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The Most Beautiful Custom Clothing Pieces You’ll Ever Find

The Most Beautiful Custom Clothing

Fun story. Nina Morgan introduced me to one of my best friends – Ingrid de la Mare – Kenny.

One day I was stalking Nina’s Instagram & came across Ingrid. Immediately I stalked Ingrid…ya ya ya, you know the story, you can find it here.

Anyway, obviously I was stalking Nina because her line Romp Clothing has the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen. She is talented BEYOND…like I can’t even describe it, & her creations are silky, bouncy, flattering & one of a kind.

You’ll see throughout this post the cutest dresses she designed for me & Zaza. The emerald green was for Christmas last year & the light pink was for my best friend Erica’s wedding. They’re GORGEOUS.

Sidenote: can Zaza’s little green hat have a moment ? Just love it.

In this post Nina shares the process of creating custom pieces for her clients, some of her style tips & her favorite beauty oil.

With that, let’s welcome Nina Morgan-Jones to the blog.

The Most Beautiful Custom Clothing - Romp Clothing

The Most Beautiful Custom Clothing Pieces You’ll Ever Find


♡ Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Nina Morgan-Jones: I’m Nina Morgan-Jones, the founder, designer & Creative Director of Romp Clothing.

I was brought up in the Welsh countryside & have lived in many places around the world.

♡ Tell us how you got into the industry. You’re so talented!

NMJ: Thank you so much for your support Lauryn. You’re a mentor to so many women. I think we’ve followed each other for about twelve years & I’ve picked up so many tips from you.

I studied Fashion in university in London before working with private couturiers, a corsetiere & training with a Savile Row pattern cutter. The cutting gave me the technical foundation to make anything I wanted & I still work with him to this day.

We started Romp in 2002 out of a basement in East London. We specialized in natural products & became the world’s first certified organic leather fashion company, with boutiques in Europe & LA. Today, Romp works under the BALI principle ( Best Available Least Impact ).

I work between our ateliers in France, Italy & London, enabling me to source the finest lace & silks, which we dye with our natural organic dyes ( holistic dyes made with trees & flowers ). We sell on our online boutique & in our private atelier & trunk shows around the world. We don’t do large production, each piece is made to order.

♡ How do you start designing a piece? What is the process like?

NMJ: I own & manage Romp myself, so any time I get to design is a real luxury. I’m inspired by where we live & the women I meet. My clients are a big inspiration, they often ask for special custom designs & that develops organically. ( I get more into the process below ).

♡ What are some styling tips you can give our audience?

NMJ: Invest in fewer pieces of quality clothing that will last forever. Wear what you feel good in. And don’t take it too seriously!

♡ What are your favorite accessories?

NMJ: My style is kind of 1970’s Modern… I don’t wear many accessories & love minimalism in my homes & what I wear. I’d rather only have a few beautifully made, classic pieces.

I wear a 70’s Cartier Love Bracelet & a Cartier Tank watch. In fact, I shop for vintage accessories in the flea markets in St Tropez, like a pair of oversized Ted Lapidus sunglasses or original Halston.

I love men’s accessories & wear cufflinks with a beautiful shirt. A fitted tuxedo & bowtie is so sexy.

How to buy Romp Clothing - The Most Beautiful Custom Clothing
Nina Morgan custom clothing
Nina Morgan Romp clothing
Nina Morgan Romp clothing feature

♡ What are your favorite basics?

NMJ: Our Romp Wild & Organic cotton jersey jumpsuit for running around/pilates.

Black leather Romp pants & cashmere in the winter & worn in t-shirts.

I love Romp silk pants & silk shirts that I can also wear to bed.  I also have a collection in LA called PEARL with my friend the singer Pearl Aday & I live in our rock n roll tees.

♡ If you could pick one piece from your collection what would it be? 

The Rockstar dress, made in the South of France with French Silk ( as worn in emerald, by Lauryn & Zaza Bosstick! ).

Romp clothing custom designs
Romp clothing silk dress

♡ You designed the most gorgeous dress for me. If someone wants a custom dress but doesn’t live in France, what’s the process like?

NMJ: Thank you so much.

We strive to offer a luxurious design experience with our clients around the world ( either remotely or in person ) & each piece is handmade in our London & French Riviera ateliers. In addition to our ready-to-wear collection, we create bespoke custom designs for stage & film, as well as wedding dresses & designs unique to the client.

Our bridal & dress service has become more coveted in recent years. We’re quite low-key & brides come to us when they have a dream dress or detail in mind if they don’t want the usual off-the-rack dress & want something truly unique to them.

Working between Italy, France & London, I’m able to source the finest European laces & fine silks. As such, we’ve developed a luxurious private bridal & bespoke dress experience. We can create the entire bridal trousseau, the rehearsal dinner dress, wedding gown & wedding night attire.

I work intimately with each bride & client, so we work with a select number each season. We start with the client’s vision, looking at their silhouette & all aspects of their dream wedding or event. The process includes consultations, personal sketches, mood boards & designs, special fabric selections & fittings. In the last two years we’ve also developed this service remotely, so anything is possible. We usually create a mock up ‘toile’ of the dress in scrap fabric just for first fittings, which we mail to the client.

For the ultimate experience, clients can travel to our ateliers in the South of France or London for personal fittings.

Romp clothing silk dress - The Most Beautiful Custom Clothing

The Most Beautiful Custom Clothing

♡ What is your morning routine?

NMJ: Wherever we are in the world, I usually wake up around 4.30am.  Green tea & cacao for me, coffee for my man & as soon as Louis’ paws hit the ground, I know it’s time to get outside for a walk. After that, I do ballet/pilates. If I’m in France, I do this by the water. I was a ballet dancer from the age of three.

A good morning is contingent on enough sleep, so I have to work on that. My friend Diana Anastasia recommended yoga before bed & it’s life-changing for a good night’s sleep.

I love creating a tranquil ambience in the evening, burning Frankincense oil ( which makes you feel so good ). In the Fall there’s nothing like a log fire to wind down. I love essential oils on my skin at night, such as Ingrid’s gorgeous Moroccan Rose oil.

Nina Morgan morning routine
Nina Morgan on The Skinny Confidential
Nina Morgan on The Skinny Confidential

♡ As a busy entrepreneur, what are your favorite wellness tips & tricks to stay full of energy?

NMJ: Finding peace is always a priority. I love making beautiful Mediterranean food, delicious plant-based meals & eating a rainbow of colors.

I rely on organic natural modalities for mental & physical well-being. I’ve been studying potent food combinations & nutrition for ultimate immune health for the past ten years. It’s amazing that a simple vitamin deficiency can contribute to depression.

Romp supports mental health awareness & suicide prevention & it’s encouraging to hear that nutrition & nutritional deficiencies are becoming part of the narrative in mental health care.

‘The power that created the body, heals the body.’  I live by that.

♡ Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out.

NMJ: You’re wonderful! Thank you Lauryn


Contact Romp by Whatsapp +44 7513 916686


If you’re looking to have something designed for you, Romp has it all. I’m so obsessed with the mommy & me moments ( & yes, Zaza’s little hat ).

Be sure to follow Nina on Instagram @rompclothing & stalk her website to look at all her latest creations.

x, lauryn

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++ stalk all the cute outfits I wore in France this summer.

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