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3 Things We Learned From Former Pornstar Lana Rhoades

3 Things We Learned From Former Pornstar Lana Rhoades

What a treat we have for you today.

We’ve listened to one of the latest & hottest TSC HIM & HER episodes to bring you 5 things we’ve learned from Lana Rhoades.

If you haven’t heard of her, Lana is a former adult film star, and now a model, content creator (but like, a social media guru – 10 mill + followers) & entrepreneur, & co-host of 3 Girls Kitchen. She’s smart, charismatic, beautiful, a mother, & Lauryn and Michael were over the moon to have her on the show where she could really tell her own story.

Be sure to listen to the podcast where she discusses how she became porn’s biggest star & why she left it all behind. She also dives deep into why she transitioned out of the adult film industry & how many women are taken advantage of in that space. PLUS, she talks about her heartbreaking childhood & the year she spent in prison (you’ll be surprised at her take on that one).

It’s a must listen for sure, but in the meantime, we wanted to touch on 5 things we learned from her episode.

TSC Him & Her Podcast Lana Rhoades

3 Things We Learned From Former Pornstar Lana Rhoades:

♡ coyotes howl but the caravan keeps moving.

Just a fun little saying Michael likes to relay from his dad. Meaning: you can be the best of the best of the best, and there will always be someone who has something negative to say.

Let’s put it this way – you could be the best, juiciest peach in the world, but there is always gonna be someone who doesn’t like peaches.

So try to block out nay-sayers, Debbie Downers & negative people and comments. Live your life for you, learn from your mistakes & MOVE the fuck on.

♡ sharing your story & experiences can help people.

Lana totally owns her past, which is so inspiring. Throughout the episode you’ll hear her talk about her former adult film career, saying that she’s ashamed of it, it makes her want to throw up thinking about those videos out there. BUT !! She knows she has to share her story, even if it helps just one person out there.

Now, she knows who she is & loves herself, and that’s all that matters. She doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion of her.

♡ if you’re going to consume porn, use privately owned content.

Just love this tip. “If you are going to consume porn, just like I’m really into sustainability when it comes to clothing and buying used clothes and supporting small businesses, go to the Only Fans girl, go to the privately owned pages or businesses of specific girls that you like and pay for them, instead of going on Porn Hub and consuming that. At least do something that’s helping pay for someone’s college tuition, pay for their rent, paying for a single mom. Do that, if you’re going to consume porn.”

Be sure to listen to the full episode. Lana is so honest & vulnerable, and although she talks about feeling ashamed of her past, she says many times she doesn’t regret a thing. As we said above, she’s now an entrepreneur, killer social media content creator, getting into clothing design, & even working with Playboy on a fun project. Go listen now!

TSC Him & Her Podcast with Lana Rhoades

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