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The Skinny Confidential x Krispy Rice Collab For All Your Sushi & Ice Rolling Dreams

The Skinny Confidential x Krispy Rice Collab


@krispyrice x @theskinnyconfidential straight to your door.

You can order fresh sushi, a pink HOT MESS ice roller to de-puff & perhaps some chilled rosé straight to your door.

Like what else do you even need ?!

The Skinny Confidential x Krispy Rice Collab For All Your Sushi & Ice Rolling Dreams

What the hell am I talking about?

A curated custom pink Krispy Rice sushi box creatively designed by yours truly & The Skinny Confidential TEAM ( can u tell we were totally inspired by the oh-so nostalgic board game, Candy Land ?! ). I hand picked my favorite Krispy Rice items AND we included one of our stunning ice rollers all for $20 total. MY GOD.

( It’s available while supplies last, 200 to be exact- hurry because they will go fast. Not to worry though, after the roller offer is sold out you can still scan a special code that you’ll find in the box for 15% off in The Skinny Confidential Shop.

The Skinny Confidential x Krispy Rice Collab
Krispy Rice Collab with TSC
Krispy Rice and Hot Mess roller
Curated Krispy Rice box with Hot Mess roller

So what’s in this curated box?

My favs, duh:

♡ Spicy Tuna Krispy Rice (2pc)

♡ Edamame

♡ Truffle Avocado Hand Roll (2pc)

♡ Nigiri Salmon (2pc)


Go to select Krispy Rice locations in NYC or LA for the full dining experience OR order it right to your doorstep for a bougie sushi-TSC gram.

You can also order on: Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, & GO by Citizens.


This box is for all you sushi & skincare lovers for a fun night in by yourself, with your girlfriends or whoever. Stuff your face with sushi & then ice roll the fuck outta your face. Does it get better?

Grab this limited edition Krispy Rice box while supplies last. Like I said, if you want a HOT MESS ICE ROLLER with your sushi ORDER NOW.

x, lauryn

+ scope how to use your ice roller here.

++ if you’re into skin, check out all the benefits of a milk ice cube facial.


Curated Krispy Rice Box bt TSC

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