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The Make Him Fall In Love With You Sandwich

The Make Him Fall In Love With You Sandwich

I know how to do a few things for my husband, just a few. One of those things is making a killer sandwich. He always loves it when I make one for him. Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m not totally sure about that, but I can tell you that almost every guy on the planet will love this.

The Make Him Fall In Love With You Sandwich


+ premium Italian uncured salami & other deli meats

+ mashed avocado

+ Roma tomatoes

+ perfectly sliced cheddar cheese

+ shredded romaine lettuce

+ crunchy salt

+ avocado mayo

+ yellow mustard

+ pepperoncini

+ sourdough bread

The Make Him Fall In Love With You Sandwich
delicious sandwich recipe


+ Slightly toast your sourdough.

+ Add avocado mayo and mustard.

+ Top with cheese and broil for about 30 seconds to melt the cheese.

+ Then add all your other ingredients, close the sandwich, cut it in half and serve on it’s own or with chips and a cold drink.

I give this a 10/10, Michael says otherwise. Check out the entire TikTok to see the final product find out his rating.

While we’re here, you always ask about the monogrammed cutting board. It’s so chic and not only is it so useful, it’s almost like a statement piece in our kitchen. You can leave it out on your island, put your fruit bowl on it, use it as a charcuterie board, and store it upright behind your stove for a little decor. It’s from Williams Sonoma and I think it makes such a good gift. You can personalize it by having it monogrammed which gives it a special touch.

And since we’re talking Williams Sonoma, this is the best knife set. The block is minimal and holds every kind of knife you could ever need. I’ll do a whole post on them soon.

Anyway, that’s all for now. What are your favorite sandwich toppings? The weirder the better. Let me know below.

x, Lauryn

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++ Check out this post on sourdough for beginners.


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