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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast 4 | by the skinny confidential

With the new site launch there are a lot of NEW BEGINNINGS.

NEW BEGINNINGS including a sassy PODCAST.

That’s right : ).

( Every time I do a smiley face I want to uppercut myself, it’s so basic but OH SO perfect at the same freaking time ).

Most of you know, it’s VERY important to me for us to actually get to know each other.

None of this “here’s what I’m wearing” everyday bullshit. YAWN.

I mean I can only write about a pair of pumps so many times. Personally I’d prefer we go straight to a boozy happy hour but that’s not exactly convenient when most of you live very, VERY far away…some even half way around the world?

WHICH, my friends, is EXACTLY why….podcast.

Now we can have a glass of Pinot together, shoot the shit ( yes you will be able to call in & chit-chat ), & we can totally get acquainted.

REAL acquainted.

Like I just mentioned I want to hang out, so let’s hangout— K?

Here’s how:

♡ Go to iTUNES


Rate us & do a review…this is extra points. We will be FOREVER grateful!

♡ Ask questions below OR #ASKHIMANDHER on Twitter or Instagram to be featured on the show!

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast 2 | by the skinny confidential

I guess I should mention that Mr. Michael Bosstick, my business-savvy, less witty ( between us ) fiancé will be joining us too. Jordan, who helps me with everything & anything, is our wrangler in chief AND YESSSS, we will be having guests. SO GET EXCITED because it’s going down.

: )…( again, I want to uppercut myself ).

Every week, expect to hang out with us!

We’re excited to discuss no bullshit, balls to the walls topics.

MAJOR REALNESS, as always…maybe with a champagne buzz.


As you can see, we’re filming each episode for TSC YouTube channel too!

SO. On that note we’d love to feature you guys on our upcoming episodes. Leave your Instagram or Snapchat handle below & ask a question. Tune in and you can pretty much guarantee we’ll answer it…extra points if you’re dirty & funny.

Oh & UM, DUH, get creative…Ask questions about your deadbeat boss, the disgusting one night stand you wish you never had, serious business questions, &/or UTI cure tips.

Let’s go there…….k?

– lauryn x

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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast 4 | by the skinny confidential


  1. I love your podcast already! It’s great to listen to while I’m working out or just walking to and from class. Keep it up and I can’t wait to see where you will go next!

    xx Kait

  2. Yay this is awesome! I’ll definitely be tuning in! I love hearing you and Michael’s advice and I’m interested to hear all the readers’ questions too!! Congrats on the new project!! 🙂 🙂 I feel basic writing smileys too but sometimes it is just needed hahaha!

  3. Yeaaaaahs I love this!! Can’t wait to hear all of this Yay to balls to the walls! I’m going to think about questions and get back to you (with that glass of wine, yes please!)


  4. Instagram @melbecic

    Hey guys! I have a question I would love for you to answer on the podcast. I am an aspiring blogger. I work really hard on my blog nights and weekends and one day blogging WILL be my day job. However, at the moment I am working a 9-5 office job to pay the bills. Often I get asked by my boss and co workers what I want to do with my career(they don’t believe that I want to be an office manager forever). Do you think it is okay to tell them that I am a blogger and will eventually be doing that full time? I don’t want to look bad because I am not wanting to work in the industry we are in(law/publishing) and I would basically be saying that I am going to quit one day. On the other hand I want to be honest because I really like my boss and co workers. Thoughts please?!?! (SORRY, very long question).

  5. Amazingness! I love podcasts and listen to them in the car all the time! I was happy when you guys were on Gary Vee’s show love that guy! Sending love and a toast to a new venture xo C

  6. You guyssss I am obsessed. This is such a great platform to answer questions. Makes total sense because you guys kill it on snap every day! Love the podcast, love that people ask the questions of the show…keep it real and authentic..chiwawa’s and all – that’s what makes you guys great! XO


  7. Love the idea of a podcast!! You guys are definitely getting the hang of it! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with 🙂 ( <- ah, smily face….)
    xx, Pia

    @ gymbagsjetlags

  8. Hi guys!! LOOOVE the podcast but think it shouldn’t be ONLY about business. You talked about how you guys met and that you weren’t dating for some time before you got back together. I’m guessing you both dated other people in that time, and id like to know how you managed to not make that subject a problem when you were together again. You know, not getting into jealousy fights on how you’d been with others. Or maybe you did? share. #askhimandher

  9. I am loving the podcast\youtube! Keep at it! Some feedback: the side doodling and playing on the phone when someone else is speaking shows disengagement which goes against what y’all preach on your business views; talking over one another – acks – it’s probably just me since it’s one of my pet peeves, but I love precise one on one speaking when it comes to podcasts especially if you aren’t able to see the youtube video. I know y’all will soar to #1 with the hustle y’all have in the business world! Cheers!

  10. Hey! We are loving the podcasts! Wanted to let you know that we are listening on our android phones. You mentioned in the show trying to figure out how people with androids can get it. We use a free app called Podcast Addict. From there we just searched for your podcast and hit subscribe. Comes in crystal clear and lets us know when the new episodes are up.

  11. Huge fan of the podcast (& blog & snapchat & insta…) and am curious to hear your thoughts of juicing.

  12. The other day on snapchat you recommended something for UTIs. Can you tell me again what it was? I never get them but a friend just messaged me in a panic because she got one and doesn’t want to go to doc. Thanks!

  13. I love Lauren and Michael’s transparency and lack of filter! It’s so refreshing to have REAL conversations about topics that need to be discussed. Excited for what’s to come.

  14. My daughter, who is a cardiac ICU nurse, just asked me to listen to your podcast with Dr. Sarah Rahal. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 20 years ago and have managed to keep it in check but I’m so ready to check out colostrum. Thanks for giving her a forum to discuss her product.

    I was surprised to hear you advertise Pillsbury’s Crescent Rolls for children. That particular product is banned in the EU because of the amount of hydrogenated oils. Please consider advertising quality children’s snacks that support the health and wellness you are trying to promote.

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