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The PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER: The Only Balls You Want On Your Face

The Pink Balls Face Massager

ROLL OUT THE PINK CARPET: our latest launch has joined the party.

The tool of your dreams. The perfect pair to your ice roller. The only balls you WANT in your face…aka the PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER.

(And no, she’s not a sex toy).

Oh yes hunny- pink balls. On your face. Every morning.

She’s here to slay your morning routine.

Like we got the de-puffing part down (thanks to the HOT MESS & ICE QUEEN OIL)…& now it’s time to nail the chiseling part.

Just like the ice roller, this baby took FOUR years to create too. Every detail designed by me & The Skinny Confidential Team just for you. Every divot on every ball, the weight, the feel, the look, the little strap, the aesthetic- just for you.

This is another beauty tool that has been a long time coming. Ya ya, you’ve heard it before: my obsession with ice rolling & facial massage (& lymphatic drainage) started after double jaw surgery & doing literally ANYTHING to get rid of the puff & bloat in my face.

Ice rolling & facial massage made such a difference, that here we are, after 4 years of perfecting the product, introducing you to our PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER.


When we have a concept with The Skinny Confidential, whether it’s merch, a blog post or even a podcast episode, the team focuses on vision.

Like we do not just launch things to launch, they need to have a purpose and value.


It was made to use in tandem with your HOT MESS ICE ROLLER. They needed to compliment each other during your morning routine- to depuff, chisel, contour the fuck out of your jawline, cheeks, & eye area. 

Anyway, the whole experience is fun: to when receiving your pink package in the mail, to the unboxing, to the way the balls (LOL) feel on the face (unlike any other balls on your face let me tell you), to how it feels- every single detail is important. 

Creating that experience takes a lot of back and forth. A similar amount of time as the HOT MESS – we want you, the community, to go rave about The Skinny Confidential products to your friends during a mimosa-filled happy hour. 

Ok, so specifics on THE PINK BALLS.

She was custom designed with two very pink multi-angular disco-esque balls that contour the fuck out of the face and body, this PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER grips the face tighter than any other tool in your kit. You can expect her to comfortably roll over the contours of the face ( think: under eye, brow bone, cheek bones, etc. ) to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, and of course, SCULPT.

In fact, it sculpts the skin unlike anything we’ve ever seen. I have tried every product on the market & because I run puffy, I feel I’m the perfect candidate to try any tool that reduces swelling.

And this is it, guys.

Like think INSTANT FACE LIFT, baby. This innovative, pretty tool was designed to visibly sculpt, tone, and rejuvenate the skin for a firmer, more sculpted appearance. So go ahead and get balls deep in this contouring at-home facial massager. She fits perfectly into your morning routine. The cutest part? It’s portable so you can enjoy these stunning PINK BALLS anywhere, anytime. Not to mention she totally fits in The Skinny Confidential SLEEPING BAG.

We took every pain point out of every facial massager tool (I have tried them ALL- trust me).

TSC The Pink Balls Face Massager

The Pink Balls Face Massager box
the skinny confidential face massager
tsc face massager


THE PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER mimics the effects of an indulgent, professional facial massage to release tension you may not even know you’re holding onto. And MY GOD it works- like it tones your face while manipulating the muscles responsible for tightening, toning, and chiseling— plus, it will help your skin absorb your ICE QUEEN FACE OIL for all-day radiance and glow.

While the ice roller is so effective for depuffing, tightening, soothing and reducing redness, mixing the routine with these PINK BALLS is a game-changer. They really are the yin and yang: the ice roller rids puff and the massager chisels & sculpts making you look super contoured before you even put on skincare or makeup. Also it eliminates toxins through lymphatic drainage & toughens up your muscles. 

Together they create the most lifted face ever. 

Overtime, the lack of circulation/fine lines in our faces can cause aging. By doing facial massage you stimulate the blood flow creating juicy, plump skin that is also chiseled and toned.

Facial massage has so many benefits: relieves tension, releases toxins, boosts circulation, improves product absorption, is relaxing & just feels GOOD.

tsc face massager benefits
The Pink Balls Face Massager benefits
The Pink Balls Face Massager tsc product


If using the ice roller, always use it first to de-puff the face. Then apply ICE QUEEN FACE OIL to ensure things roll smoothly. Next, gently roll your PINK BALLS FACE MASSAGER upwards along the cheeks and jawline, even the nose area. If you’re feeling extra (we always are), roll downward on your neck to drain the lymphatic system or even on the décolletage, tits, or any area of your body that needs some extra love.

Such a seamless, quick, EFFECTIVE addition to your morning routine. Once finished, continue with your skincare. Display on vanity or bedside- ya, she’s THAT pretty.

HOT TIP: always roll UPWARDS on the face, not downwards (we want to be lifting, not sagging, DUH). However, you should know we do like rolling down the neck area, to drain the lymph in the face. 

Since we wanted the massager to compliment our ice roller, we went with a pink silicone handle and stainless steel disco-eque balls. For the HOT MESS, I wanted it to feel like a dildo- sturdy, thick, meaty, but with some femininity too, hence all the pink. For these PINK BALLS to stand out, we made it so the angular disco-like balls really chisel the face while comfortably gliding over the jaw line, cheek bones, décolletage, tits, arms – you can really go wild with where you use it. 

tsc pink balls
the skinny confidential products
pink balls
pink face massager

As far as measurements:

She weighs 0.5 LBS so ideal to grab on the go and so very easy to implement into your morning and/or nighttime routine. Plus, like I said, she fits in right in your SLEEPING BAG too. You’ll also want to show her off on your vanity because unlike so many other tools, she’s pink & dreamy and fits nicely with your Instagram feed. 

Think of it like this: you go to the gym to work out your muscles, but your face muscles need to be worked too. Chisel, chisel! 

The Skinny Confidential isn’t a beauty brand, it’s your routine. Our tools fit seamlessly into your ritual while being effective…and cute too.


xx, lauryn

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tsc face massager ice roller and razor

  1. I got this a little under one week ago and I’m literally SOOOO happy I took the leap. I’ve been dealing with SEVERE jaw pain, went to a massage therapist to figure it out and still left feeling swollen and achey. Using this the pink balls with the ice roller and significantly lessened my my TMJ pain and also my under eye circles? Also I have cheekbones again? I love everything Lauryn does – but this…this takes the cake. So luxurious and functional! Thank you Lauryn!!

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