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The LadyGang On Infrared Saunas, Makeup Faves, & Skinny Tips

Fempire-448-Edit-gtLADYGANG x The Skinny Confidential


I’ll get right to it because I’m slightly hungover from Saturday’s activities. Ok so if you haven’t heard of The LadyGang, you’re missing out. Just be sure to thank me later because they’re COOL. Like, beyond cool.

( I am so sorry in advance because you will go into a listening binge ).

They’re completely themselves in the best way possible. I told Becca & Jac that the reason I feel like women relate to their podcast is because there’s a little bit of Keltie, Becca, & Jac in every girl. Keltie is hyper organized & kind of the mom of the group, Becca has a super dry sense of humor ( she talks about poop too! ), &  Jac is a badass business boss. The threesome is the ideal medley.

Anyway, during your binge make sure you listen to the episode we were on !! We went on their podcast & talked all about picking out the perfect wedding ring before chiming in on the LadyGang’s Confidential Quiz…& then we shared one of the grossest date-night stories ever…

And check out The LadyGang on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast– Becca told Michael all about pregnancy hemorrhoids which she calls ‘grapes.’ Let’s just say it was a good episode, you know? His face was priceless?

With that, get acquainted with The LadyGang:

+ Keltie, you’re a REAL executer, I like it. Tell us how The LadyGang came about.

Keltie Knight: Becca and I had been talking about creating something as an outlet to express the “real” Hollywood, & we came up with the idea for a podcast. We knew we needed a third gal, and I had known Jac from the music scene and thought having a strong, female entrepreneur would be really cool.

+ I love it. Becca- how is podcasting different from acting?

Becca Tobin: I’m was so used to playing other characters, that when it came time to just play myself on the podcast, it was really liberating. I was writing my own scripts & saying whatever the hell I wanted!

+ And Jac tell us all about your clothing line- like you’re seriously crushing it.

Jac Vanek: Oh thaaaanks girl. I started my brand while I was in college…I grew up in the music scene, so I made these rubber bracelets with different sayings on them. I sold them out of my backpack at concerts and festivals, & also on my MySpace ( God, I’m so dating myself right now ). The whole thing kind of blew up on its own, so I started expanding into clothing, and now onto accessories & home goods.

It’s great cause I get to be as sassy as I want.

LADYGANG x The Skinny Confidential


+ Ok question for all of you: favorite secret Hollywood beauty tip?

BT: I love infrared saunas the day of an event. It makes your skin glow & the sweating helps me slim down and get rid of any bloat. ( << NOTE: I NEED TO TRY THIS ASAP !! )

KK: I drink a shit ton of booze or straight cranberry juice the night before a big event or photoshoot. It dehydrates you and makes you look amazing.

JV: Everyone gets Botox. Literally, EVERYONE.

LADYGANG x The Skinny Confidential


+ What’s all of your top three makeup ride or dies?

BT: Charlotte Tilbury bronzer, a beautyblender, & Glossier’s ‘BOY BROW’ are life savers.

KK: Must have fake lashes, fake tan, & NARS Orgasm blush.

JV: Urban Decay Perverse mascara, Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil, & Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick.

+ Turning the tables on you: on the ladygang you all ask celebrities their “ish” moment- what’s yours?

BT: I would say being nominated for a Teen Choice award was pretty awesome ( I didn’t win though, so screw them ).

KK: When the paparazzi took photos of me without me calling them myself.

JV: Selling out of our first LadyBox in our secret FB group before we could even announce it to the public.

+ What’s one thing about each of you that would surprise people?

BT: I work with a spiritual therapist every week & can’t live without her.

KK: my car is a fucking mess, old food, old clothes, old papers and it kinda smells.

JV: I’m strangely obsessed with the WWE.

LADYGANG x The Skinny Confidential


+ All of your best kept skinny secret?

BT: Barry’s Bootcamp is the best workout EVER. If I’m gaining weight, I take a couple classes & I’m instantly feeling great again!

KK: I’m a big fan of a tummy ballerina tea. When I’m feeling bloated I do think it helps.

JV: There was a study I read once that drinking a glass of red wine before bed every night makes you lose weight so I pretty much live by that ( not sure if there’s actually any science behind it, but whatevs ).

+ OK SO: what’s next for the LadyGang?

BT: world domination.

KK: We are currently putting together our next LADYBOX. We are obsessed with our items and cannot wait to spoil our girls rotten!

JV: Plotting world LadyGang domination.

+ Where can everyone find you guys?

BT: Instagram: @becca.

KK: Please for the love of god follow me on Instagram: @keltieknight.

JV: @jacvanek & I’m on a mission to get my meme account more followers than Keltie so @jacwisdom too.

+ be sure to check out the ASK LAURYN page, I just updated it <3.

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  1. I just fell in love with podcasts and you’re totally right. I’m seriously about to binge the lady gang. They all seem so related but also like… goals? I’m not sure how that works but they kill it. Thank you for sharing!!

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