had some total eye-candy, AKA @manservants_co serving:

+ mango strawberry @ashlandhardseltzer ( they have the best flavors ). 

+ @drinkbev rosé ( low sugar & low carb, use code SKINNY for 20% off your first order ).

@villagerspirits cocktails ( you have to try the pineapple margarita ).

+ & blood orange boozy @juneshineco ( the most amazing boozy kombucha you’ve ever had. Use code SKINNY for 20% off a sampler pack ).

If you haven’t heard of Manservants, welcome to the best thing of your life. We also used them for my bachelor party & baby shower. You can hire them to basically do anything. They helped me greet the guests with refreshments & with the gender reveal & all wore pink, it was just so FUN. They came out dancing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, holding cute pink stuff like a Barbie, pink roses & signs that said “Michael is so fucked.” LOL. For my bachelor party they were circling the pool making sure all of our drinks were topped up.

Having Manservants at your event just really brings it all up a notch.

We had them in yellow suits to fit the theme & not only were they BEYOND helpful, they just really fit with the whole theme.

We had a candy table & @swoonful cotton candy station ( strawberry, lemon drop & watermelon ) with edible glitter toppings. Plus a Dole Whip & shaved ice food truck came to give it a whole Disneyland vibe. Jess from Little Sparks Cookies did the cutest custom cookies too. She created cookies with pineapples & ones that said ZAZA & BOSSTICK.

Having Dole Whip at the party was really nostaligic. It just reminds me of Disneyland & having fun as a kid so I wanted Zaza & her friends to experience that. If you’re into Dole Whip, you gotta check out this version you can make yourself.

For food we had my parent’s restaurant @alce101 serve pineapple chicken fajitas, 3 cheese chile relleno & Zaza’s butter noodles. And we ordered some pineapple pizza as well.

Tips For Throwing a Kid's Birthday Party - candies
Tips For Throwing a Kid's Birthday Party - drinks menu
Tips For Throwing a Kid's Birthday Party - cotton candy
Tips For Throwing a Kid's Birthday Party - cookies and candy
Tips For Throwing a Kid's Birthday Party - cake
Tips For Throwing a Kid's Birthday Party - pineapple candies
Manservants in action
Manservants service experience
Zaza eating cake

♡ other details that make all the difference.

+ a good playlist:

This is KEY. Check out this playlist for kid-friendly but like, still adult music. You should stalk all my playlists on Spotify actually. There’s a lot of Bossa nova for some low cortisol vibes & Zaza’s favorite too. 

+ candles lit everywhere:

But away from the kids’ reach of course. We had Taja Collection candles on the party favor table as well as lit all around the party. We also had the coolest candlebase & candles from @lidoluxe. Steph & Jen at Lido Luxe sent the most gorgeous wood base that holds all these tall, skinny, very chic candles. You can customize the color pallette & it’s just so unique. We also had an autumn themed one for our house in Austin.

+ pool floats:

The party was at Michael’s parents house & they have a pool. Funboy sent over some insane floats that totally fit the theme ( rainbow & retro phone floats were so fun ). They were cascaded all over the pool & the kids thought it was magical. They’re just so fun for parties. We had Funboy floats for my bachelorette party too. Think swans & lips.

+ fun decor details:

@happi_crafts provided these perfect pineapple yellow letters that spelled out ZAZA’S PINEAPPLE BIRTHDAY. We also had their spoons on the cupcake table. Zaza loves Happi Crafts so if you’re looking for some fun new activities, be sure to check out the Instagram page. 

+ balloons:

LOVE a million balloons, always. All the balloons were done by @bishevents & let me tell ya, they were so major. They did the most amazing entrance situation & decorated the whole backyard in pastel colored balloons, plus they did a whole thing around the @inflatesandiego bouncy castle which the kids loved. They did palm trees, tons of garlands & heart balloons inside the house. It’s actual art & gorgeous.

+ flowers:

so important. The Floral Exchange made the most beautiful arrangements for every area of the party ( plus they painted the coconut bowling balls & pineapple bowling pins for us ! ). They did small, medium & large arrangements for the cocktail tables, bar area & lounge and it just made every area look welcoming with little floral accents everywhere. I heard about The Floral Exchange through my mother-in-law Lisa, Talk about business, i heard about them through my mother in law, Lisa & they specialize in events. They’re arrangements & designs are modern, chic & they were so great to work with.

+ scent your event:

Scent Events does the most unique thing – they scent your event.  For my baby shower they did a cotton candy scent & for Zaza’s birthday they did the same with a little pineapple thrown in, duh. Scenting your event just brings it all together & really gets the 5 senses going for your guests.

+ personalized frames:

I had all photos of all the people who couldn’t attend the event framed around the pool. We had pictures of people who were at the event too, but also my godparents Mike & Jen, Ingrid from France, Faith & Niel, & pictures of Zaza with her cousins. It was really special & added a nice personal touch.  

Zaza birthday bash
planning a kids party
planning a kids party adults will enjoy
planning a kids party adults will enjoy
photo gallery at birthday party
inflatable bouncy castle
customized tic tac candy
party favor ideas
Lauryn and Zaza
Zaza's birthday
The Bossticks

There you have it, all my tips for throwing a toddler’s birthday party. Like I said, I’m no expert, but everyone had a boozy blast. 

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME WITH THIS EVENT- I had a lot of help from my team & Roundtown Events. Highly recommend working with them if you need help streamlining everything that goes into planning a party/event.

Be sure to check out my Instagram highlight for more BTS of the pineapple soirée.


x, lauryn

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photo credit: Arielle Levy | video credit: Chris Tran


Tips For Throwing a Kid's Birthday Party

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