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The Benefits of Tahini & 3 Recipes You Have To Try

The Benefits of Tahini

Today should be fun. Sally Schimko is here to tell us all about TAHINI.

Sally is the brains behind the brand The Tahini Goddess & she’s here to tell us how her business boomed during the pandemic, all the benefits of tahini, why Tahini Goddess tahini is different ( & healthier ) AND share her favorite simple recipes.

She’s an entrepreneur, mom, boss, total babe & has really built an incredible business.

The Tahini Goddess

Sally & I met on Instagram & I became more familiar with her after my friend Ingrid RAVED about her. Ingrid is obsessed with her tahini & if Ingrid loves something, I have to try it. She really knows her shit when it comes to health & food.

Needless to say Sally’s tahini products didn’t disappoint. I LOVE HER TAHINI. There’s this simple dressing I make with it all the time. It’s just The Tahini Goddess tahini, a splash of extra virgin olive oil, pinch of garlic powder, pinch of salt & pepper, & 1 lemon squeezed. It’s so good, quick & easy. You can add a little water or more or less lemon juice to have it thinner or thicker. Adjust to taste, you do you.

Tahini brownies are another staple in my house – Zaza loves them. Sally shares the recipe below so let’s just get right to it.

Let’s welcome Sally Schimko of The Tahini Goddess to the blog.

The Benefits of Tahini & 3 Recipes You Have To Try


Hello TSC!

I’m Sally & I’m so excited to share a little about myself & my company The Tahini Goddess with all of you.

The Tahini Goddess
Sally of The Tahini Goddess

I was born & raised in Israel & served in the Israeli military for two years at the age of 18, which taught me so much about independence & grit. I moved to Miami, Florida in 2010. But while still in Israel, I began a travel journey around the world where I immersed myself into experiencing cultures, food, fashion & learning to be more adventurous.

I had Ethan, my first child, in 2011 & decided that I wanted to teach myself how to cook as I missed the Israeli & Mediterranean food that my mom & grandmother prepared for me when I was growing up. Ethan was a picky eater from day one – from breastfeeding to jarred food — he was fussy. Ethan inspired me to step into the kitchen & make homemade food because it’s what I was given as a child, even though I never learned how to prepare it.

This is how I got started…

The Benefits of Tahini

The Benefits of Tahini

As I got more comfortable preparing food & developing a passion for it, I routinely had girlfriends & moms in my kitchen asking me about my “Mediterranean” food which was beginning to trend in America, but truly, it’s all I had ever really known. My friends would ask me, “How did you get Ethan to eat vegetables? How do you make homemade hummus?” If people loved my recipes & food, why wouldn’t I share it? So I opened my first Instagram account & during the first week, began a “Tahini Thursday” series, where I shared one of my favorite recipes using tahini.

tahini cookie recipes
tahini waffles

It was so well received!

I began to share different flavors of tahini that I would create on my own like Za’atar, Pesto & Tzaziki & explained to my fans they could “make their veggies sexy” simply by adding tahini. My followers would say to me, “I can’t find this anywhere! You need to bottle it & send it to me, please!” & that’s how the idea of The Tahini Goddess was born.

The Tahini Goddess grew rapidly during the pandemic year 2020, as a result of positive reviews, a varied line of nutritious & delicious tahini & sugar-free halva & most important, my priority on responding to all of my customers & being transparent with them during a pandemic.

My tahini & sugar-free halvas are the only ones on the market MADE in Israel, & no one currently offers the wide flavor offering & education that I do. It’s been an exhausting process, yet I’m so excited to be launching into major retailers this fall!

easy tahini recipes

So why is tahini so good for you & why is mine different & so pure?

I pride myself on having very creamy, clean & delicious tahini that is the only one made in Israel & sold in the US. In general, tahini always has a lot of oil separation & paste at the bottom of the jar. 90% of tahini out there is made “the modern way,” meaning that sesame seeds are put in a modern machine & the tahini paste comes out grounded.

The result is a tahini that contains sesame peels & it’s been highly processed, so it kills the vitamins & the minerals. Tahini made with modern machinery is also hard to digest because it contains the sesame skin & peels. Think about nuts & almonds in general. Most dietitians don’t want you eating the skin because it’s harder to digest. If you eat tahini on a daily basis, then you want to ensure that it’s easy to digest.

For my tahini, we make it “the old-fashioned way.” We roast at a low temperature, remove the sesame peels & then we stone ground them.  In fact, we even use an authentic Israeli stone & you can only find these stones in the middle east. ( While some US companies may use stones for grinding, they are usually purchased from China. )

tasty tahini recipes

Tahini also has so many health benefits

From anti-inflammatory properties to calcium to essential vitamins & minerals that support your health across the board. It’s also a delicious “good fat” that helps you feel amazing & my customers really notice the difference. So don’t fear the FAT!  It’s GOOD FAT!

I also believe in a SIMPLE kitchen & 5 ingredients or less recipes because working moms, & truly, just anyone, doesn’t have all day to spend in the kitchen. So I like to share easy techniques & unique recipes. In fact, you can find many on my website in the recipe section & on my IG posts & reels.

I have so many favorites but below are a few that I make frequently:

Flourless Tahini Bread

Flourless Tahini Bread

Gluten free, low carb, 3 ingredients & it can be sweet or savory!

Zucchini Hummus

So delicious as a spread or served warm, & you can use any tahini flavor.

Tahini Brownies

Who is going to say no to brownies that make you feel good ?? These are truly satisfying.

My absolutely favorite product though is my 0g sugar halva STRAIGHT UP, RIGHT OUT OF THE JAR, anytime, anywhere.  It’s indulgent, guilt-free & comes in 7 flavors, including Chocolate, Cinnamon, Pistachio, Coffee Bean ( amazing over a yogurt breakfast bowl ) & Pecan Chocolate Lemon. There is nothing else like it & so many of my customers have made it their go-to dessert or snack.

Most important, I’m grateful for the friendships & feedback I’ve received & that I’m also achieving my goal of helping more people, including kids, eat their veggies!

The Benefits of Tahini
what to make with tahini

Connect with me on IG & Tiktok @thetahinigoddess & via my website


There you have it. Trust me, just make the brownies. You’ll be obsessed.

& sidenote: if you’re looking for what to order, get the classic tahini & the chocolate tahini. You can spread it on a piece of sourdough & MY GOD it’s like a fucking party in your mouth.

Sally has so many different kinds, the options in the kitchen are just endless. As she mentioned above you can use it to make hummus, as a spread on a sandwich, make a dip out of it – you name it.

What’s your favorite way to use tahini?

Be sure to follow Sally @thetahinigoddess for SIMPLE, delicious recipes & stay tuned for her upcoming launches.

x, lauryn

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