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The Skinny Confidential Book Club: April Reads

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Hello, hello! How are you guys doing? Michael & I have been up in LA recording podcasts with some VERY special guests for you guys. We can’t wait to introduce them in the upcoming weeks. Since LA is always full of traffic we’ve been switching between podcasts & audiobooks. If you’re looking for some good reads while driving or for some refreshing spring books I’ve got you covered. Here’s a nice mix between motivational books & juicy memoirs. Check out my top picks for April below!



It’s important to have a handle on current events and an understanding as to why they happened. That’s why I was intrigued by The End of Normal. Galbraith challenges the view that the Great Crisis of 2008 was merely an interruption in our otherwise growing economy. He dives into the reasons behind the recession in a way that is easy to understand. Now I feel knowledgable about what’s going on in the global economy & how to be prepared going forward under a potentially new normal.


Michael recommended this book & I’m SO glad he did. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a HUSTLER. Born in Austria, he dreamed of becoming a bodybuilder and a movie star. By 21 he was living in the US, won Mr. Universe & was fluent in English. I personally LOVED reading about his marriage with Maria Shriver. If you’re looking for a juicy read that’s also inspiring Total Recall is it. It will motivate you to focus on making your dreams a reality just like Arnold did.


Do you remember when Teresa threw the table on Real Housewives New Jersey? I sure do. Teresa is a spitfire which is why I couldn’t wait to read about her experience in prison. In Turning the Tables Teresa goes into depth about her childhood, building a family, fame & the reality of living life as an inmate. Fun to get a glimpse into a world I plan to never experience.


Now it’s time to combine two of my interests: The Kennedy’s & the Real Housewives. Written by Carole Radziwill, from Real Housewives of New York, What Remains is a story about loss, friendship & love. Carole was a news reporter when she met then married Anthony Radziwill, cousin to JFK, Jr. Carole recounts being best friends with JFK & Carolyn, losing them & her husband, & moving forward. It’s a sad and insightful story that Carole shares beautifully.


I just picked up The Hard Thing About Hard Things & I’m SO excited to read it. This book is said to be a crash course for CEOs. Ben Horowitz, a successful and experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur, details his essential advice for building and running a startup. He talks about how to handle those tough situations that no one prepared you for: think how to fire your friends and what it takes to create a sustainable company culture. Using his own brutal experiences Horowitz teaches you what you really need to know. How to make the good decisions when there seem to be none.


I told you guys I’m obsessed with the Kennedy’s last month & this month is no different. I picked up The Other Man after reading Fairy Tale Interrupted for even more Kennedy gossip. Told from Michael Bergin’s perspective, this book dives into the relationship he had with Carolyn Bessette. From their first dates to heartbreak this book makes you feel like you really know Carolyn & Michael. Lemme tell ya, this one is a page turner.

These books have kept me REAL entertained. Do you guys have any books you’re loving lately? Tell, TELL!

Happy reading & hope you’re having a relaxing weekend!

lauryn x

+ Currently carrying my favorite books in a camel tote.


  1. omg LOVE hard thing about hard things! love that that’s listed on here. his story about taking loudcloud to the brink of bankruptcy into an over billion dollar IPO is insane. ps if you like that book, you should 100% check out “Zero To One” by Peter Thiel. Also another amazing entrepreneurial must read. highly recommend!!

    1. AH even more excited to read it now. Will definitely check that out. Thanks Alice! xx

  2. I literally just finished What Remains (LOVED it!) and it totally re-ignited my interest in the Kennedys. Just put Fairy Tale Interrupted and The Other Man on my next up reading list. Thanks for the recommendation!

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