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The Skinny Confidential Product is HERE

The Skinny Confidential Product Line

What a WILD ride.

AND after about 12-ish years, here we are.

Many of you have become my friends, people I talk to regularly. Many of you have shared your stories. Some of you have come on the blog to share. Some of you have made friends from the TSC Facebook group. And all of you have embraced The Skinny Confidential in the most positive ways.

So today is a big day.

It’s official: The Skinny Confidential has launched its own product line ( !!!! ).

Product that is not white labeled with my label slapped on it, but rather a branded, carefully detailed product that has been crafted over the last three years.

This is something my team & I have worked on 7 days a week, day & night. 329147+ Zoom calls and meetings, sacrificed many Friday nights, millions of conversations, and so many times I had to say “NO” to say “YES” to product…and here we are LOL.

It’s truly CRAZY how much goes into a proper launch- from the decks, website design & implementation, brand story, manufacturing, design, distribution strategy, launch plan, building a team, graphics, social media layouts, legalities, paperwork, Quickbooks, COVID roadblocks to marketing to ingredient lists to packaging to ZOOM calls…TO THE ACTUAL PRODUCT. A shitload of back & forth. A lot of “NO’S.” And a lot of people who didn’t get the vision…I had no idea all of the THINGS that came along with launching my fantasy products.

I mean, creating a vision out of nothing- what could go wrong? ( A LOT ).

BUT, that’s ok because it was worth it.

The Skinny Confidential Product is HERE

Anyway THIS is something that YOU ( yes, YOU ) have helped us build. I have asked your opinions every step of the way & through direct messages, e-mails, IG stories Q & A, Facebook groups, Snapchat messages, etc. I have been able to actively involve the community in really cool ways.

Community is everything to me. Without it, this platform would just be another platform- you’re the pulse. The community is what makes The Skinny Confidential. And to have a product line that’s very much community-driven was SO IMPORTANT.

Every little detail of this product line is with you in mind. I want you to love every single facet- from the feel, to the look, to the marketing, to the packaging, to the messaging, to the branding. You should know every single tiny fucking detail I was involved in. Of course I also have an incredible team of people helping to execute my vision, which I am forever grateful to. The team HAS CRUSHED IT.

So on that note, meet your two new best friends: THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER and well, duh- you guessed it: THE ICE QUEEN FACIAL OIL ( because you know I haddddd to do an oil for you ).

HOT MESS ICE ROLLER | The Skinny Confidential Product

The backstory here is straight & to the point.

It’s one that you watched me endure: JAW SURGERY. A journey that at the time was so brutal that I could barely see the light. BUT !!! That experience helped me bring this product to market. Basically I had horrific jaw surgery 5 years ago. I went into the surgery naively, completely unaware of the aftermath. Anyway I woke up from surgery so fucking swollen WITH a full blown identity crisis because my face was triple the size…And you guys, the swelling did not go down for…years. I was stuck with a veryyyyyyy swollen, fluid-filled face.

I tried everything- from facial acupuncture to hot/cold jaw ice packs to creams to sleeping with my head up to diuretics to jumping on a trampoline to Advil.

Nothing worked.


So years ago before anyone was all about using an ice roller, I went on Amazon & searched “ice tool.”

Up pops this shitty tool that looks cheap for like $8.99. I order it. I try it. It works. And works WELL.


Big however.

Ice Queen Facial Oil | The Skinny Confidential Product
The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller

There’s all these things I wanted to change about it.

Things like it didn’t hold freezing cold for more than 2 minutes, it squeaked ( horrible in the mornings when you’re trying to lower your cortisol LOL ), broke after a few uses, &…it was so ugly. It looked ugly on my vanity too. It was a tool you’d hide, not pretty at all.

Since I started The Skinny Confidential I envisioned what product would like to me. To you. And that’s when I had this moment. I was like “OMG I need to create a line of beauty tools that this incredible community actually wants to put on their Instagram feed.”

( Little did I fucking know it would take 3 years & soooooo much back and forth & soooo many road blocks. The development was truly CRAZY because I wanted every fucking detail to be perfect…but that’s a story for another day ).

Together we created this cheeky, sturdy, cute tool that HOLDS COLD FOR SOOOOO LONG YOU’RE GOING TO FREAK. SHE’S THE CUTEST. So smooth & not flimsy. Looks insane on the vanity. The rose pink roller GETS SO COLD.

Facial manipulation x ice, man. It’s the cocktail that keeps on giving. So many benefits which we will get into but to name a few: lymphatic drainage, reduced inflammation, & totally gets rid of rosé wine face. I have used mine ever since it was created It’s been so hard not to share because it’s truly part of my AM/PM routine. Even my best friend, Westin, my husband, AND MY DAD are obsessed. Seriously I have caught them ice rolling their faces & loving it.

…SOOO, let’s talk details- with THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER you can expect:

The Skinny Confidential Product launch
hot mess ice roller details


  • A preventative beauty tool that uses the medley of cold therapy to contour, tighten, & de-puff the fuck out of your skin.


  • Unlike other ice rollers, this is made with solid aluminum, which keeps it ICY COLD FOR YOU. Other ice rollers lose the cold quickly.
  •  The cheeky handle is made with silicone, for a more comfortable feel- also feels sturdy.
  •  The tool is iconic pink & embossed with The Skinny Confidential logo to ensure it looks chic whether it’s on your vanity or on your hand for an Instagram Story selfie.
  •  I wanted a fingerprint grip for you so it didn’t slip like other cheap ice rollers. The fingerprint grip makes all the difference.


  •       WHERE DO I EVEN START. First off, it instantly reduces puffiness & redness ( think how an ice-pack can reduce swelling & bruising! YES PLZ).
  •       Boosts circulation, because lucky us it brings blood to the skin surface which totally restores radiance & encourages optimum cell function.
  •       Helps shrink the size of pores, for smoother-looking skin- so like use it before you apply makeup, mkay?
  •       Helps with lymphatic drainage through the combination of a facial massage and ice therapy- SO BYE-BYE WINE FACE.


( NOTE: when you remove the ice roller from the freezer, roll it on your wrist like 8 times to make sure it’s not too cold for your face. Also never wet the ice roller before putting it in the freezer- you do not want a dry ice situation so, NO water needed. To clean it, just use lukewarm water on a wash cloth. You can always use the roller in regular temperature too- you will still get the lymphatic benefits if it’s not cold which is FUN ).

Anytime, anywhere- morning or night. If you want it freezing cold like me, add to the freezer. If you want it sort of cold, add to the fridge.

MORNING: I LOVE using mine as soon I wake up because I feel like it gives my face a shot of espresso. I kid, I kid but really it’s a nice wake up. Another hot tip: is to ice roll before you apply make-up. It will tighten your skin before applying your sunscreen, foundation, CC cream, etc.

NIGHT: use at the end of your nighttime skincare routine, to help lock your serums and moisturizers’ ingredients into your pores. OH & use with your ICE QUEEN FACE OIL…because the oil has cooling properties. We created it to be used together. A ying & yang if you will. Which brings us to…



how to use ice queen facial oil
The Skinny Confidential ice queen facial oil



  • A high-quality, cooling facial oil PACKED with antioxidants that penetrates quickly & effectively to help hydrate, firm, & of course, reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It leaves your skin supple, dewy, & glassy- OH HEY.

My “why” here is oils have always been a main theme on the platform. I have used them since I was 16 years old. I order olive oil at hotels from room service to remove my makeup. During pregnancy I doused myself in oils to avoid stretch marks ( it worked ). Last year I even launched an oil with Elemis because they’re so vital to my skin care routine. Even my book, Get The F*ck Out Of The Sun, features oils EVERYWHERE. I believe they’re the key to youth after all the products I have tested. I have also found after talking with so many of you that it’s difficult to find an oil that isn’t heavily fragranced or perfume-y. SO YOU KNOW I HAD TO CREATE MY OWN…


  •  Restores skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  •   Replenishes hydration, helping prevent moisture loss while protecting skin in the most delicious way.
  •    Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


(NOTE: I always wanted a pomegranate/raspberry oil but always found them to be generic. To create my own was amazing because I was able to very much be hands on with the ingredient list. See below).

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants, which can help prevent cell damage.

Raspberry Seed Oil

Hot tip here: raspberry seed oil contains one of the highest antioxidants of any of the vegetable or fruit oils. Effectively moisturizes & improves skin elasticity + dryness. Also it has a lot of Vitamin A.

Blueberry Seed Oil

Very powerful antioxidant. Helps improve the skin’s hydration, elasticity, smoothness, & density WHICH WE LOVE.


Gives soothing and cooling sensation to the skin. I LOVE MENTHOL SINCE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL because it has a delicious smell that isn’t additives, it just naturally smells like this. I love how I use it for fighting inflammation & redness when I would get my brows waxed that I figured, we need it for facial redness. Menthol has tons of benefits like it calms down irritation, helps rid blackheads/whiteheads, helps diminish dark spots & pigmentation, AND it’s known to promote glowy, clear skin. YES PLZ.

I avoided heavy fragrances. You will notice there’s not a strong smell at all. Actually almost no smell actually. That’s because during Covid the mask situation mixed with heavily fragranced skin care products gave me dermatitis. I found that the dermatitis was from having a mask over products with fragrance.

Fragrances are just not my thing because it irritates my skin. So creating an oil without a bunch of added shit just for fluff & smell, was the goal. This oil is all-natural with ingredients hand-picked just for you. No smell, just results.



Technically you can use this how you want: alone, after your routine ( my skin care guru, Dr. Dennis Gross, always says “oils last” ), to remove makeup, &/or on your neck/tits/arms/whatever. Also it works best with the ice roller because it very much cools everything down. THE BEST INFLAMMATION DUO.


MORNING: I don’t usually cleanse in the morning, I feel like it’s stripping to my skin. So I wake up and ice roll, do a little skin care routine & finish with the oil to keep things cool. Then before applying sunscreen or makeup, I ice roll again. The ice roller helps absorb the oil more effectively.

NIGHT: After cleansing ( I LOVE A CLEANSING BALM ), I apply 3-4 drops of oil onto my hands. Then I simply rub hands together & press ( press instead of pat, IMO ) the oil into my skin. I take it to my tits- like the neck, chest, boobs. And then any extra oil, use it on the tops of your hands. IT’S DELICIOUS.



So there you have it. Skinny Confidential product.

The Skinny Confidential Product intro
The Skinny Confidential product review

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Slowly but surely more products will be coming soon with limited quantities available. Again, we are not just white labeling & slapping a label on something. They’re all a labor of love & will take time. Each product I create is with the audience in mind so I would love your feedback. Feel free to DM or e-mail me. I love reading all your messages.

This brand started when I was a bartender. I had no money to my name & just an idea. 12 years later, the product is here. Slow & steady has been the motto. Anyway I hope this inspires you to create your own future & go after your dreams, however wild they are.


X lauryn




  1. Lauryn, and team, I am SO excited about this launch. I just want to say how much I appreciate all that you bring to us with TSC. Since day 1 you have been nothing but informative, fun, honest, and lovely. The fact that you took the time to create this product (and others to come) that will actually work and be so beneficial to everyone down to the last freaking detail is amazing. I started using facial manipulation and ice rolling with my rose quartz roller because of your recommendations and it has helped tremendously with my red, sensitive, and eczema prone skin. Icing has helped so much especially after hangovers or flights, but has been frustrating because i can only do so much before my roller gets warm. The fact that you have solved this concern is insane and so exciting. Thank you times a zillion for being the coolest. We don’t deserve you!!!!

  2. this is so overpriced honey. if you really care about us, stop skimming us. anyway, congrats on your launch.

    1. I am a big fan of the products, but do agree the price is higher than it should be. I’m not sure if it’s just mine, but my ice roller only stayed cold for about 5 minutes (though I thought I read it would stay cold for hours?). Also, the pressure spot does not make a difference and even when I press it, no additional pressure is applied. I’m a bit bummer, because I was looking forward to this product!

  3. I got mine! So delighted you ship to Ireland too! I used to dunk my face into my sink with loads of ice and water so this will be amazing to use instead! I’ve done it for years when I’m hungover or PMS and my face just puffs up it’s so annoying, I’m very very excited to get it!! Congrats on your launch!! xx

    1. Love hearing how we can fill a space in the market & so glad that we can find you in Ireland

  4. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I have been following you for almost 3 years. It is because of you & the knowledge you’ve shared (podcasts, blogs, instagram) that i’ve become so invested in taking care of my skin & body. I learned dry brushing, face rolling, gua sha, oils, MINT & LEMON IN THE WATER in the hydroflask!!! (even marketing via With Honors!!) I COULD NOT be more excited to use your face roller. just got a text that it’s being shipped!!!!! you are an absolutely incredible business woman, skin guru, & mentor- i can’t wait to see what you do from here. LOVE THE TSC TEAM !!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. A SERIOUS GAME CHANGER- cold is sooo good + beneficial for keeping skin healthy, I also love how this product looks! This is so cool, Lauryn!!

    xx Sara

  6. I’m SO excited about this launch! For you, your brand & me, honestly (haha)! I’m a licensed esthetician and have been working in the industry for 7 years now. As an avid TSC listener, knowing how many doctors & derms you’ve interviewed and how passionately you talk about your own skincare routine – I KNOW & can tell you take your shit seriously. I couldn’t get to the check out fast enough. Can’t wait to be cold rolling some luxe oils into my skin….TSC style.

  7. Wow, I’m impressed with all the thought and care that went into making this product. I too had jaw surgery and this would’ve been a lifesaver!
    Congrats on your launch Lauryn, you deserve all the success in the world!

  8. Very cool, Lauryn! I’ve read your blog for years and remember your journey with your jaw and trying to de-puff. You were the first person I heard talk about facial massage and now it’s all the rage. Excited for you to launch this product. Will def try it out.

  9. Longgg time follower here and love everything you guys do. Naturally I wanted to support because of all the years of free content I’ve been consuming- it’s truly the least I could do for Lauryn and team to show my gratitude.
    I haven’t seen many reviews here yet but I figured I’d leave one to be fully transparent.
    Obsessed with the packaging and the weight of the roller. It is truly an experience opening the box and you know it is going to be worth every penny.
    Cleaned it as instructed and left in the freezer over ice. Woke up in the morning to use it only to find out it got hot in 5 minutes and I was back to using my old Amazon ice roller that keeps cold better. Truly shocking and wasn’t expecting that but maybe it’s my face that gives off too much heat?
    Anyway- still will use it but will have to pair it with my old one.
    Not trying to steer anyone away here just being honest about my experience.

  10. I loveeee your brand and podcast. I am deff going to buy the ice roller. I have a couple questions;
    Does the ice roller come with a case/bag to put in the freezer? Your freezer is way more organized/cleaner than mine. I currently use a plastic baggie for my shitty amazon roller and need something skinny confidential!!
    Also, do you recommend using the oil if I already have oily skin? I struggle with acne and don’t want to break out anymore!
    You're the best, thank you.

    1. Kelsey- it does not come w a bag – but we are living the way that you think! As for acne: it should be safe. But we always always recommend you patch test before use on your chest/neck before you try your face! xx

  11. Is it okay to use menthol on other parts of the body? I bought the oil but I don’t want to risk breaking out my face. Could I use it as a fancy icy-hot massage oil, like post workout or something?

  12. Love that it stays cold for a long time but honestly prefer my small rollers for depuffing and lymphatic drainage. The size of this makes it difficult to get into small areas of the face (under eyes). Nice that it stays freezing but wish a smaller or travel size was offered.

  13. I love the look of this product and I’m eager to try it out! There’s just not enough aesthetically pleasing products of this nature on the market. I don’t follow very many influencers, but I just want to say that you’re “balls to the wall” 100 percent approach to content creation is truly inspiring <3 I'm a stage actress, but I actively consume your content (I listen to your podcast every day in quarantine) because it teaches me so much about how to cultivate my brand in a strategic way!

  14. I absolutely love your podcast and was super excited to try this. However I feel like my roller only stays cold for a few minutes and is a little bit squeaky. However it feels great!

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