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The Skinny Confidential Team’s September Favorites

The Skinny Confidential Team’s September Favorites

We’re back with another team favorites post & all have been added to the Amazon storefront, of course.

Let’s get right into it.

The Skinny Confidential Team’s September Favorites:

got2b Glued eyebrow gel

Lauryn: In love with this brow gel because it really holds up the brows like no other. It just gets them so erect & helps pull the face up too. I was using got2b gel with a spoolie but now they’ve come out with this actual brow gel. It’s almost like a more affordable dupe of the Refy gel (also incredible). Love doing my brows right after I ice roll or when I do my makeup.

microfiber hair wrap

Katie: I’ve noticed a lot of hair breakage lately, so I made the swap to microfiber hair towels and I’ll NEVER go back! I do a quick regular towel dry after a shower to get most of the moisture out of my hair, then wrap my hair up in one of these towels, and even sleep in it. It makes my hair so soft and voluminous. Definitely a must have.

Phillips fully automatic espresso machine

Hilary: To be fair, we bought this a couple months ago but I wanted to give it a good run before I recommend it. LOVE IT. We had a Nespresso for years but it was getting pricey. After doing some research and looking at reviews for machines by Breville, Jura, Delonghi, and Miele we settled on this one. It’s affordable, makes an assortment of drinks QUICK.

My favorite part though, is that the frother is so easy to clean. There are no inside parts or steamer that gets milk burnt onto it. It’s just perfect in every way.

full coverage sun hat

Mackenzie: I’ve been starting to worry about sun exposure while I drive around town, so I looked into some breathable hats that I can wear during the drive! For whatever reason, I can end up in the car for 30 minutes at a time when running errands in the middle of the day, so this is a great way to fight those pesky UV rays that can sneak up on you (and you can get it in pink)!

Where’s David Bowie?

Nick: Got this for a friend’s birthday. Needless to say he loved David Bowie and loved the book. It’s a fun, unique gift – think adult Where’s Waldo?

pink ball ice cube tray

Parker: I don’t usually give in to TikTok trends, but watching @kami.larae videos on all of the different types of ice she has, I gave in and bought the Round Ice Cube Tray. You can put tiny slices of lemon, pomegranate seeds, or mint in the molds to elevate & add some flavor.

gel polish kit

Hailey: I have always loved painting my own nails and enjoy it so much more than going to the nail salon. Painting them myself is so relaxing and I can only have the same polish on for max 5 days before I need to switch it up. I love being able to change up the colors as often as I want and not have to drop major $$ on them.

I just ordered this gel nail polish kit to do them myself at home. The bottles are smaller than your regular polish but you get more colors for less money. This polish doesn’t ruin my nails like most gel which is also a plus! 10/10 would recommend to a friend!! 

Buy Yourself Flowers coloring book

Victoria: This month I am all about reducing stress — this coloring book is so cute on display, but is also the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. If that’s too corny for you, I also love this simple fridge calendar that’s been keeping me organized.

We love sharing our recommendations with you guys and we love hearing yours so please let us know your favorite things from Amazon below. We’re always working on The Skinny Confidential storefront to bring you only tried & true products that Lauryn and the team LOVE.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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