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MEOW! A Sassy, Black Peep Top Pump

black pumps | by the skinny confidential
Ok so, I now consider myself a pro on the Nordstrom Sale, haha. I’ve snooped around on the site for 323947 hours because it’s definitely my favorite sale of the year & I kind of can’t help myself. And while I was shopping, I CAME ACROSS THE BEST BLACK PUMPS.

THESE ( insert the two hands up/praising Emoji ).

Firstly, they look JUST like a Jimmy Choo & they’re under $120. I feel like you could wear these with anything: a little, black dress, blue ripped jeans, OR a midi skirt. They really are the perfect peep toe.

I’m the type of shopper who tries to only buy pieces I LOVE ( instead of buying trendy stuff I’ll wear twice ). I like to shop for my body, not for trends. Remember the Zella legging obsesssion, lol? It runs deep. Those are an example of something that fits my body ( plus they’re so comfortable ) so I invested in three pairs. It makes sense though, because I wear them 10 times a week.

Anyway, these shoes are a real win. They’re not overly trendy & scream staple. Thought I’d share. I bought them in black.

Enjoy the sale! x lauryn

{ p.s. if you’re into lace, check these babies out }

  1. SO cute! Love that you shop for your body rather than just trends, I have started doing that and now love my wardrobe!

  2. I bought a really cute pair of Michael Kors ones like that but they have a gold zipper up the front!


  3. Oh Soul Sister (because I am confident that’s what we are – I’ve found few who share my favorite word 🙂 ), your Zella Legging obsession has changed my life. Seriously best. leggings. ever. Thank you thank you thank you

  4. I was like “midi” skirt?? Is it a typo? So I look it up…of course it’s a word! You’re so hip and bless you for helping the un-hip “me”. Hope you’re feeling better. Godspeed Girl!! Love the blog.

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