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Who doesn’t love sleep?

I mean, sleep is one of the most healing things you can do for your body. Also, you should know it lowers cortisol. Which I very much need. You probably need it too. In fact, I feel like we all do?

Anyway, I found myself doing three tricks for optimal relaxation so I need to share them with YOU, naturally. Here’s the thing: it can be trés difficult to unwind…especially when you have a phone in your face for half your life.

Recently I asked podcaster, Lewis Howes about his morning routines. I’m weird & just love to hear about other people’s morning routines ( speaking of which, while we’re on the subject- tell me yours below- I’m a voyeur like that ). Ok so wait, what Lewis said: his morning starts the night before!

GOBSMACKED! OMIGOD. Something clicked you know?

I realized I needed to focus on the night before to have a peaceful, effective morning. Ok so let’s get to the point here, shall we? These are three tricks that I have up my sleeve. They’re tricks that are going to make all the difference.

The Skinny Confidential’s 3 Strategies To Unwind At Night

1.) A damn good skincare routine.

Me oh my.


We have an extra special connection because of jaw surgery. I was fighting inflammation forever & ever ( 3 years if we’re going to be petty about it ) and found that the trick to REALLY fighting it was to REALLY take care of my skin. Cute, right? Skin care is always at the top of my priorities list every day. I worship my skin. Oh, & if you’re wondering: you should too!

I start with a gentle cleansing milk, tone the skin, add some mandelic serum, a dab of eye cream ( don’t rub it, it’s bad for your under-eyes ), & finish off with some heavy-handed facial massage and this LIQUID GOLD goodness.


Every night for the last two months I have used this liquid collagen by Algenist. I’m telling you there’s something about this stuff guys. It really is gold. It’s the perfect nightcap to wind down. My skin eats it up- like it almost craves the product now. I’ve shared a bit on Instagram Stories but I wanted to really do an in-depth post on this stuff. Since I’ve been using it at night, it fit right into this post, swimmingly.

Curious of the benefits? Well- let’s get specific then:

♡ Works with all skin types. My skin type is normal-ish with a splash of dry. If you have normal/dry skin, you won’t be sorry. This liquid collagen will keep you all plump and hydrated.

♡ ONE WORD: ELASTICITY. It very much firms the skin while plumping up the elasticity which we just love.

♡ FOR ME THOUGH? The most important thing in the world: gets rid of uneven texture. You know I have a brown spot or 12. Like buh-bye dullness!

♡ In the morning, you know it’s working. It’s like what Lewis Howes says about morning routines: a good morning routine starts the night before. Same with skin care- you know you’re on the right track when your skin feels all tight, moisturized, & glowy in the morning. This product makes your skin feel all replenished. YES PLZ?

♡ Lastly, the nitty-gritty: my nighttime, vegan, plant-based collagen product contains 13,000 microalgae oil beads which are made up of, Omegas 3, 6, and 9, & a natural source of Vitamin E.

♡ No parabens or sulfates or any of that nasty crap. A few pumps & I’m ready for the big screen!

Keep me updated on how you guys like this gem- would love to hear about your glowy results.

2.) A dab of valor- trust me!

VALOR! Have you heard of it? It relaxes the mind AND body. I put some in my handy-dandy diffuser & I swear it fills the air with natural Xanax. I take 7 ( yes 7, I have read studies and there’s something about SEVEN specifically ) BIG deep breaths and we are off to la-la land.

Has anyone else tried this? Benefits are endless but to get to the point, valor: calms the nervous system, encourages relaxation, & promotes sleep. I think for me my nervous system is compromised from anxiety so that’s why it works so well. Have you tried it?

3.) A little CBD oil never hurt a flea.

Moving on, CBD OIL! First of all, this isn’t a drug. Rather the contrary; it’s a superfood! I do 2 drops under my tongue when I get in bed & it’s CRAZY. Basically, it’s a combo of cannabinoids, amino acids, proteins, & enzymes.

For me this is extra amazing because I am constantly fighting inflammation from jaw surgery. As you know, inflammation is the cause of many diseases and CBD fights this. You can use it for preventative care too.

According to this source: “CBD mainly interacts with the body and throughout the brain via the endocannabinoid system – the body’s “master regulatory system.” By working synergistically with the ECS, CBD works as a “multi-target” therapy and is able to treat many things, as opposed to an analgesic pain medication, which reduces pain and nothing else. The core causation of many illnesses is inflammation. By helping treat inflammation, CBD is able to act as an effective preventative treatment for many different issues.

Our two main receptors can be found within our brain, nervous system, as well as peripheral organs and tissues.”

You don’t have to go crazy here- 2 drops will do.

So there you have it! You got some skin care ( extra facial massage always! ), valor diffusing, & a drop of CBD and you’ve set yourself up for the perfect night…well, morning actually. Instead of thinking about a productive morning, start with your nighttime routine! It really makes all the difference.


With that, I’m off to rub liquid gold all over my face ( I’m telling you I can’t get enough ) & read my latest book: RINNAVATION by Lisa Rinna- which is just so fun. Hope you guys are having a productive week.

Until tomorrow, lauryn x

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++ this post is in collaboration with Algenist. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. These are such great tips! I find skincare is such a huge part of my nighttime routine and I definitely need to try that liquid collagen!

  2. These sound like amazing tips that I could actually do!

  3. I really want to try valor! I’ve been on Young Living’s essential rewards program since I was 14!! Which btw is a total game changer cause you get 24% off retail prices and you get FREE products and POINTS BACK to cash in on other products! Anyway…that’s my soap box. Do you prefer VALOR or VALOR II? I wanna know your opinion before I choose which one to buy next! Also I don’t know if you’ve tried their skincare products but they are SO good…like INCREDIBLE. And they aren’t toxic. I really love their Renewal Serum. We are basically skin twins so if I love it you probably will too!

  4. This is very timely since I am having problems sleeping at night. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will definitely follow them.

  5. Going to try CBD oil! I usually dread getting ready for bed and I feel like I put off my beauty routine for as long as possible…so I’ve been trying to revamp my routine a bit so that it feels more relaxing (and becomes something I look forward to!). This post came at a perfect time. Thanks for the recs Lauren!

  6. I need to try CBD oil ASAP!! Sleepy lotion by Lush is also a game changer- just use a little because it can get oily; but puts me to sleep in literally 5 seconds.

  7. I was literally about to ask if you’re into facial scraping and there at the bottom is a lil rose quartz gua sha! It’s my favorite new tool for facial lymphatic drainage

  8. I was literally about to ask if you’re into facial scraping and there at the bottom is a lil rose quartz gua sha! It’s my favorite new tool for facial lymphatic drainage

  9. Thanks for your sleep tips. I also want to share my one advice: before sleeping for several hours, I will turn on the humidifier, then breathe much more easily and in the morning my head is so clear!

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