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How To Throw A Festive Baby Shower

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Baby showers!

Fun, festive !! But if I have anything to do with it, I’m not going to let the gender dictate the shower.

Let’s just go with it, you know?

So when my little sister, Faye, announced she was pregnant I jumped at the chance to throw her a shower with our stepmom, Julie. As you know Julie is AMAZING. She helped create the vision of our home & is really the best cook…ever? Together we planned a shower that was very much my sister, Faye, without making it super gender-ish.

baby shower 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

We kept the blue & pink theme contrasting throughout the whole shower. Table cloths & candies were white & blue and then we did pink cotton candy to go in the cocktails. Julie brought cactus cupcakes ( yes, I know, how cute ) & designed insane cactus table clothes for the food table. Food was whipped up by my dad who made perfect spicy chicken verde enchiladas ( Daddy: can we please have the recipe? I’ve only been waiting 5 years? ) & chiles rellenos.

My whole family helped set up & ( surprise, surprise ) we left everything to the last minute so some of my friends had to chip in too…HA. The lateness runs in the family?

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Just a couple of shoutouts:

Big thanks to Van De Vort for the spicy top ( LOVE! ), Roseur for supplying literally the most beautiful pink roses on the planet, Suja Juice for the perfect addition to mimosas ( Lemon Love is a fav ), Sugarfina for the candy because really I can’t throw a party without them, Blush Tan ( organic spray tans for everyone !! ), & SkinFix because it makes fun goodie bags. Candles are Wood Creek, vanilla flavored. Ultimately the champagne / rosé gummy bears brought the whole party together. To keep the vibe strong, Bossanova played in the background.

Ok, changing directions – Erica & I designed these super cute baby shower games for Faye through our company, blog-doo. Erica is like the most the talented person when it comes to graphic design…& well, I’m the most skilled micromanager, as you know. We certainly make an interesting team, right?

On that note, here’s a quick peek into the shower:


Games anyone?

I’m definitely not a game person but, it’s a fun touch. We played games for like 5 seconds until we were distracted by The Nanz’ jokes. What can I say?

ALSO we made Faye a baby shower geo filter. Highly recommend if you’re throwing someone a party. There’s really nothing more fun than doing a Snap, throwing the ‘pretty filter’ on it, & finding a personalized geo filter. Nothing. Big thanks to the Snapchat team for dealing with my lateness & getting the baby shower filter up in like…2 hours. Whoops.

baby shower 10 | by The Skinny Confidential

So yes!! A fun-filled non-gender related baby shower for you! We had so much fun. The party continued across the street. It was a real ball.

My sister looked beautiful & I’m SO excited to be an aunt!

& for the record, instead of getting her a diaper bag we got her this chic Cynthia Rowley duffle bag & filled it with a bunch of baby essentials like Honest wipes, lavender hand sanitizer, rose water spray, neon BANDAIDS, organic diapers, & lots of essential oils. I love getting someone a chic bag, individually wrapping each item & then placing them all in the chic bag. It’s like unwrapping a bunch of tiny gifts in one gift.

Ok! That’s it, off to bed. Goodnight guys, lauryn

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  1. Such a cute vid and I always ? to see the Nanz partying it up? Congratulations on being the coolest aunt eva!!?

  2. This is such a bizarre question but I legit bought that wrap set from Flynn Skye a few weeks ago and I am having the hardest time tying the top right without it gaping open by my shoulder. Tips? HA. You look gorgeous!!! Thanks so much!

  3. I love the Mad Libs baby shower game! Do you have any suggestions of where I could have these made for my friend’s shower next month?

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