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A Little Tippity Tipster: Sleep on Silk Pillowcases

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

After researching this for the past month, I’ve come to the conclusion that silk pillowcases are where it’s at.

I know, I know, sometimes silk can be sorta slippery.


Silk pillowcases > cotton pillowcases.


I mean, my hair is no longer a huge rat’s nest & I don’t have sleep lines. Plus, check it:

Silk is natural; it’s spun by silk worms. The fabric contains eighteen amnio acids ( << which are amaze for your skin ). According to this article by Taylor Time, “while you sleep at night, your skin is getting nourished by this beautiful silk. First the feeling of sleeping on silk is so luxurious and elegant but it’s also good for you. Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists can tell you when you go and visit them, they can see which side of your face you sleep on by the sleep lines on your face. Those sleep lines turn into permanent wrinkles. Because silky fabric is so soft and silky, your face glides. It’s not causing friction and causing sleep lines. Silk’s naturally hypoallergenic, because of the tight weave between the silk fibers, it doesn’t allow dust mites and other nasty things to get in there. It’s actually been tested and proven that silk is naturally hypoallergenic. And when it comes to cotton, it creates friction, which is why when you sleep on cotton you can wake up with sleep lines. If you’re putting those really expensive skin care products on your skin at night, where do you think that product is going? That product is actually getting absorbed into your cotton pillowcase.”

Um…are you sold yet?

Let’s get real for a second…sleep lines turn into deep, ole wrinkles. So nip that shit in the bud before it becomes a prob.

If you know me you know I’m all about preventative measures.

And if sleeping on a damn silk pillowcase prevents wrinkles all over my face then why the hell wouldn’t I sleep on silk?

Prevention, peeps!

It’s also a huge plus because silk helps with my allergies, rat’s nest hair, & contains amino acids that nourish my skin.

Ultimately, aging gracefully is something we’re all striving for- so buy a damn silk pillowcase & thank me later.

& hey, I betcha Sleeping Beauty slept on a silk pillowcase.

I mean, right?!


  1. SOLD!!! I need one of these. My hair is a total rat’s nest when I wake up and I always get those crease lines. I hate it!!

    xo Mel

    1. Silk pillowcases prevents facial skin from creasing during the night and allows the skin to glide along the pillow so the face rests comfortably without placing pressure on creased skin, effectively ‘ironing in’ wrinkles

    1. Yes it is natural, but cotton creates friction, which is why when you sleep on cotton you can wake up with sleep lines. Silk doesn’t cause friction! Cotton is the next best option. xo.

  2. I’ve been sleeping on silk pillowcases for over 10 years for the reasons stated in your blog. I actually gave my hairdresser a set the other day!:-)

  3. LOL I want to sleep in all silk all day. I have a silk comforter that I die for. But what about when those expensive night creme’s get on your nice silk pillowcase? Don’t you have to get silk linens dry cleaned? I get so nervous about getting my comforter dirty… I don’t know if I can handle the upkeep of sheets! But oh, I do love silk…

  4. OMGosh why did I not know any of this!! Thanks for the great info! I’m completely sold, although, I do love my fleece sheets and pillow case in the winter… 🙂

  5. I’ve slept on silk pillowcases for the last few years and I wouldn’t go back to cotton now. I don’t wake up with deep creases in my face anymore, my skin still feels moisturised and my hair is less frizzy. I love my silk pillowcases 🙂

  6. have you seen these, they are by far the best around. Charmeuse is much better than mulberry.
    These are hand dyed by yogis and luscious. I travel with mine and give them as gifts.

  7. I sleep on organic bamboo sheets for these same reasons! They’re naturally hypoallergenic which has helped my chronic allergies a ton, and I never wake up with sleep lines or frizzy hair! They also alter to the temperature in the room so if my room is really cold they feel warm but if it’s summer and hot they stay nice and cool. I highly recommend these as another option to silk 🙂

  8. I sleep on satin pillowcases! I dont know much about the difference btwn satin and silk but i will say my face and hair have never felt better. Great tip !

  9. I was talking about silk pillow cases with my colleagues the other day who all find my desire to beat the wrinkles and bad skin laughable and they totally dismissed it! But I am convinced and I have put it on the Xmas wish list. Fingers crossed santa delivers. Has anyone got a favourite or suggestions where to buy from????

  10. I never thought about silk pillowcases from the point of view of sleep lines before. But I think you’re on to something here. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I buy mine from Silky Kisses! i have a gold and a pink one. They have heeaps of colours and your right! My sleep wrinkles are done and i make sure I travel with mine everywhere. They are an aussie brand too and have charity component.
    hubby likes them too which is a bonus!

  12. If it helps any, I haven’t had a blowout but is do have extremely curly hair. A few months back I invested in a silk pillowcase. I noticed a difference in my hair the very first night. Before I used a high tc pillowcase and I think that it robbed my hair of moisture ( plus all the friction and snagging). Upon waking I had pretty frizzy hair no matter what I did. Now however, I never do. I do think you would benefit from a silk pillowcase, a definite do for hair ( even though I bought it for skin tugging and holding while I slept ) it has made a huge difference in my hair.

  13. In my experience 100% silk is way better than satin! I received a set of 100% silk pillowcases from restore silk ( for my birthday then I purchased my own because I loved it so much. The Beauty ZZZ pillowcases that I had before were soooo poorly constructed, they didnt even hold up past a few washes!

  14. Every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, you wish to see your perfect hair instead of bed head. If so, then silk pillowcases can help you in this case. It can also reduce the wrinkles on your skin….

  15. Nice post. Every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, you wish to see your perfect hair instead of bed head. If so, then silk pillowcases can help you in this case.

  16. Every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror, you wish to see your perfect hair instead of bed head. If so, then silk can help you in this case.

  17. I absolutely love my silk pillowcase from Manito Silk! I wish I would have known years ago that sleeping on a silk pillowcase would have made such a difference in aging gracefully.

  18. I use my silk pillowcase religiously and have been known to slip it into my suitcase when traveling. I did not know it was hypoallergenic – yet another score for the silk pillowcase!

  19. Great posting !! Thanks for this great post, I find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I look forward to reading your work in the future.

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