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The Skinny Confidential Team’s July Favorites

The Skinny Confidential Team’s July Favorites

We’re back with the 2nd installment of our new series where The Skinny Confidential Team shares their favorite purchases from the past month.

If you missed our June favorites, be sure to check them out here and, as always, keep checking TSC’s Amazon store where we always keep everything streamlined & easy to shop for you.

Let’s get right into it.

The Skinny Confidential Team’s July Favorites:

bedside carafe

Lauryn: Just in love with my bedside carafe. It kinda reminds me of like old Hollywood for some reason? Anyway, you can wake up at any time of night and reach over for a nice refreshing glass of water. We always want to be hydrated, even while we’re asleep.

Tizo3 spf 40 sunscreen & primer

Hilary: Hands down the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried in my life. It feels like you’re rubbing silk all over your face – it’s that good. In fact, it’s so good that I’m surprised it’s not more expensive. My favorite part is that the tint and the way it lays on the skin lets you reapply it OVER your makeup without being greasy or smearing your foundation around your face.

bedside carafeTizo3 spf 40 sunscreen & primer

beaded acrylic shoulder bag

Parker: When I pay more for a bag, I like to invest in neutral colors, so I like to play around with fun colors & materials when it comes to less expensive options. This bag is perfect for summer — I plan to take it to Italy and pair with a cute matching set and some bright colored sandals!

gold hoop huggies

Katie: These gold hoop huggies are the PERFECT addition to my ear stack. They’re super affordable and literally everyone asks me where I got these. A little sparkle and the gold finish is so cute for everyday wear. They snap in easily and are easy to swap out for another pair of earrings. A must for your jewelry box!

Paula’s Choice BHA Exfoliant

Lanina: This was recommended to me by my esthetician last year & I’ve been using it ever since. I apply it a few times a week during my nighttime skincare routine, follow it up with a moisturizer & TA-DA, hello smooth & glowy skin. 11/10 would recommend.

bicycle dropper

Nick: This really helps if you do a lot of downhill mountain biking.


Hailey: So I spent the days of my youth drinking Diet Coke *Fountain DC is superior* and when the day came where I chose to stop drinking soda, I was still searching for a sweet lil bubbly treat to replace my DC. In walks OLIPOP and their prebiotic good-for-you goodness about a year ago and my life is forever changed. It tastes SO dang close to soda, I’m not gonna lie it’s not a 100% match, but oh baby it’s close. My absolute fave flavor is Strawberry Vanilla, ya gotta try!

Olipop strawberry vanilla

vintage coffee mugs

Lainey: My favorite and least favorite part about moving has to be the urge to buy new EVERYTHING. I just moved into my new house and I have been stocking up on the cutest dishware, decor, furniture etc. I’m obsessed with these coffee mugs because they look so vintage, and I love feeling like I’m in 1964 Paris while I’m having my coffee on my back deck. The spoons are also perfect. These cups are a full vibe, 10/10 recommend.

golf glove

Oliver: Recently got into playing golf and realized that golf glove gets worn out pretty quickly, so I went online and ordered this glove and they were very comfortable and fit perfectly.  It’s high quality and feel super soft.

Supergoop Re-Setting mist

Holly: I’ve been loving the Supergoop (RE)SETTING spray this summer. It’s been the perfect way to reapply sunscreen over my makeup when I have a day of activities planned outdoors.

heating pad

Mackenzie: A heating pad that actually gets hot and stays hot. So worth the investment for those achy muscles.

The Skinny Confidential Team’s July Favorites

silicone phone case

Victoria: I like this case because they come in multiple colors so I can change them based on what I’m wearing or my mood. They’re a great deal and feel high quality. I love them.

anti-bac wipes

Lindsay: With baby, traveling and well, just post-2020 life, I always keep a few of these wipes in my car, my bag, baby’s diaper bag, my husband’s car – literally everywhere.  They don’t dry my hands and they have the loveliest citrus essential oil scent.

Do you guys like these posts from the team? Let us know below. And DUH, of course we put all our recs in the Amazon store for you.

What’s your favorite purchase from July? Tell us what we gotta get!

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

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