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The MOST AMAZING Shower Trick For More Energy

The Skinny Confidential talks showers.

Ok so I am not like one of those people that zings out of bed with a huge smile on my face, you know.

In fact I actually prefer not to talk in the morning.

No joke though I like to light some candles, put on smooth jazz, make the bed, & drink my detox drink ( recipe coming soon ). It’s how I start every single morning…since well, forever. CALMLY. GOOD ENERGY. I’m a delicate morning butterfly.

WELL when I moved in with my fiancé I discovered a little something, something about men: they’re loud as F.

I don’t even know if loud is the way to describe it? It’s more like HEAVY? HEAVY ENERGY? Lumbering maybe?

For instance is it absolutely necessary to wake up, stomp ( LIKE STOMPPPP, STOMP ) around, turn on the coffee machine like a savage wildebeest, play rap ( LITERALLY RAP? I MEAN IT’S 8 AM. PLEASE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME ), & put on boots that sound like 400 hundred pounds against tile? But seriously must you watch Fat Jew Instagram videos at 7:00 am?

Men’s energy, man. It’s heavy, huh?


Let’s talk about my shower trick.

I first picked up this easy, quick, FREE ( well I guess water isn’t free, but you get it ) trick. IT’S A SHOWER TRICK.

Immediately upon waking up I have started to make it a habit to shower.

Before you’re like ‘duh, uh that’s nothing new.’ WAIT.

I know this isn’t groundbreaking information buttttttt I have this little 90 second trick that I want to share ( side note: whenever I have a trick I can’t not share it with you guys, if I have a trick my brain naturally thinks “ohhhh should I share this on TSC?” ).

Here’s what I read a few months ago & it really changed my mornings: “You’ll spend about 4,000 hours of your adult life showering — possibly more time than you spend reading, exercising or watching TV — but chances are, you’ve been doing it wrong.

If you take a morning shower, you probably think it energizes you for the day, but it can actually have the opposite effect.

In fact, a hot shower or bath is what many doctors recommend for people who have trouble falling asleep — to help them fall asleep. The reason: Emerging from a hot shower into cooler air brings a sudden decrease in body temperature, leading to a tranquil state of mind. This is helpful when you’re looking to fall asleep but not what you need before you start your day.

If your goal is to wake up in your morning shower, then you need to make a 90-second tweak.”


Ok, so here’s what else the article said: “The secret lies in the contrast. Here’s how to do it:

Once you’ve finished your normal cleaning ritual, crank the nozzle as cold ( BRRRRRR ) as it goes, and stand under the water for about 30 seconds. Feel free to gasp or scream if it helps ( some say it does ).

After 30 seconds, turn the water up as hot as you can stand for another 30 seconds. This opens up the capillaries, increases blood flow and provides an all-around sense of stimulation.

Finally, cap it off with one more cycle of icy cold. Always end on cold.

You might be asking, “Why would I put myself through such discomfort first thing in the morning?” Because it works.

Hot and cold hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years. In Finland, the sauna isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. The country is home to 2 million saunas ( for a population of 5 million ) with 99 percent of Finns enjoying the stress-relieving benefits of the sauna at least once a week.”

This little tippity-tip is also known to reduce stress, build the immune system, improve blood circulation, burn fat, & aid depression. More in depth information about the shower affect.


Please don’t make fun of me. Here’s why: this trick has really worked for me. I’ve used it for the past 4 months AND GUYS IT WORKS, SWEAR. 100% real deal.

By the way, Victoria Beckem does this every morning too ; ).

Ok that’s all.

What helps you wake up in the mornings? ANYTHING HELPS.

Happy Wednesday, x

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  1. Brr! It sounds so cold first thing in the morning, but we’ll definitely give it a try if it can give us more energy in the morning. We are already sleeping better, so waking up and trying to start the morning off earlier sounds good!

    xo Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillow Cases

  2. OMG i have got to try thisssss!!!! :s

    Thank you so michelle for helping your readers hehehe

    Xoxo Jessy

  3. I’m literally laughing out loud about the “men are HEAVY in the AM.” AND the rap music first thing! Hah! you painted the perfect picture of us in the morning… I’m all lets see who can be the most quiet and hear the birds outside our window and he’s all blaring his rap while taking a shower. He loves it when I walk in mid shower and turn it down…off

    Since being submerged in cold water is on my top three things of my things I dislike so much it makes my heart hurt, I’m gonna report back and let you know what I think!

  4. I’ve been ending my showers in cool (not icy cold) water for a while and it makes a WORLD of difference to your hair!! Just rinse your hair under the cold water too and its (almost) magical.

    Though for us living in freezing climates our cold tap water is pretty much a tub of water with ice floating in it, so I go as cool as I can comfortably stand and it works just as well!!

  5. I read this a few years ago in a Victoria Beckham interview…but I just have never had the balls to do it haha. I think I will give it a go this morning…after all, I did try the oil pulling on your recommendation and I loved it 😉

    x. Morgan

  6. I try so hard not to be a brat in the morning (I am NOT a morning person…)but when my husband is putting away the dishes it’s like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?! Must you slam the cabinet doors?!

    My “trick” and I don’t even know if you could all it that, is to make myself get up a few minutes earlier than normal to have some me time. This could mean just sitting with my pup, drinking my coffee, or if I’m really motivated – getting to the gym. Rushing around like a psycho is definitely not the way to start the day 🙂

  7. I just shared this fun fact with my boyfriend. We struggle because I am a total morning person and once my alarm goes off I’m up. There’s no such thing as “snooze” in my world. Where he will lay in bed and snooze for two hours if he could. And I know what you mean – I feel like if I’m up early I get ready as quiet as a church mouse, lights off. If he’s up first it’s lights on, close the bathroom door loudly, playing music… Men are just loud. Haha

  8. Yes! I do this regularly, especially after dry brushing to stimulate blood flow & circulation. Also helps if you’re a bit hungover 🙂

  9. Hi Lauryn. I can totally see why this works, because when I wash my hair (not very often!) I always do a dash of cold, and getting out of those showers I feel much more energized … I see there is science behind it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ah IDK if I can handle that cold burst! But I do know that ending with your shower cold also helps your hair to lie flat when you wash it, so there’s that benefit too!


  11. Ah! There is no way I could do this. I hate morning showers because I hate how cold I feel when I get out- couldn’t imagine how cold I would be after this. Curious to hear how others’ experiences go though!

  12. I LOLed about man energy. So accurate. I recently moved in with my bf and seriously everything with him is so loud. Like even taking clothes off the hanger when he’s getting ready. How is that possible?!

  13. The man energy is SO true!! And the shower trick sounds on par, I have heard that about cold water before but I am such a weenie!


  14. no way! so I played basketball in college and after long games or hard workouts, our trainers had us take hot/cold showers to help our muscles recover. it was usually prescribed as 10 minutes alternating 1 min hot, 1 minute icy cold. I used to loathe doing this but it really did make a big difference in terms of recovery.

    i’m trying your method tomorrow morning to see if it helps wake me up, too. woop thanks for the tip!

  15. I totally started doing this recently, but it was more for my hair than the rest of me! Thank you for the info on it though, because I have noticed how much better I feel this week since I’ve been doing the hot/cold morning shower thing.
    Btw – your blog is awesome and so are you! Love your energy, style and humor. You go girl.

  16. I totally get this! I love hot showers but hate how groggy I feel after them.
    Not sure if I’m courageous enough to try this but I’d definitely recommend taking a slightly colder shower than normal to really wake up in the morning!

  17. So true! Men are so loud! My husband turns on the light, slams the doors, and stomps. I love the picture you painted. They’re not trying to disturb us……it just comes so naturally. I’m like hey honey the babies are sleeping!!! Please don’t wake them up! I would like an hour more of peace and quiet…please! He just doesn’t realize how much noise he’s making.
    I take morning showers everyday but they tend to be really warm. I feel fresh and woken up after my showers but I’ll definitely have to try a burst of super cold water tomorrow morning. I know tha cold water is good for the skin too.

  18. We love our saunas alright here in Finland. But we also love the contrast you are talking about. For example in the winter many Finns go winter swimming in the icy ocean after being in the sauna first. (some prefer going swimming without the sauna!)

    Love your blog Lauryn!

  19. I had professional hydrotherapy (lying on a table being wrapped in hot towels then cold) for stomach issues I used to have.. It worked!

  20. LOL!! Go Finland :DD (that’s where I
    ‘m from obviously) Now staying in Singapore which pretty much feels like living in sauna 24/7!

    x Ang Moh Chick

  21. Gwenyth does this too has a hangover cute and it seriously works. Love that it gets the lymphatic system going as well!

  22. Haha, so funny to read this! I live in Finland and sauna is in daily use especially in the summer! 🙂 Everyone who’s anyone has sauna! 😉 Love this trick and i use it every morning!

  23. Buzzing for my third cold shower! What a rush it is when you struggle to breath under the cold water! I say to all the dudes out there, GO FOR IT!

  24. Great tip, that I completely believe in! I cannot do this in the morning in winter where I live- north of Germany. It is just too brutal.
    BUT I do it systematically if I take an evening shower and/or after the gym and sauna (it doesn’t prevent you from sleeping, it actually relaxes you too!), and also after a long day standing or running around and of course after long plane trips. I do it only from the foot to the butt though if I don’t feel like doing the whole body (it’s awesome for blood circulation). I am happy I am not the only one! My friends think I am crazy when I tell them! x

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