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green roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialForgive the hold up here but I’ve been really taking my time with this post- I know, for like EVER, I’ve held off on discussing CBD oil. I just feel like instead of hopping on every wellness trend I need to take a minute, try it for a while, record my results, & then come to The Skinny Confidential to report back to you.

And you should be glad I waited a hot minute because I found a VERY insane product-one that I can recommend to you with full confidence. We’ll get to it but first things first, k?

LIKE wait, WTF is CBD? I mean many people confuse it with WEED. It’s not weed though. I could show you innumerable vintage pics of why I can’t smoke pot- like I have a box disposable camera stuffed away in my high school scrapbooks ( YAH- we used to have this thing called SCRAPBOOKS ! CRAZY TIMES ! DINOSAUR AGES REALLY ! ) that showcase me in the corner at ragers because I got too stoned to talk. So if you’re like me & you get anxious from weed, have no fear because CBD is not the roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialgreen roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialLet’s dissect with facts: CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found naturally in the cannabis plant. It is NOT mind altering like marijuana, which means CBD will NOT get you all high. I feel more of a relaxing feeling really. The kind I like, Green Roads’ CBD, is extracted from 100% industrial hemp, which has non- detectable THC. They take it a step further & remove any THC particles. So it’s just pure, good old CBD. Basically don’t stress- you’ll pass a drug test because well, there’s nothing in this specific CBD that gets you high.

Now I have a million ideas for you on how to implement CBD into your life. Why? Because I’ve gotten creative with it. Things like: adding it to my golden latte, putting it in smooth move tea, adding a few drops to Michael’s massage oil & rubbing his back, & even- yes EVEN mixing it in my kale, blueberry smoothie.

I have probably been using CBD for the last 8 months. It all started with a few drops underneath my tongue at night. About three-ish if we’re getting specific. Which we are. We’re always getting specific in this neck of the woods, you know. Anyhow, I add some under my tongue & sort of let it chill & dissolve- roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialgreen roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialThen I got my boobs done ( you get it- we’ve talked about it a lot ! ) & started walking to this place in West Hollywood called Moon Juice. I would walk alone every day & grab this turmeric, healing coconut water. One day they asked me if I wanted to add CBD for inflammation- this made total sense because YES I DID BECAUSE I JUST HAD SURGERY YOU KNOW. I seriously think it had a lot to do with how fast I healed. My surgeon told me I healed the fastest he’s ever seen anyone heal. I moved frequently, focused on anti-inflammatory foods, took my vitamins, drank tons of water, AND had a few drops of CBD every day.

This is interesting, no?

Between you & me I am actually floored how well CBD oil works- I mean I try a lot of wellness shit you know? And this, THIS works. It’s relaxing without a high. It helps with anxiety but not in a druggy way. It combats inflammation & does it roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialOTHER BENEFITS FOR YA: CBD is known to help with arthritis, joint pain, stomach cramps, period cramps, swelling, aches, colds, anxiety, depression, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, YOU NAME IT. Also, it’s known as a safe alternative to painkillers & some prescription drugs.

Really nothing negative to say here- CBD rules. I get the hype. In fact, it’s by my bed. Every night. I even found dog treats that have CBD in it & my Chihuahuas love it- before you judge, they love it & it’s actually very healthy. Google it.

Oh, yes & we can’t forget the brand: GREEN ROADS WORLD. This company is a brand, man- they have: OILS! LOTIONS ! SYRUPS ! COFFEE ! TEAS ! EDIBLES ! DOG TREATS ! Like the works. They’re seriously like the leading brand when it comes to CBD. They use certified organic hemp in their CBD process- I highly recommend looking for this when you’re purchasing CBD. They’re not just hopping on a trend either- this company has over 20 years of experience. YES PLZ. You should also know Green Roads World is non-GMO. I like the little dropper too- it’s the ideal situation for the oil. & every night, like clockwork- I use it. ( SPECIFICALLY FOR INFLAMMATION & ANXIETY FOR ME ! ).green roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialgreen roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialAnyway, like I said I keep the tiny thimble by my bed. While watching my latest show ( The Soprano’s ) or reading my latest book ( Private Parts ), I add a few drops under my tongue- & WHAM I’m immediately relaxed & chill- in the best way possible.

I love the taste too- it tastes delicious to me. Like I bet it would be good in cookies?


Have you guys tried CBD oil? Thoughts? Opinions? Would love to hear your roads world cbd oil | by the skinny confidentialI have to tell you something: I may or may not have mixed Woo Coconut Oil Lube with Green Roads World…try it- it’s my treat from me to you ; ). HA!

X lauryn

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++ this post is in collaboration with Green Roads World. As always all opinions are my own.



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  1. Stojay

    I’m tempted to try CBD this very moment even though this is my first time of hearing about it. Just thinking if there’s a prescription if it were to work for cramps. I don’t want to abuse its use.

  2. Stojay

    I’m tempted to try CBD this very moment even though this is my first time of hearing about it. Just thinking if there’s a prescription if it were to work for cramps. I don’t want to abuse its use.

  3. Kristen Silva

    CBD oil SAVED ME!! I recently had my third ankle surgery and thanks to CBD patches and tinctures, it was the smoothest recovery ever!

  4. Lola

    I need to try CBD! I have anxiety and also deal with inflammation so this would be perfect for me! Thanks for sharing! x

  5. Jen

    I don’t use that brand, but I looove Charlotte’s Web and Cura Wellness vape pens. It’s helped loads with my chronic pain and anxiety. I too was floored by how amazing this stuff is. I just hope big pharm doesn’t try and take it away from us like they did with marijuana. Let’s keep it as natural as possible, peeps!

  6. Brett Sandman

    Thanks for sharing nice information. You should feel pain relief if you are dealing with pain associated with inflammation like arthritis pain. CBD also helps improve sleep for those who struggle with anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep-related disorders.To learn more about the CBD Oils and Creams:

  7. Anna

    Thanks Lauryn
    I can’t do weed either, makes me so paranoid. I’ve been reluctant to try CBD for fear I’d get high, paranoid,etc. Have you heard of/thought of doing a post on Kratom? It’s a natual herb with painkilling properties.

  8. Jordan

    Thanks for sharing….CBD also is known as cannabinoids, are obtained from the cannabis plant. It is very beneficial to buy CBD oil because it has many therapeutic and other medical uses.

  9. Gary Grover

    CBD oil can be used for most skin types to moisturise your skin without clogging the pores. It even helps in balancing oily skin, keeping it hydrated and regulating the skin’s oil production. Also, it has anti-ageing properties so it will be beneficial in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks for sharing such an informative article and I really liked it. Keep posting similar articles.