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The Waterless Diffuser You Need For All Your Rituals And Routines

The Skinny Confidential x Canopy Waterless Diffuser


Literally freaking out over here because ::drumroll plz::

Today we launched The Skinny Confidential x Canopy diffuser

You know we’re all bored with sterile, ugly ass, EYE SORE diffusers, so I created a VERY pink Skinny Confidential-esque version with my favorite humidifier/diffuser brand, Canopy. You might remember The Skinny Confidential x Canopy humidifier, and well, this new diffuser is her new, perfect little BFF. 

The Skinny Confidential x Canopy Waterless Diffuser

We’ve launched these products for the exact same reasons. We want cute, we want pink, we want beauty benefits, we want efficiency. And so duh we made it for you. Delivered right to your door, wrapped in a pretty pink bow of course.

The Waterless Diffuser You Need For All Your Rituals And Routines

A little backstory: I have used Canopy humidifiers forever so this made SENSE guys. I can’t live without a humidifier. This love story began after moving to LA & noticing my skin was dehydrated- lackluster, if you will- just missing its glow factor. 

No matter how much moisturizer I used, it wasn’t happening. The juicy, dewy, plumpness we all strive for was MIA. So I decided to try out (yet another) gadget & bought a humidifier. I was instantly obsessed. My skin was so much bouncier, I was sleeping better, AND it reduced my snoring. 

The benefits are…REAL.

The Skinny Confidential x Canopy Waterless Diffuser
The Skinny Confidential x Canopy aromas

Anyway, once again, it was a no brainer to get together again with Canopy to make this waterless diffuser. This limited edition The Skinny Confidential x Canopy diffuser is everything you could ever want. If you’re like me you really wanna get the 5 senses going throughout the day. One of the ways I do this is by filling my home & office with mouth-watering scents.

Like, what’s the point of Bossa nova playing throughout the house if I’m not smelling something delicious too? 

pink diffuser
The Skinny Confidential x Canopy Waterless Diffuser

And MY GOD does this pretty diffuser deliver. It’s the perfect addition to any routine or ritual, really (& like I said, she looks perfect next to your The Skinny Confidential humidifier). Like she’ll fit in seamlessly.

The Skinny Confidential x Canopy Waterless Diffuser
how to use waterless diffuser

You should know, we worked on the pain points here- we wanted CHIC. This one has no mist- just clean aroma diffusion. Also no water means there’s never a mess or mold. Plus, she’s comes with 3 all-natural scents just for you: HOT GIRL MORNING, MOMMY NEEDS A MINUTE, & GET THE FUCK TO BED. Let’s really get into it. 

The Skinny Confidential humidifier and diffuser
The Skinny Confidential Diffuser

The Skinny Confidential x Canopy Diffuser is… 

♡ Waterless. That means no mess, no mold, just like nothing nasty. This makes having aromatherapy in your life EASY & efficient. It just really elevates your space.

♡ The perfect size. You can literally put it in any room, on any surface. It’s cute, pink, & the aromas are delicious.

♡ So easy to use and clean. The best part is that you don’t have to spend time cleaning it, which means switching aromas is seamless.

♡ Benefits galore. Aromatherapy relieves stress, energizes your mind, boosts your mood and helps you relax. 

♡ So fucking cute. Like, it’s so compact, the perfect size. Obviously we wanted to bring you something that fits perfectly into your rituals and routines. 

♡ Delivered in a beautiful white & pink box complete with a pretty note from moi. Of course we want the whole experience to blow your mind, even the unboxing.

♡ Easy to seamlessly add to your rituals & routines– here’s the MOVE: choose a mouth-watering aroma & switch the pink diffuser on. Habit stack easily with your HOT MESS ice roller while you write in the HOT MINUTE PLANNER & sip your lemon ginger spa water. What a dream routine.

♡ available with 3 different aromas:

+ HOT GIRL MORNING for a refreshing citrus scent to awaken the senses. 

+ MOMMY NEEDS A MINUTE for a little vanilla-scented pick me up in the afternoon.

+ GET THE FUCK TO BED will help you relax with a silk pillowcase, PINK BALLS face massager & 528 HZ frequencies. Think ‘incense’ & just all the zen vibes.

diffuser aroma set
TSC diffuser aroma set

If you’re only after the diffuser, you’ll receive a HOT GIRL MORNING along with it. So ideal to get you pumped & ready for the day. If you want all 3 aromas, be sure to sign up for the subscription. 

TSC x canopy diffuser


There are two ways you can diffuse your aromas.

  1. Place the pink puck on top of your diffuser and put 5-8 drops of oil in. Diffuse. To switch a scent, just switch the puck and repeat. Voilá
  2. For long lasting aroma throughout your space, remove the lid of your diffuser, place your aroma bottle upside down in the diffusion well and put the lid of your diffuser back on. This is a good option if you aren’t into switching your aromas around. 

Like, everything is so fucking dreamy & EASY, you guys are gonna LOVE.

As always, this cobrand is only possible because of YOU. Your support & this sense of community means the world & everything is designed with you in mind. I love you guys and I really hope you love this new waterless diffuser. 

Oh, almost forgot – use code SKINNYVIBES for 10% off all Canopy products. We got you, babes.

x, Lauryn 

+ scoop up The Skinny Confidential humidifier while you’re at it. more here.

++ plan your day with the HOT MINUTE PLANNER > more here.


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