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The Health Benefits of Shungite Stones & How To Use Them

The Health Benefits of Shungite Stones & How To Use Them


A few years ago my girlfriend Faith posted about this on her Instagram Story & was talking about the benefits of shungite. Instantly I had to know more so messaged her & she told me all about why she loved them & how she’s been using them.

And so of course I had to write a blog post on these magical black rocks. 

The Health Benefits of Shungite Stones & How To Use Them

What Is Shungite?

It’s a rare, black stone that is 99% percent carbon & contains almost every single mineral in the world. It’s thought to eliminate free radicals, pollutants & harmful germs. 

The oldest black shungite is thought to be billion years old & no one really knows the exact origin, but It has seen that shungite deposits are found in lake Onega in  Shunga, a little village of Karelia, Russia. In the battle of Poltava, Tsar Peter the Great discovered the first spa as he bathe in water with shungite and the army was victorious as they drank water purified by shungite.  Oh wow, ancient history! Scientists say that it’s potential benefits to the fact that it contains fullerene.

What Does Shungite Do?

The main thing I like to use shungite for is my water. It absorbs things like heavy metals and bacteria. One study even says it absorbs radioactive compounds and It is also said to have electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation protection properties. So many studies are coming out about how harmful EMF radiation is and if you’re interested in that you should listen to Darin Olien on The HIM & HER Show. I just put it in a pitcher of water & let it do its job. You could even throw some in your bathwater and reap the benefits while you soak. 

How To Use Shungite Stones

It’s known for its incredible water purification, anti inflammatory, detoxification and healing properties. You want to make sure you’re getting authentic nuggets & you can use it in your water pitcher, teapot, water bottle, bring them on the go if you’re somewhere new & not sure about the water situation. { via }

Personally, I’m all about the detoxification. I just don’t see why I wouldn’t throw one in my water or tea or whatever when it takes 1 second to do so. 

Shungite Water Can Benefit: 

+ allergies

+ sore throats

+ asthma

+ gastric issues

+ arthritis

+ kidney problems

+ liver problems

+ autoimmune disease

+ pancreatic dysfunction

+ chronic fatigue

There’s another fun way I’ve been using shungite though. On my cell phone to eliminate EMFs. You can find them on Amazon or Etsy & like I said, why wouldn’t you do this? It’s so easy & affordable. 

Elite Shungite stones are also believed to absorb negative energy and keep you safe from bad vibes.

Anyway, I’m still loving shungite. There are so many different things to optimize your life and we talk about a lot of them. I realize it might seem overwhelming, but the trick is to have them around you and easily accessible.

For instance, I have a little wellness drawer that holds my shungite stones, chlorophyll drops, sea salt, and all my supplements – so I have this whole wellness drawer which makes grabbing this stuff quick and easy. It makes my morning better in every way.

Same goes for your coffee station, or a smoothie station, whatever your situation is in the morning or throughout the day, streamlining a little area with everything you need takes out the guesswork and saves you time. If you want to organize your pantry or kitchen you can see everything I use in my Amazon storefront. And if you need some inspiration go look at Teresa Laucar’s Instagram. She is so organized and inspires me with all her content. 

The best way to introduce shungite into your life is to just get a big water pitcher and toss some stones in there with whatever medley you like. I always do mint, ginger & lemon, with some shungite of course. 

Is Shungite Water Safe?

As I mentioned earlier, Shungite, as forms of carbon, attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants which purifies water.  Fullerenes in shungite have antiviral activity when they’re made into certain kinds of drugs. There are articles about shungite fullerenes in helping combat HIV and other viral diseases. Although I must say that Shungite stones shouldn’t be used for self medication, replacement for medicine or other treatments. Water treatment facilities uses carbon content / carbon based purification system.

If you’re looking to sex up your water, I got you. Here are some of my favorite spa water medleys.

3 of my favorite water pitcher medleys:

 Citrusy Lime-aid
Lemon, lime, mint & ginger ( & perhaps a charcoal stick– we’ll get to this next week ). More on charcoal in your water here.

Pink Potion
Raspberries, lemon, & mint.

Spicy Pomegranate Elixir
Pomegranate seeds, cayenne powder, lime & ginger.

Let me know if you have anything you love to add to your water. It’s always fun to mix it up so I’ll take any and all recommendations.

x lauryn 

+ add some ice rolling into your morning routine to instantly depuff.

++ scope all these home organization posts to streamline your life. 


  1. Can you reuse your shungite stones? and if so what’s the best way to clean without harming them

  2. Aloha, I have a very painful back right now that is effecting my Sciatica and I was told about Shungite and was wondering if this could possibly help me with my pain.
    If so, I would love to discuss how to use it and where would I purchase some, mahalo nui loa…
    Aloha, Patrick

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  5. I’m a first time user. My friend said I need to purify my shungite in salt water for 4 days. Is that true.
    Do you have a line of jewelry to wear?

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