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The Skinny Confidential Team’s October Favorites

The Skinny Confidential Team's October Favorites

The holidays are coming! In an effort to keep saving you in time (because let’s be honest things are already starting to get hectic), we’re gonna get right into our favorites from last month. Let’s go.

The Skinny Confidential Team’s October Favorites:

travel jewelry box

Lauryn: LOVE this case that holds all my jewelry when I travel. Currently in Cabo & it’s such a dream to just take it out of my suitcase and have it on a vanity. Not that I’m doing any unpacking. LOL, you get it if you’ve been following along. Susan was in full swing on day 1, let me tell you.

cateye sunglasses

Katie: These sunglasses are so trendy right now, and of course, Amazon has an AWESOME cheap dupe. I’m obsessed with the shape and structure. It feels super high quality and a low price. I got these in black!

faux leather leggings

Hilary: I don’t even know if these are in style anymore (lol)  BUT I recently bought some nice oversized sweaters and thought these faux leather leggings would look cool & comfy along with boots. I’ve had expensive faux leather leggings before (like so long ago – so seriously can someone tell me if these are still ok to wear? lol), and I must say these ones from Amazon feel higher quality.

moisturizer with SPF

Mackenzie: It’s hard for me to find a sunscreen that lays well underneath makeup and doesn’t feel caked on my face. This is such a light, silky sunscreen that does not break me out and feels great with makeup & other products. Love it!

superfood powder

Parker: I am obsessed with this powder. The coconut flavor tastes so good and the texture is super fine — not at all grainy or gross like a lot of other powders out there! I drink it first thing in the morning and really do feel like it leaves me less bloated throughout the day. And it makes me feel good knowing I am getting my greens in every day.

car diffuser

Hailey: So if you know me, you know I’m not big on artificial fragrance, it gives me a headache okay? I was looking for a good car air freshener but I wanted something natural and also somehow able to diffuse essential oils. So when I found this customizable car diffuser I just had to buy it! I currently have a pumpkin spice blend in it right now and it gives off the perfect amount of scent, not too strong but still detectable. I can’t wait to put my holiday scent in there after Thanksgiving! *Christmas music is not played before then in my house lol.*

non-toxic candle

Victoria: Love the scent of this. So perfect for fall and it’s non-toxic, which should be a must for any home.

shoulder bag

Lanina: Was looking for a cute, everyday purse & this one was perfect to add to my collection! I love the style & that it pairs well with any outfit. I also got this super cute faux pearl strap that I’m IN LOVE with – it really elevates the look & you can basically attach it to any purse you want.

We love sharing our recommendations with you guys and we love hearing yours so please let us know your favorite things from Amazon below. We’re always working on The Skinny Confidential storefront to bring you only tried & true products that Lauryn and the team LOVE.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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