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Throw A Hottie Valentine’s Day Party

valentine's day party | by the skinny confidential

Valentine’s Day Gold Heart Tumblers | Valentines Day Heart Ice Tray Mold Love Headband LOVE Big Golden Sparkle Wands & Mini Sparkle Hearts Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker | Valentine’s Day Heart Garland | Giant Vegan LollipopsFoil Heart Party Balloon

Valentine’s Day themed parties are so much fun. Don’t you think?

There’s just so much you can do with LOVE as your party theme.

These items are seriously perfect for throwing together a hottie Valentine’s Day party.

So grab your girlfriends, & use V-Day as an excuse to host a cute, festive soirée.

Whether you’re throwing a singles party, or a couples party, these items will help you create the perfect ambiance to drink some rosé, snap a few Instagram photos, & maybe play some Cards Against Humanity???

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!


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