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The Benefits of Detoxing

The Benefits of Detoxing

You guys are so familiar with Peggy of Curry Girls Kitchen by now. She’s been on before to talk about health hacks, family foundations, & her cookbook, Damn Good Gluten Free.

Today she is back on the blog to talk all about detoxing and cleansing, but WITH food. This ain’t no juice diet people. So if you need a little debloat or reset from the holiday season, this post is for you.

And just in time, Peggy is hosting a new 21 day detox program starting this Saturday, February 4. She has so generously offered The Skinny Confidential readers a discount, so be sure to sign up here.

With that, let’s get right into it and hear all about the benefits of detoxing & how you can do it WITH FOOD.


WHY would someone want to do a detox diet?

What if you could feel amazing every day?

YES, it IS possible to feel your most vibrant juicy self and have tons of energy daily! What if I shared that detoxing helps as a dis-ease prevention tool. We’ve seen how detoxing has put knarly diagnosis’ in remission such as Crohn’s and Autoimmune.

While detoxing, you’ll learn how to nourish your body with the highest quality foods, allowing you to discover what your individual super foods really are. By knowing which foods work best to fuel your body, this becomes your ticket to health. It puts you in the driver’s seat to maintain a healthy whole-body system.  The results are eliminating chronic symptoms & building a strong well-functioning body and immune system.

The Benefits of Detoxing
The Benefits of Detoxing

Keeping us healthy for life.

The reasons above, and 10 reasons I list below, are the many benefits that excite me the most about detoxing. Why wouldn’t I want to feel great and slow down the aging process?

At 66, could detoxing and cleansing my body do all that? My desire is to age gracefully, be strong in body and mind and healthy in my golden years. I became curious…What IF I could feel young and vibrant, stay active, (& yes have sex) well into my 80’s? I want to protect not only my body, but help my brain function at its best too.

So here are some of the many benefits known today from doing a cleansing with a food detox diet. We do them at least a couple times a year if not more.

Peggy of Curry Girls Kitchen
Peggy of Curry Girls Kitchen


+ Uh, you’ll feel fucking amazing! Everyone who’s ever done it says this.

+ Assist your body to function better by eliminating food sensitivities, allergens, highly processed foods, refined sugars, toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients and dyes.

+ Rebalance your hormones, assists nervous system and all our body’s main systems (circulatory, digestive, immune,)

+ Have radiant clearer skin, stronger immune system, and no more joint pain!

+ Reduces brain fog, enhance clarity, focus and mental acuity.

+ Anti-inflammatory diet helps your body absorb nutrients better and repair your gut.

+ Anti-aging benefits: renewed libido, feeling greater sense of confidence and vibrancy.

+ Eliminate free radical damage by eliminating highly fried and processed foods.

+ Eliminating alcohol reduces sugar intake and improves liver function. Yes you can…give your body a bit of a break LOL

+ A good detox teaches you lifelong skills; how to cook and incorporate nutrient rich foods, eat more veggies to nourish your body with the highest quality food sources and build healthier habits.


A little back story how my daugher Meg and I discovered the benefits from detoxing our bodies…

Twelve+ years ago, I meet Dr. Alejandro Junger at a local book signing. Curious, I bought his new book, The Clean Program.  Intrigued, I still never jumped in, until my neighbor in Steamboat Springs suggested we all do it together. Meg was visiting at the time so we all dove in. The results after 21 days were astonishing, nothing I had ever experienced before.

Clarity and an overall lightness in my body, not to mention the increase in my energy and stamina.

I had never experienced a detox or cleanse program like this before. We, like most people thought of cleanses as depriving your body from food, or cleanses such as a juice cleanse where you didn’t eat any food and didn’t learn a lifestyle. The Clean Program’s method was different.

Based on Dr. Junger’s science-based protocol, it introduced us to a highly doable anti-inflammatory detox diet with long term effects that changed our habits and oh how it changed our lives! We loved it so much we wrote a workbook, with Dr. Junger’s blessings and we began teaching his methods in Curry Girls Kitchen workshops. Over time we developed and tweaked the program to what we call today our Cleansing with Food Reset.

healthy food for detoxing
Peggy detox program

In the past 10 years we created specific seasonal resets; Fall, Winter and Spring. Today we turned all of our resets into self-guided “evergreen” courses. The 21-Day is a good detox with over a dozen videos to guide you in every step and allows you to go at your own pace. It is designed so you can cleanse or detox any time of the year.  And we also support you with 1-on-1 coaching if needed.

The three Cleanse with Food Reset courses we offer are:

♡ 21-Day Reset:

21-Day Reset is our most robust detox program that gives you the most bang for your buck! In this program, after 21-days you will have developed new habits, feel the effects from an anti-inflammatory diet which removes food sensitivities, eliminates toxins, specifically environmental and emotional toxins that have built up over time. By eliminating highly processed foods and eating a whole close to the source whole food diet supporting your digestive system, your body starts to reboot itself. Happier cells, happier organs equal happier moods and more efficient energy output! Concentrating on eating more plant -based, however, not limited to one specific diet, CGK’s cleanse allows you to choose which proteins you wish to eat; vegan, paleo, vegetarian.

Some of the plethora of benefits one feels will depend on how deep you wish to dive in, we have 3 different levels to choose from and depending on your personal goals.

Level 1:

Focusing on elimination of highly inflammatory and allergen foods. In this level you will eat 3 Reset meals per day. You’ll still reduce inflammation and bloat, have increased energy and eliminate some chronic symptoms because you will be eating an anti-inflammatory diet. This alone helps tremendously because you’ll also remove high allergen foods. You will discover which foods work best in your body and gain new cooking skills and confidence in your kitchen. This program is for those recently diagnosed with a disease, new to detoxing and those who do not wish to lose weight. You will still reap the many benefits from the program.

Level 2:

Modified Reset Program with 1 liquid breakfast and 2 Reset meals.

This level works well if you travel a lot, but want to continue to cleanse even on the road, if you are familiar with detoxing and or if you wish to work on healing your gut, reduce chronic symptoms or create new healthier habits. In this level weight loss is possible if that is a focus.

Curry Girls Kitchen health reset cleanse

Level 3:

Enhanced Reset includes; 2 liquid meals a day, a breakfast smoothie, soup for dinner before 8pm and one Reset meal between the hours of noon and 4pm. This level is best if you wish to go deep into healing, if you have cleansed before or you’re ready to immerse yourself into the program and take your health to the next level. Many people experience a complete remission from any diagnosed autoimmune and or digestive disorder. People share they feel completely rebalanced and renewed.

♡ 7-Day Reset

7-Day Reset is perfect if you have never tried a detox or cleanse program ever and want to see how it feels or if you can actually do it. We get it! Honestly detoxing can feel quit overwhelming. However, the benefits outweigh the fear. Imagine if your body went into Crohn’s remission, your acid reflux stopped, your bloating disappeared, you slept through the night, your libido came back or your ulcerative colitis or psoriasis symptoms went away? In the last 10 years, we have witnessed these transformations from 100’s of our clients.

Curry Girls Kitchen health + lifestyle reset

♡ Free 3-Day Reset

Free 3-Day Reset is for those scared to do any kind of detox cleanse. A bit skeptical, but want to try it on? THIS IS FOR YOU! We get it! We want you to see that in even 3 days you start to feel a difference when you eliminate allergen and inflammatory foods from your diet. We truly want everyone to understand the affects food has on our overall well-being and the greatest gift we share with all of our clients and students is the gift to know which foods work best in YOUR body THIS is the ultimate health gift you can give to yourself. Once you know, you will never want to return to eating foods that make you feel sick, bloated, cause multiple chronic symptoms & even dis-ease.

I have always believed in the power food has. I watched too many family members and friends suffer, and pass away. Food is a critical key to helping overcome dis-ease, reduce the ongoing, ever-growing toxic load we breathe and ingest every day.

Curry Girls Kitchen salad

Curry Girls Kitchen is all about prevention.

Unfortunately, our health care system is not about wellness. It provides amazing emergency services and has amazing care practices should you need it, however when it comes to overall health, it hasn’t reached the level of truly helping people find the root cause of chronic symptoms or dis-ease.

We know today from functional doctors such as Dr. Mark Hyman who also shares his 7 tips for why you want to detox, and its important benefits. Functional medicine goes deeper into discovering the WHY. Why did I get sick? Why have I always had chronic symptoms? Why do doctors say, “oh, this is normal.” No chronic symptoms are normal, and no pill will cure you.

It is YOU who needs to take control of your well-being. By doing so you will know true health and how to feel your most vibrant self. We are here to help you discover your greatest tool, the detox, a cleanse with food reset to take you to the next level of healing and feeling amazing every day.

Peggy holding basket of vegetables

Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients:

I think of CGK’s Reset as getting back to basics: No fuss, just straight forward. Eat healthy pure food: how to make it, when to have them, which ones to buy.  It was a lot easier than I expected because I just felt the difference and feeling how I felt, I wanted more of it” “by sticking to and focusing on the food, working on the piece of nourishing myself, it allowed my body to get to the place I wanted. I can’t wait to do it again” AND Unexpectedly after 21- days I lost inches all over my body!

Listen to this client’s transformational results here.


If you want to know more about CGK’s Reset programs, be sure to listen to their podcast episode all about it. Be sure to check out Curry Girls Kitchen recipes too. Their bone broth is to die for and the recipes are so nourishing. Like, they really know how to make healthy food taste good.

x, The Skinny Confidential team.

+ check out the healthy PINK cookie dough you’re going to love.

++ make this peach habanero salsa by Lauryn’s assistant, Katie.


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