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The Best Maternity Items I’m Obsessed With

Guys. What’s up? Just wanted to pop in & tell you about my top 5 maternity must-haves. 

These are 5 things that I just don’t know what I’d do without them. If you’re pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, or have a friend who is going to be pregnant during the holidays, I totally have you covered.

We’re talking everything from the best jeans, to a little compression wear, & even an arch-supporting shoe.

Because let’s be honest, pregnancy is not the most comfortable thing in the world. In fact, it’s extremely uncomfortable. LIKE AM I RIGHT THOUGH? So if there’s anything you can do to make yourself feel better, I feel like we’re all game. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Skinny Confidential Maternity Must-Haves

7 For All Mankind Maternity Jeans

These jeans. I mean, if I’m going to do maternity jeans, these are them. I was nervous about maternity jeans, but when I tried these on, not only did they fit me like a glove, but they also made my body feel so much tighter. Like, I can’t even explain it. They suck you in but without being constricting. 

I actually paired these with some knee-high boots & a long sleeve 7FAM shirt & it was just the most flattering thing that I’ve worn since I’ve been pregnant. This outfit has become such a staple.

I don’t think I would wear any other maternity jeans after having these. You should know these jeans have these secret fitted things for your belly. It almost feels like compression wear. Sure enough, I come to find out it’s this secret, patented, fit belly panel.

Anyways, they’re soft, they’re light, they’re stretchy, & they’re coated, but they still feel like actual denim. The coating on them makes them perfect for a night out & for holiday parties, too. I’m all about the weightless fit & that’s exactly how these feel. & since they’re really stretchy you could wear them in any trimester. I found mine on Nordstrom & the reviews say that pregnant women are wearing these at least 3 times a week. 

SO, if you need some jeans, & you’re pregnant, these are your go-to. Trust me.

♡ BUTTERY Maternity Undergarments ♡

Nobody wants some thong up their butt when they’re pregnant. In fact, that sounds like hell. What doesn’t sound like hell is soft buttery underwear that you can seamlessly wear under your 7FAM jeans. Underwear that doesn’t give you lines, but instead some breathable, buttery goodness.

You can use these during pregnancy or postpartum & there’s really nothing like it. These are high-waisted, super supportive underwear, which is so important during & before pregnancy.

There are also these belly bands that you can wear under your shirts which really holds things in. They’re support bands & I have the one in creme. It’s kind of like “a sports bra for your belly” they say. 

This is great if you have diastasis recti postpartum, or get it while you’re pregnant. I like to wear these while I’m working or doing Pilates to really hold things in. I have a girlfriend who swears by compression wear & thinks that it really helped her body tighten up quickly after giving birth. I have become the biggest fan of compression wear too.

It’s the new IT GIRL & it’s not to be ignored. Compression wear has been saving my life day after day. It helps with swelling, bloating, & works the lymphatic system too. Like, think about how compression socks can get rid of cankles, but now picture that over your whole body. LOVE. Compression wear is really popular among pregnant women, postpartum women, & people who have just had surgery. It kind of trains your body to tighten inward so the whole thing just makes a lot of sense to me. Compression wear also supports your muscles, holds things in, & majorly helps reduce swelling.

♡ Pregnancy Pillow ♡

Man oh man has my lower back has been hurting. It feels like a horse kicked me in my lower back. Never have I had so much pain before.

I’m convinced it’s from the rapid weight gain & wearing high heels. Ya ya ya, I know you’re not supposed to wear heels when you’re pregnant, & I have more than once, I have to for work, “can’t I just not?” – no. & so here we are.

Anyway, there have been certain things that have helped me like custom orthotics, my hole in the wall foot spa, stretching, rolling my feet on a racquetball, but mostly seeing a pregnancy chiropractor.

But what’s also helped, & this deserves a shout out to people who aren’t pregnant too, is a pregnancy pillow. It’s this big pillow that looks like a long wiener or a worm. I’m sure you guys have seen one before. I initially discovered it at the hotel we were staying at in Cabo when I found out I was pregnant. I went to the front desk to ask what pillow it was & they sent me a link for it.

People say you’re supposed to start using it in your third trimester but screw that!! I started using it in my first. I like to wrap my legs around it & use it to support my belly. Plus, it feels good to keep my hips apart.

It takes the weight off your bump so it helps prepare your joints & body for childbirth while helping to get rid of aches & pains in your back. Pregnancy pillows are designed to take the support of your whole body which is why they’re so long. & it’s kinda like having another person in the bed so it’s like this perpetual threesome between me, Michael & the pillow. But you don’t have to be pregnant to get one. They’re amazing & will help you sleep better whether you have a bump or not.

For anyone ( pregnant or not ) with lower back issues, keep reading.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow:


 When you’re pregnant you’re supposed to sleep on your side. I’ve been sleeping on my back so I really need to keep this in mind, but the pillow really helps with this.


It takes the stress off of your legs, hips & joints, so the pillow absorbs the weight of your body. Again, great whether you’re pregnant or not.


If you get up in the night a lot ( to pee, like me ) this helps you get back to sleep faster because it’s so comforting.


You can use the pillow to prop yourself up slightly when you sleep to ease heartburn.

Oofos Sandals

These are not the most attractive shoes on the planet, but when your feet hurt you do what you gotta do. The reason I like these is because they have a built-in orthotic. I think a built in orthotic is KEY when you’re pregnant. It’s so important. These sandals cradle your arch & absorbs impact. I use these as house shoes because we don’t have any carpet. It’s all tile & hardwood over here.

I like the black ones & you should know they’re true to size ( I got a size 7 ). They’re also known to invigorate your feet after a workout. They come in different colors too, if you want something a bit more feminine. These were recommended to me by the owner of Serenity Kids ( best store ever ) & she swore by these when she was pregnant. 

& like I said, you get to a certain point in pregnancy where you just don’t give a rat’s ass about your shoes.

♡ Belly Serum ♡

We’ve discussed oils on the blog before. I’ve been slathering it anywhere & everywhere during pregnancy- think face, neck, chest, tits, love handles, ass, thighs & of course, my belly, in a clockwise direction ( someone told me I should do this ). But you should also know there’s a specific belly serum blend that I’ve been using by Franklin & Whitman. It’s a concentrated blend of all different oils & honestly I’m just so about oils. I literally want them everywhere to nourish, rejuvenate & keep my elasticity looking hot & poppin’.

I just think more is more when it comes to oils in pregnancy. This Franklin & Whitman one has argan, calendula, jojoba, pomegranate seed & other natural oils that leave you feeling all supple. It also lasts all day which is a huge plus. Oh, & the bottle has a pump so it’s so easy to just put some in your hand & get out the door.

Mix this with my secret Japanese oil & you’re good to go.  

If you’re going to get one thing off this list, it’s the 7FAM jeans. It’s the best gift for yourself ( if you’re pregnant ) or if someone you know is pregnant.

You guys know I’ve been a fan of 7FAM jeans since high school, & I’ve talked about them on the blog a lot. These are definitely going on The Skinny Confidential Master List. 

Alright, we’re currently watching Curb Your Enthusiasm for the 2nd time in a row. I’ve been really wanting lighthearted TV shows right now & Larry David just gets me every single time. 

So I’m off to eat my ginger snap cookies in bed & watch Larry get into the most absurd situations ever.  

Hope you’re all having a productive week with holiday shopping & parties & all that jazz. See you tomorrow.

x, lauryn

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*this post is in collaboration with 7 For All Mankind. as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Great post, my sister is pregnant and I bought her some maternity jeans for Christmas, would love to get her the belly serum but can’t find it in the UK. Thank you for sharing, very helpful post. Hope you have a great Christmas xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. Another great blog (as always!) I love the fact that you’ve mentioned pregnancy pillow – definitely a must-have for pregnant women. Normal pillows just won’t cut it! Thanks for sharing this list with us!

  3. Hi Lauryn! Great post – would you mind sharing the link to the undergarments? Loving all your recs 🙂

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