The Busy Salad

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I’m.always.busy. Sometimes I feel like I never get a moment to myself to breathe. On weekdays not many people have time to run home & quickly cook up a healthy, filling lunch. My friend, Mike, created ‘the busy salad‘ for when I’m too busy & need some “fast” food with the proper nutrients. It’s delish {!!!} & ridiculously easy to make.

Quick skinny tip: Keep grapes in a bowl, out in the kitchen. They’re perfect for grabbing when you’re darting out the door. And that ‘hand to mouth’ idea keeps you occupied & satisfied.

Fresh salad that is easy and quick

Grapes that are plump

Tuna fish salad that is quick and easy to make





The Busy Salad 

** Serves two hungry people


Half a head each of romaine lettuce & radicchio lettuce

1 chopped ‘light’ string cheese

7 chopped cherry tomatoes

1/2 diced zucchini

1/2 sliced avocado

Black pepper

Canned tuna fish [ Albacore white tuna in water is my pref ]

[ Dressing: squeeze half a lemon, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, splash of red wine vinegar ]




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6 replies to “The Busy Salad”

  1. This salad looks so tasty and easy to throw together. I’m always looking for new things to toss in a salad and I love the tuna idea. Easy cupboard staple ingredient. Also, I always have grapes around to munch on! Tasty.

    Love this blog 🙂

  2. love this Laur! Will def be making this next week for lunch, any suggestions for a replacement protein? i can’t stand tuna fish :-/

    1. Thank you!! Other protein replacements: grilled chicken with a squeeze of lemon, ground turkey, tofu, and/or a veggie patty cut up in to small slices.

      I love your blog lady!!! xo

  3. Thanks!! different protein replacements: grilled chook with a squeeze of lemon, floor turkey, tofu, and/or a veggie patty cut up in to small slices.