CINCO DE MAYO was this past weekend so I feel like it’s so fitting to share TSC specific, micromanaged margarita.

To preface this situation I want to say that I used to be a bartender. There’s an occasional DM about how I shouldn’t be micromanaging the bartender. ( Side note: I was not only a bartender but I worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years. Started as a hostess when I was 14, went on to cocktailing for like 4 years, & then bartended for about 4 years. When people used to know what they liked, it made my job easier. In fact, I embraced someone who knew what they wanted- I considered it a challenge to sharpen my bartending skills. Funny because I actually met one of my very good friends, Carly, when her husband, Adam, ordered a very specific margarita in a chilled martini glass- I liked that they knew what they wanted ).

So ya, I disagree.

Here’s the thing: I know what I want. I’m specific. Just because I know what I want doesn’t make me a bitch. Also you can count on the fact that I am always kind. I say “please” & “thank you” and always tip 20% or more. There’s no rude micromanaging going on- just specific directions for what I like.

Personally, that’s how I believe you get what you want in life, you know?

You ask for it.

Direct, straight to the point, communication. Kindness is obviously important but there’s nothing wrong with knowing EXACTLY what you want.

Anyway, back to the margarita.

This weekend I made these at home & added a splash of POM ( pomegranate juice ) with some fresh pomegranate seeds. However, THIS is what I ask for when I’m out on the town:


+ 1.5 ounce blanco tequila
+ 1 ounce of Cointreau ( use Triple Sec if this is unavail )
+ limes ( tons )
+ a little lemon
+ a speck of agave ( like a fucking SPECK ! )
+ option: 2 squeezes of a grapefruit or even pomegranates
+ half rim of salt, always

+ use a lime to rim the glass & then add salt to only half the rim. In a martini shaker add 3/4 fresh lime juice, one squeeze of lemon, then add Cointreau ( or Triple Sec ), & tequila.

 rule of thumb: when making a cocktail, start with the cheapest ingredients first & finish with the most expensive last. Add ice to shaker ( you don’t want the ice to melt into your ingredients, so do this last ). Add ice to rimmed glass & shake and strain your cocktail over the ice. Garnish with a grapefruit slice or lime wheel. GET NAKED WASTED.

Ask for what you want & you shall receive. 

Rest assured you can ask for this if you’re at a hole in the wall Mexican bar ( my fucking favorite, to be honest ) or at a 5 star resort. In all my life, no one has ever turned this micromanaged marg down. THEY MAY EVEN ASK IF THEY CAN HAVE THE OVER-POUR, you know what I mean?

TSC HOT TIP: Instead of slamming greasy chips, fatty burritos, & sugar-filled, pre-mixed, crappy chemical margaritas down my throat, I go for blue corn chips, tacos on corn tortillas or lettuce cups with veggies, Pico de Gallo, & black beans, & this delicious MARG.

WITH THAT! We are in Charleston interviewing one of my idols ( more on that later ) so I would love to hear any & all your recommendations- get specific. Restaurants, sites to see, tips, & bars ( so I can micromanage of course ). You guys have literally recommended so many good hot spots- so thank you, thank you.

See you on IG Stories ( just did an unpacking story, so that’s fun! Will save it to my ‘travel’ highlight ). Hope you’re all having a magical Thursday.

Until next time, lauryn

++ …& even more are in TSC book ; ). CHEERS.



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  1. Check out Poogan’s Porch for some great food in Charleston. If you have an opportunity head to Boone Hall Plantation – I think Michael will find it interesting – historical and beautiful. You can see the Avenue of Oaks. Tidbit: this is where The Notebook was filmed and where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were married!

  2. Ok I just HAVE to comment on the first part of this post. Lauryn, YES I TOTALLY agree!!! I’m a barista, and it is so damn refreshing when someone just comes in like “hi hello I would please like this and this like this with this thank you!” It can be so draining to serve people who are rude and have no idea what they want and/or are HYPER apologetic about asking for modifications / whatever. You’re the best!

  3. i would like this to be my life motto: just because im specific and know what i want does not mean im a bitch. this applies to margs, to the f ing mess of a situation i have with a contractor over my patio right now, to the person at the store who when you ask “do you have X” says “no but we have Y”….i want X lady ! Y is clearly an awful substitute are you nuts ?, and on and on ! Thank you for reminding me its ok to know what you want. gotta love in the same scenario men are labeled decisive while women are demanding and bitchy !

  4. Come to Texas! New Braunfels is the greatest place. It’s between Austin and San Antonio. Come to the Huisache Grill and Bar. We don’t have mixed drinks but a great selection of wine! Ask for me I would be soooo happy to meet you! Great food too.
    Love y’all Nancy

  5. I made these margs tonight and no joke my husband (who is a marg SNOB) said it was the BEST margarita he’s ever had! Better than all our fav Mexican joins in LA. What a compliment!!!! Thanks for the recipe… can’t wait to drink these way too often! <3

  6. When it says 3/4 lime, is that 3/4 cup or 3/4 of the way full in the shaker?

    I consider myself a marg snob and always appreciate a fresh one!


  7. Love this! I always get called bossy or bitchy even snobby because I am very specific about what I want !!!! Why wouldn’t you be and yes I am always polite and pleasant and tip more than 20. Why are people afraid to be specific about what they want and more so why are they hating on the people who are specific?! I am in control and there is nothing wrong with that !!!! PS love my ice roller!!! Friggin fabulous!! ❤️❤️