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The Best Gluten Free Cookie Dough: The Skinny Confidential x DEUX Pink Frosting 

The Best Gluten Free Cookie Dough: The Skinny Confidential x DEUX Pink Frosting 

Did you hear the latest? There’s a new Suzie Homemaker in town.

Are you ready for the most delicious, good-for-you, vegan & gluten-free cookie dough of your life?

The Skinny Confidential has teamed up with DEUX to bring you the hottest flavor ever: Pink Frosting~ a treat that you can eat straight out of the jar or bake into cookies. It’ll bring back all the nostalgic feels of your childhood: Think: birthday sleepovers, pillow fights & Easy Bake Ovens, but like, with beauty benefits.

The Best Gluten Free Cookie Dough


If you haven’t heard of DEUX, let me introduce you. It is THE good-for-you cookie dough company. They believe in healthy, high quality ingredients to produce healthy & high quality products that taste damn good. In fact, to create their flavors they teamed up with a naturopathic doctor to help them choose the most healthful, impactful ingredients for all their DEUX. Some of the ingredients they use across their range of flavors are pea protein, ashwagandha, zinc, elderberry, aloe vera, Vitamin C & Maca.

They really want you to feel good about what you’re eating so it was no brainer to create this magical, nostalgic PINK FROSTING DEUX together. 

It’s so decadent & made with only clean ingredients like organic oat flour, coconut sugar, maple syrup, cashew & almond butter. PLUS it’s made with pomegranate & dragon fruit powder which are just so anti-inflammatory. We want you to always be chiseled, even when stuffing your face with pink cookie dough. It’s all just so TSC-esque.

So, just like your cheeky wristlet bag says…Hunny, these are mommy’s cookies.

YES, of course you can purchase only the DEUX ($15), but if you’re into:

♡ 3 jars of delicious pink frosting cookie dough

♡ TSC ICE QUEEN FACE OIL (with raspberry & pomegranate oil to depuff)

♡ An iconic, matte pink spoon specifically for eating dough

We got you. Purchase THE PINK ERA KIT to get it all for $85.

We’re also offering 10% off your order with the code SKINNYDEUX. Does it get any better?

The best part about this HEALTHY cookie dough, is that you can eat it DEUX ways:

♡ Eat it straight from the jar with your iconic pink spoon.

♡ Bake cookies: roll it into balls, flatten, place on a cookie sheet then bake for 8-9 minutes at 350F.


Sabeena, the founder of DEUX, was on the HIM & HER podcast recently so go check it out if you haven’t listened yet. She’s a powerhouse who made DEUX skyrocket to success. In the podcast she talks about how she disrupted a very well established category, changed career paths & identified a niche (and how you can too).

Anyway, here’s the full ingredient list for you, so really know what you’re putting in your body:

+ organic oat flour

+ cashew butter

+ organic maple syrup

+ organic cane sugar

+ water

+ sprinkles (made with sustainable certified palm oil & palm kernel oil)

+ organic flaxseed

+ vanilla extract

+ baking soda

+ organic natural coloring (organic carrot, organic apple, water, citric acid)

+ pomegranate powder

+ dragon fruit powder

+ salt

+ jasmine tea extract

Beauty tools & cookie dough are the hottest new way to depuff. Bake, ice roll, repeat.

To enter our fun giveaway be sure to head to @theskinnyconfidential before September 29 and our Tiktok before September 28 (tomorrow – eek) for a chance to win The Skinny Confidential x DEUX PINK ERA kit. While you’re at it, be sure to tag us @theskinnyconfidential so we can stalk you in all your Suzie Homemaker glory. 

As always this delicious, decadent, PINK, healthy cookie dough was made with you in mind & wouldn’t even be possible without all of your support. Forever so grateful for this amazing community. 

x, lauryn

+ stalk everything you need to know about the PINK BALLS face massager.

++ listen to Sabeena, founder of DEUX on the podcast.


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