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The Pink Anniversary Sale! 20% Off For All You Queens

The Pink Anniversary Sale

It’s our anniversary week. We all deserve the WEEK, right ?!

To celebrate all your support with The Skinny Confidential ( like, THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER sold out twice !! ), we’re giving all you queens 20% off from April 8 – April 10 (excluding kits).

Just use code PINKPARTY at check out & your discount will magically be applied.

And we have more BIG news. THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER IS BACK IN STOCK. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Before you start shopping we just want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our pink little hearts. The Skinny Confidential wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for YOU. We feel so lucky to have the most amazing community & this last year has been a special one.

The Pink Anniversary Sale! 20% Off For All You Queens


Let’s recap on all your favorites that launched this year:


YES, she is back in stock !! After 2 sellouts, get her while she’s hot. Or should we say, ice fucking cold.

She’ll contour, tighten, de-puff & soothe your skin instantly. You can keep her in the fridge or the freezer so she’s always ready to roll.

We like to use ours first thing in the morning & before applying skincare at night.

HOT TIP: heat up your ice roller and use it down the sides of your neck to help with lymphatic drainage. Thanks to Brooke from The Road for this tip.

THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER THE HOT MESS ICE ROLLER - The Pink Anniversary Sale Ice Queen face oil and hot mess ice roller Ice Queen face oil and hot mess ice roller Ice Queen face oil


The chicest face oil to hit the market – she replenishes hydration, tightens the skin, & helps to plump out fine lines and wrinkles. Liquid gold if you will. 

Perfect for pre or post facial shave, to use underneath your makeup for a dewy look, or to slather on before bed.

She’s formulated with no nasties, is rich in Vitamin C & will leave you skin soft & supple.


THE HOT MESS’S BFF. Store your ice roller in the cute, pink, gingham SLEEPING BAG to keep it free from bacteria & 1990’s crusty peas.

She’s insulated to keep your roller icy, easy to grab on the go, has a drawstring so your roller stays put, & is made of smooth material so your ice roller will never stick to the her.

You guys like her a lot so she’s out of stock again. But pre-order her now & she’ll ship out mid May & be wrapped around your HOT MESS in no time.


This refillable razor was made specifically for women’s faces with a comfy handle for the closest shave of your life.

The curved handle with a finger divot makes for a good grip & a razor that’s easy to control.

She’ll get rid of peach fuzz & unwanted hairs, create a smooth canvas for makeup, help your skincare absorb better, improves texture for more youthful looking skin & give you some gentle exfoliation too. She really does it all.

THE SLEEPING BAG THE SLEEPING BAG for ice roller The Pink Anniversary Sale The Skinny Confidential The Pink Anniversary Sale The Skinny Confidential


The first ever facial shaving cream JUST for women. She was designed to keep skin nourished, buttery smooth,  free of peach fuzz & unwanted hairs thanks to THE HOT SHAVE RAZOR. 

Not only is her packaging so cute & nostalgic, but it’s filled with Vitamin E, shea butter, olive oil & aloe – she’s actually GOOD for your skin. THE HOT SHAVE cream will give you the best shave of your life, EVERY TIME.


Grab the blades to thank for your smooth skin in a convenient pack of 3.

We like to change your blades after 5-12 uses. And always sanitize your blades with rubbing alcohol between uses to keep things nice, pretty & clean for skin.

If you’d like these to appear magically at your door on the reg, just choose your shipping option at before adding to your cart. You can receive them every 3 months, 6 months or 9 months – you do you.

Hot shave razor REPLACEMENT BLADES Hot shave razor The Pink Anniversary Sale Hot shave razor replacement blades TSC Hot shave razor replacement bladesHot shave cream The Pink Anniversary Sale The Pink Anniversary Sale hot shave cream TSC hot shave creamGet The Fuck Out of the Sun by The Skinny Confidential


If you want something cute & pink that’s also just so informative for your coffee table or book shelf, this book is the move. You’ll hear from people like Dr. Lara Devgan, Dr. Dennis Gross, Kristin Cavallari, Justin Anderson, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Bobbi Brown, Tiffany Masterson, Dr. Jason Diamond & SO many more.

There are over 100 doctors, experts & top-tier influencers featured & they talk about their favorite skincare products, procedures, hacks, wellness tips, just all the things. Whether you’re just getting into skin or already know everything, you will learn something from this book. It’s very much digestible & FUN.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Go wild & shop queens. Remember the sale ends at midnight on April 10. Use code PINKPARTY for 20% off sitewide (excluding kits).
Your support means the world & seeing posts, reels, & stories brings a little pink tear to our eyes.
You guys really are the best.
Lauryn & The Skinny Confidential team.



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