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So Much Newness on The Skinny Confidential

the skinny confidential lately | by the skinny confidential


Been meaning to do a post on TSC’s latest for a while but as you know things get crazy & shit gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.

Of course, being me, I have the bright idea that 4th of July is just the ideal day to write a post on what’s been going on.

Nothing better than scrambling around on a holiday.

Oh my, I must love what I do ; ).

Anyway, there’s a lot of newness going on at The Skinny Confidential. If you are subscribed to TSC Newsletter, you know this, BUT if you aren’t, let me update you.

TSC Bombshell Body Guide:

First things first, THE 7 DAY MEAL PLAN IS COMING. That’s right, get excited because it’s going to be VERY easy & quick. This isn’t some crazy, cook for 2984523 hours in the kitchen meal plan. It’s straight to the point. I literally kept a diary for 2 weeks of EXACTLY what I eat to share with you guys. It will be out this week. You can also get the scoop on my workouts here.

Be sure to follow @tscbody on Instagram for all meal plan details.

The blog:

Giveaways, meet-ups, SPICY spa water, AND Kylie Jenner? YES PLZ.

Giveaways, because I love you guys SO much. Really. Giveaways are fun because it allows me to give back to YOU. You guys give me your attention, so presents are well deserved. Enter here.

TSC meet-up!! I still need more info from you guys on where we should go. Fill out this 3 second form, please!!

Recently I blogged about my favorite spa water AND Kylie Jenner. These were probably my two favorite posts this month.

TSC HIM & HER Podcast:

We are on Episode 17 and LOVING every second. Podcasting is just so much fun. I cannot even stand it. On our last two episodes: The Nanz being oh-so cool, everything to know about press kits, Instagram’s updates, why comparing yourself to others sucks ass,  AND our thoughts on women making the first move.

If you want your question answered on the next episode, e-mail We want to make sure we are answering your questions! Expect a new episode every Tuesday.

Subscribe on iTunes here ( if you have an Android, check us out on PodOmatic or PodcastOne ). It takes two seconds, see?

the latest 1 by The Skinny Confidential


If you read the latest exclusive post on TSC app, you know Twitter is making a HUGE-ASS comeback. That’s right. I’ve been talking to a bunch of 17-year-olds ( I do this to stay hip ) & they all told me they love Twitter. Lately I’ve been super active on the platform. I always make sure to answer any questions on Twitter too. See you there: @laurynevarts.

Facebook & Snapchat:

Ohhhhh so nervous, but I’m thinking about hitting it up on Facebook Live. Should we make a date? What do you guys want to see? I’m thinking makeup? Something simple to start.

As for Snapchat, it’s still my favorite. There’s nothing I love more than Snapchat really. It’s so much fun to connect one-on-one. When we talk via Snap messenger, I feel like I’m texting a friend. Also, I love making fun of Susan too much. Follow along: @laurynevarts.

the skinny confidential the app | by the skinny confidential

The Skinny Confidential App:

Last but not least: TSC app. Expect about 8 posts a month on the exclusive section. Michael is also writing some business advice posts too. We’re having fun with this. It’s more of a ‘if you want more of TSC’ kind of space. ALSO as you can see above, ( 1st pic, lower right hand corner ) there’s a discussion forum where we can chit chat one-on-one. Funnnnnn.

Just added fresh new content:

+ a post on constipation
+ four tips for the worker bee
+ my rosehip oil obsession
+ Twitter’s comeback by Michael.

Download the app here. Enjoy!

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

There you have it. I think it’s about time for me to go have a skinny margarita & bake some peach pie. Correct, I’ve turned into Suzy Homemaker.

Nothing makes me happier than sipping a skinny marg while baking.

If you’re interested, I’ll share the pie recipe but I really can’t leave you without the skinny margarita recipe on 4th of July, can I?

Trust me on this one: 1 1/2 ounces of 100% agave tequila, 1 lime, 1/2 lemon, 1/2 ounce of Cointreau. Shake all the ingredients in a shaker & pour over ice. I love salt on the rim AND lately I’ve been sprinkling a few pomegranate seeds on top. HEAVEN.

Just so we’re clear: tequila is the ONLY alcohol that gives you energy. I’m all about the energy.

Happy 4th of July! Cheers kittens, lauryn.

P.S. be sure to enter the $2500 giveaway, it’s a good one!!

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