The Cinepolis & Burlap

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Michael’s whiskey & spicy edamame w/ low-sodium soy sauce

This past week we went on a much needed date night to the Cinepolis [ a movie theater with plush leather chairs that recline & waiters to promptly take food [ & alcohol!!! ] orders. So practically…heaven on earth. We saw the movie Drive [ amazing ] while snacking on a kid’s popcorn. We then proceeded to walk across the street to Burlap for some munchies which included spicy edamames [ vitamin C & iron ], a peppery Thai pickle, hamachi w/ fresh jalapeños [ protein ] & the wild rice [ fiber & vitamin B ] w/ cactus paired with red wine. After dinner was through, I decided to come home and bake dessert [ slightly buzzed, I might add ], which will follow in an upcoming post.

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The Cinepolis- a full stocked bar & restaurant within the movie theatre
best weight loss blogger
A spicy Thai pickle & a glass of red zinfandel
best weight loss blogger
My obsession: hamachi w/ fresh jalapeños
best weight loss blogger
Wild rice & cactus- I added extra lemon






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  1. This is exactly what my boyfriend and I did last night, except after finding our movie sold out we went over to Urban Plates for salads and finished with drinks at Burlap!