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Tips for the Best Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lauryn is obsessed with all things lymphatic drainage, so the fact that we have THE Josie Rushing on the blog today is such a treat.

Josie is a celebrity massage therapist specializing in Brazilian Lymphatic Massage. All of Hollywood comes to her before events, during award season and any other time they can get an appointment.

In this post the lymphatic massage expert is going to tell us why her specific method is so sought after, give you tips on how to improve lymphatic health at home and all the benefits of a professional massage.

With that let’s get into it with Josie Rushing.

Tips for the Best Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Hey there, my name is Josie Rushing, and I have a mission: A mission to  transform the lives of as many women as possible, using only our hands.  

I am proud to be a self-made Brazilian celebrity massage therapist, World Renowned for my expertise in Brazilian Lymphatic Massage and I have now received Five Prestigious awards to date. I managed all of this while first starting during a significantly impactful time in the U.S. Spa Industry (Covid era), and like a sprouting flower, my company has grown and has now attended to thousands of clients across three of my Brazilian Spa locations. There are now over 1000 students across 20 different countries, certified in my personal technique. The entrepreneurial side of me reached unprecedented heights when I closed a deal on Shark Tank Brazil. 

It’s been a path marked by a relentless determination to find my calling in life and make a real, lasting impact on other people’s lives.

It was after a lot of studying, trial & error, and a magnitude of testing that the “Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage by  Josie Rushing” was officially born – a revolutionary technique that is radically transforming the health and beauty market. Not only here in the USA, but in over 20 countries around the world. 

Josie Rushing Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Understanding the physiology of the body and employing our hands as instruments of change, we are able to accelerate metabolism, increase local circulation, stimulate the digestive system, and promote true detoxification while simultaneously reducing body measurements. That’s why we’ve become the top choice for Hollywood celebrities and so many other women around the world. The demand for “Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage by Josie Rushing” is honestly, overwhelming. My students and I consistently have fully booked schedules, serving a waiting list of women that are seeking the transformative benefits that this unique technique provides. 

And this is absolutely the reason why I do this! My mission is to bring this method to more and more people, offering the opportunity for life-changing experiences to clients and providing financial stability for my therapist students around the world, all without the  need of leaving home early in the morning and returning late (like the “typical” beginner’s schedule.) We are more than 1000+ professionals strong, forming what I affectionately now refer to as The Pink Community.

I’ve always loved receiving messages and once I actually started practicing on others, I quickly understood that it was my gift, my passion, my “calling.” After being diagnosed with, and learning about an autoimmune disorder that I have, the Lymphatic System became my number one point of interest in life – along with the Lymphatic Drainage Massage. 

When you are receiving a “Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing” you can expect an experience like no other.

My technique is not only for the exterior (cosmetic results). But is also tailored to health, overall wellness, & intertwined with deep relaxation. I would say that this is the most complete “manual” treatment (no tools involved) that someone can experience in just 50 minutes. This means detoxification from the inside out, with significant relaxation.

Check out these before and after pictures:
Josie Rushing Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage before and after

Well, knowing first & foremost where the lymph nodes are located is by far the  most important foundational necessity. Just the fact of being able to identify where they are located & then gently pumping them (we’ll get to this) 3 to 5 times each morning  is already a very big deal in helping to cleanse your body and rejuvenate your cells. 

Here are some important little steps that can be introduced to your life, directly impacting your entire lymphatic system: 

– Water intake 

– Legs elevated for a minimum of approximately 20 min each day

– Avoiding sugar, soy sauce, & salty foods 

– Cleaning your tongue daily with a tongue scraper 

So, let’s get to the fun part now.

How you can help yourself have a healthier body and a more contoured face & body.

We all have about 600-700 lymph nodes in our body that are all part of our lymphatic system and are responsible for filtering out everything that is not good for us, including (but not limited to), bacteria and/or viruses. Among them are the “superficial” nodes that we are able to “pump” (externally, using our hands) and stimulate them to function properly.  

The act of stimulating them to get them “unclogged” if you will, is called “pumping.” So, we have a stroke that is referred to as “pumping” which helps with the flow of our  lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system is very similar to our circulatory system and  they do complement each other. It is our body’s main defense system. And is responsible for draining out excess fluids and proteins from tissues and releasing them back into our bloodstream.  

It is spread all throughout our bodies. And just so that you can have an idea, we have about twice the amount of lymphatic fluid than we do blood. Our lymphatic systems take the impurities out of our body (that come from our circulatory system), clean the majority of them, and place them back into our bloodstream.  

Some of the internal benefits are that it:  

Helps to strengthen our immune system by getting rid of bacteria, viruses, & allergies. 

Balances our nervous system which consequently helps with both relaxation, and common disorders like depression and anxiety.  

Rejuvenates and hydrates skin cells.  

And the most preferred benefit: helps with bloating and water retention. 

Try it on yourself:

In order to pump your lymph nodes at home, please locate the “superficial” lymph nodes of your face and body, shown in the illustration below:

lymph nodes
lymph nodes anatomy

Place two fingers together and gently press from 3 to 5 times (performing a wavelike,  “hula-hula” movement.) Important to note: “Pumping” is a stroke that should be performed very gently. 

If you perform this “pumping” stroke every day to your face & body, you will be significantly helping your lymphatic system to function better, and you therefore will be healthier, and with less water retention, thereby promoting a more contoured waistline and face.

Professional Brazilian Lymphatic Massage is very important, but there are also a lot of alternatives you can do at home.

Start by adding some small daily routine changes for your lymphatic system. I can help! Follow me on Instagram @josiesrushing where I post tons of tips and can help you find a trained Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage by Josie Rushing expert near you.


Taking care of your lypmphatic system is something everyone should care about. It’s so important for the health of our entire body. If you’re looking for other ways to detox your lymphatic system you have to get The Skinny Confidential Body Kit. It includes our body sculptor and dry brush which are so good at stimulating your circulation and lyphmatic system. Learn more about the body sculptor here and dry brush here.

In the meantime, follow Josie on Instagram to find an expert in your area and implement all her amazing tips.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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  1. Don’t you have to be a licensed massage therapist to perform this or is that not true?

  2. Lymphatic drainage massage is the best! So many benefits, I’m shocked more people don’t know about it. Love all of the internal benefits, the externals are a bonus. I go regularly to Aesthetic Coterie for mine. Fantastic

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