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The 3-Day Juice Cleanse Challenge: Fitting Back into Your Bikini for Summer 2012

Lauryn Evarts talk juice cleansing and how to lose weight for Summer 2012.

Lauryn Evarts talks all about juice cleansing and juice detoxing.

Hi Dolls!

God knows everyone is looking for a quick, fast, easy way to jumpstart their metabolism. If done correctly this juice cleanse is amazing; not only will you drop actual poundage [ & some pesky water weight ], after completion constant cravings for sugary foods immediately subside. I have done this cleanse four times & it’s safe to say I’m in love [ two examples found here & here ].

Nourish your body & kick your metabolism into gear. All that time spent worrying about unwanted weight, could be spent actually doing something about it.

So…let’s get down to business. This is my challenge to YOU: 

1.) E-mail me at for juicing instructions.

2.) Take the directions to your local juicer, Whole Foods, or blend/juice the ingredients at home.

3.) Have your juices ready to go by this Wednesday @ 8:30 AM [ the cleanse will go Wednesday 4/18 to Friday 4/20, so you’re looking hot for Saturday ].

4.) Pre-plan three nights of protein + veggies for each night.

5.) Drink tons of water & green tea for the whole three days.

++ To participate in The Skinny Confidential Juice Cleanse Challenge:

+ Comment in the box below & tell me what is motivating you to complete the cleanse.

+ Comment on Wednesday through Friday’s post updating us on your progress.

+ Like The Skinny Confidential on Facebook.

[ Examples of protein meals at night: organic ground turkey with salad, an egg white omelette filled with veggies, spaghetti squash with fresh chopped tomatoes, a fresh salad with tuna on top, scrambled eggs with sliced turkey, sliced chicken on grilled vegetables, etc. ]. My favorite pre-made cleanse is SUJA juice.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, answering any questions/concerns. This cleanse is not just about weight loss. It’s about clear skin, fresh foods, & detoxing [ especially if you went to Coachella! ]. Let’s do this!


Note: This cleanse isn’t for everyone: if you have any medical conditions before, during, or after the cleanse please consult a doctor immediately }.

  1. I am motivated to kick my sugar cravings and reduce inflammation in my body! And obviously to feel better, more alert and all those FAB things that go along with cleansing 🙂

  2. I want to do this to kick my sugar addiction and to get started on some weight loss. My body seems to want sugar everyday and I see it on my face. Where there was clear skin now there are a couple of pimple. Not Pretty. :<

  3. I’m motivated to up my energy level and metabolism! Workouts are awesome, but I’ve been wanting to try a cleanse for a long time.

  4. I can think of lots of reasons! Most importantly, I really want to shed a few pounds and I don’t have the clearest skin. It’s not too bad, just some impurities. But that’s why I would like to try this cleanse 🙂

  5. ME too!!! excited to start, I am actually CRAVING juice after a less than healthy weekend. One question: do you usually keep the same exercise schedule or do less when juicing? Thanks Lauryn!!!

  6. I want to kickstart my healthy eating/Lifestyle and to really drive for some great results, physically and mentally X

  7. I am so in! I will have just graduated from university on Wednesday, which means that I have a full 4 years of late night pizza and some unhealthy university student eating habits that I need to get out of my system before starting the summer.

  8. I would love to kickstart my weight loss again after getting back from my vacation, which translates into eating whatever I wanted for 7 days.

  9. I am motivated to lose water weight, see my tummy flatten a bit, and feel energized for the last couple, hectic weeks of freshman year of college!
    [I do not have a Facebook, so I cannot “Like” anything-hope thats okay!]

  10. This past weekend was alumni weekend at my college. When you get a bunch of pilots together reminiscing, you have a ton of booze around and I need to get this all out of my system! Have to get back on track with my nutrition! 🙂

  11. I am getting married in JUNE!!! That is 2 months away and I would love to be able to fit comfortably into a size 2 instead of squeezing into it and spilling out of it!

  12. First and foremost…POOLSIDE IN LAS VEGAS IN 2 1/2 WEEKS! 🙂

    Also, I am diabetic and CANNOT get rid of the last bit of my belly fat that my body wants to hold onto. Maybe doing this cleanse once a month will help me with this problemo.

  13. I’m interested in kicking my salt cravings! I’m pretty good about keeping my sweets in check, opting for fresh fruits instead, but salty olives, pickles, popchips, and pirates booty are my weakness!

    I also need to dust off my juicer. 🙂

  14. Have had a bad week in terms of nutrition and want to get it back on track, think this would be a great way to start!

  15. Im sooooo innnn.. Eating fruits and veggies is the only thing that doesnt affect my stomache badly.. i will enjoy every minute of it ;-)..

  16. Feel like my body could use a good cleanse after having visitors for two weeks! Also I need to get my sugar cravings under control – and most importantly slim down before a CF competition in two months 🙂

  17. I’m excited to break my sugar addiction and to help start some weight loss! And just feel a little lighter and more refreshed!

  18. I just had sinus surgery and can’t work out for another week so this will help keep me focused on my bikini goal. I also would love to kick my sugar cravings. I’m definitely addicted to sugar and it would be awesome if this helped!

  19. I have been reading your blog religiously since January and you have helped me stayed motivated on changing my diet and trying new exercise methods. Since beginning of January I have lost 29 pounds and I want to do this juice cleanse challenge to keep me motivated to lose weight, try something new, and to keep on staying healthy! I’m excited!

  20. I’m motivated to do this for immediate and long term reasons. I’m leaving for a cruise Sunday, so it would be great to lose a little for it. But in the long term, I’ve been working out but not seeing any results, and I think my diet is part of it. I’d love to jump start my diet and eat healthier!

  21. I am a first year student in university going through finals. I am craving everything from salty to sweet and can’t stop. Eating this way makes me feel sick and gross. I an interested in feeling better and helping to curb my cravings! Being a first year in university is challenging and can be stressful but when I eat well I feel better. I am hoping that this cleanse will kick start a healthier lifestyle for myself.

  22. I’ve tried cleanses before but am loving the energy and motivation from the Skinny Confidential community…I’m in!

  23. I exercise daily and eat very healthy. I’ve come so far and worked so hard to get where I am, I just wish I could lose that last 5 pounds.

  24. I’m interested in dropping a few pounds and kick starting a good healthy eating plan.
    Can’t wait to try this!

  25. After gaining 10+ pounds over the last few months, I started going to the gym 4-5 days a week…I’m sure this will help speed up the process of becoming healthier! This weekend is also my fiance’s birthday, so this 3-day cleanse is in perfect time! I also discovered an awesome juicer in Portland that help with juice cleanses!

  26. Tried this cleanse when you posted it before and it was Fabulous! I am up for the challenge again….the juices were yummy and I was not left hungry..Plus I def did lose a few lbs!

  27. I have such a sweet tooth and hopefully this will help get rid of that! Also, I live in Vegas and I def need to get my body bikini ready for all the pool parties! Can’t wait to see how I feel after 🙂

  28. I had a stressful weekend of wine drinking and thesis writing. I also have a wedding to go to on Saturday and want to look fab in my dress! Let the cleansing begin!

  29. I can´t wait to start this cleanse …. :), will be going to Spain in July and even here in Sweden it is time for the summer heals and skinny jeans 🙂

  30. bikiniseason of course! and i also have a really tight dress i wanna fit in, and i gonna make it!

  31. I would love to take part of this detox because my body would really need it. It has benen acting out and behaved very wierd foor a while. The main reason is that my metabolishm is’nt acting as i would like it to. Thank you for a great blog and i hope you want to help a swedish fan:)

  32. Dieing to shed the weight gained from last summers Mexico cruise and the ongoing weight gain. Im generally very healthy and fit but I’ve been slacking lately and I want to get back to the old me and feel good about myself again. Today was my first day of giving my new lifestyle 110% and I am so happy/excited that I stumbled on to this post. Can’t wait!

    1. ALSO…I saw that you mentioned taking the ingredients to whole foods and they can make the juice…is that correct? Thanks!

  33. I am so into a juice cleanse. I have got to kick this sugaar addiction that has been growing since the holidays. I have tried & tried but keep caving in at parties & stuff. This looks like it will do the trick!!

  34. During the detox, what kind of workout can you do or is it prohibited to work out during the detox? 🙂

    Detox rookie 🙂

  35. hello from BOSTON!

    –Im doing a barre class challenge ending in June, & looking to kickstart a healthier* diet. Im already a clean eater, but its no crime kicking out that pesky salt & sugar from your diet- Getting ridge of the sludge & pudge for a clean slate 🙂

    Mandy xo

  36. I need a good cleanse after this past weekend to help clean my body of toxins and start a healthier lifestyle for summer!

  37. I’m motivated by FEELING better – I always get stomach aches, headaches, and just have no energy after too much sugar/salt/alcohol.

    Oh, AND, I’m getting married this summer, so I want to be in PRIMO shape!

  38. I would love to do this cleanse! Question – is the weight loss really just water weight loss? i.e: If I start eating “normally” (whole grain carbs, a few glasses of wine) over the weekend will I just gain it all back? Please advise. Thanks, Lauryn!!!

    1. You can eat normally, just make it’s clean. And yes, I’ll definitely be having my glass of wine on Saturday : ). Moderation is key! xo

  39. I am so in! I have been doing so well but would love to just have something to move that scale a tad! this is perfect!

  40. Definitely interested in kicking sugar cravings and jump starting my new (as you said on “skinny bitch”) 80% vegan lifestyle!
    Also… my last fraternity beach weekend (a southern school tradition of a weekend debauchery trip to Myrtle Beach, SC) before the big G word!!

  41. My husband and I are surprising our kids with a trip to Disney World next week and I would like to look great in my bikini and not wear a cover up. 🙂 I also have a terrible sweet tooth that I need to get rid of.

  42. I cannot do it starting Wednesday due to some visiting family that will no doubt lead to lots of eating but I will start it next week! I’ve been injured for the past few weeks and have done nothing but eat instead of working out…whoops! Question: are you allowed to put sweetener in your green tea?

  43. Aside from doing this for myself and the obvious health benefits, I may also be motivated by the fact that I got dumped and want to remind Mr. Stupid what he’s missing. 😉
    Oh, and I am going on a ladies’ trip to Vegas in one month and want to look HAWT.

  44. I am interested in kickstarting the juice cleanse to start my spring/summer way of eating more healthy and more locally!!! Cannot wait! Thanks for all you!

  45. Vegas trip! My MN winter is coming to a close, and I’m ready to get back into bikini season 🙂

  46. I’m a sugar fanatic! I would love to fight off the cravings for a while in a healthy manner. Also I just got back from a wild weakened surrounded by beautiful women with amazing bodies. I feel completely motivated now to get going on my summer body! Thank you Lauryn!!

  47. I’m motivated to lose these pesky last ten (ish) pounds! I’ve already lost about twenty, and the last are so stubborn! I’ve been looking for a juice cleanse that seemed do-able to me and yours seems great. Also, since dieting, I crave sugar all the time! Gotta cut that out!

  48. Hi there! I would like to join as well, hope I’m not late with the comment. The reason is I would really like to lose the last 5 kg. i wanted to do a cleanse during the past weekend, but could not decide on the way. I like your approach and look forward to trying it.

  49. I am getting married in October and have been looking for a healthy juicing diet to kick start my metabolism to get ready to eat super clean until then! YAY, I found one! Thanks!

  50. I am motivated to juice because I want to jumpstart my efforts to clear my acneic skin. I am so envious of those with clear skin because if your brows are done, all you need to do is slap on some lip gloss and you’re good. I’m hoping good skin care, coupled with lots of water and fresh juices will flush my system and start me on my way to being one of those clear skin girls.

  51. I am motivated to get rid of my belly bloat from too much salt(gotta stop those cucumbers and salt) for my senior pictures sunday morning!

  52. Just got injured running so I’ve had to cut back training a bit…seemed like a good time to cleanse and it shouldn’t be too tough since I’m vegan already.

  53. I realize I am behind, but I wish to take part over the weekend.Fri-Sun. I have done many cleanses before and felt after. I am interested in giving my metabolism a boost.

  54. I am motivated to do the cleanse because I want to get rid of my recent stress acne, get my stomach a little more flat, fill my body with nutrients and juice is just delicious anyways!

  55. My motivation is feeling confident in a bikini for Vegas this summer, more energy, better skin, and yucky tummy aches! Day 1 so far has been pretty good. I am feeling full from the juice but still kinda craving food but I should be ok.

  56. I’m motivated to do the cleanse to help with chronic migraines, kick sugar cravings and to live more healthyfully!!

  57. I’m getting ready to start training for a half marathon and want to start with a clean system. Loosing a few pounds also doesn’t hurt 🙂

    1. I like to do it four to five times a year! Sometimes when I feel extra bloated, I’ll just do Day 1. xo

  58. I would love to do this! Is there a way I can still do it now? I just had finals week and with staying up late I wasn’t watching what I ate!

  59. Hey Lauryn!

    My husband and I are looking forward to doing you 3 day juice clense. We got married back in October and want to get back to our wedding bodies for this summer. We think your cleanse is a great and healthy way to kick start our efforts. Could you please email me your 3-day juice cleanse instructions. We would like to kick off the cleans Monday morning. Thank you for all your help!

  60. I’m interested in the 3 day cleanse to detox and give my immune system all the help it can get.

  61. I started the cleanse yesterday! The juices are actually pretty good tasting. One more day! I was able to make it through a workout too, just not as intense as normal. I’m doing the cleanse to yes, fit in that bikini, but also to get rid of some bloating I’ve had for the past couple of months that’s been uncomfortable. I’m a pretty active person with running and yoga. I can definitely feel when that next hour of juice is coming around. I was wondering what you do if you get hungry after dinner…other than going to bed at 8pm? I am constantly drinking water and green tea. I have good energy, just getting hungry b/c my metabolism is already good. any tips? Thanks!

  62. My friends and I are getting ready to start the cleanse tomorrow. I can’t wait to get my body happy and healthy. Wish me luck!

  63. I never really thought about fasting as a way to kick the sugar habit. I am doing a juice fast now, and I look forward to not having sugar cravings! Juicing has a lot of benefits, so this is the icing on the cake 🙂

  64. Visiting my boyfriend in Miami next week!!

    Also, want to use this as a refresh button for my body.

    1. E-mail me for cleanse details at Have fun in Miami!

  65. I need to kick my sugar cravings!!!! Also I’d like to feel more energized, been feeling lazy lately and thats not my usual self! I have a 4 yr old and would like to maintain a healthy life style at home! H E L P!


  66. Hi,
    Just wondering if you could give me more info? Also I remember when I looked at doing this before you ordered a certain drink from starbucks.. I think it was iced green tea and something (passion fruit?)… Would you mind sharing? Also do you have any tips and ideas for the dinner part? One last question.. If I wanted to make the juice myself could I use a juicer or what would be the best way? Thanks,

  67. Hi Lauryn – I want to get in shape and kick my sugar cravings. I want to control my diet instead of it controlling me. Also, I want to prepare my body for the next stage of my life. Thanks for your great blog!

  68. I’m trying to kick my caffeine diet, I have problems digesting constantly feel bloated :/

  69. I would love to try your cleanse. Ever since I turned 40 it’s been difficult to get the weight off. Thank you

  70. I am starting tomorrow, I will probably save my protein for the evening. It is okay to snack on almonds? Also I have Good Earth Superfruit Green Tea Pomegranate & Cherry, Is that okay to have in between the juices? Also the best way to tote the juice around if you are unable to stay home. Thanks

    1. Yes! E-mail me for details at Nuts and tea ( w/ no added sugars ) are fine babe! X.

  71. I too want to reduce my sugar cravings and lose that added pounds . I also want to cleanse and dettox in hopes of getting more energy.

  72. What’s motivating me is this summer I really want to lose that little chubbiness around my lower stomach!! Please email me about the recipes if you have any!! 🙂

  73. COACHEALLA is coming – I need help to drop some Belly and leg fat! wish me luck – us girls at work are going to do it together to motivate eachother for the summer weather!!

  74. I am totally addicted to desserts and want to kick the habit. My mother and paternal grandmother were diabetic and I don’t want to become diabetic plus I’m overweight and currently in good health. Trying to be proactive.

  75. I have a photoshoot for new headshots in two weeks and want to trim down a bit before teh shoot.

  76. Have had a stressful few weeks at work that have left me fatigued and feeling altogether “yucky.” Want to cleanse my body of toxins and look great in my swimsuit for Memorial Day Weekend!!

  77. I really need to kick start my weight loss and get rid of these sugar cravings. Trying to get back in shape for the summer 🙂

  78. I’m motivated to kick start my metabolism, and to decrease my sugar cravings. I race motocross professionally and my sweet tooth is getting to my me on my off season fitness levels. I’d like to start juicing and get things started

  79. Completely intriqued. I need to do this for me. Need to get back on track to taking care of me.

  80. I really want to loose pounds this sounds pretty neat iv never done a actual diet so im willing o give this a try.

  81. I love juicing but haven’t tried it in years. Hoping to lose a few pounds, I’ve recently added extra workouts to my routine. I also have been eating healthy and drinking lots of water, but I like the idea of kick starting my metabolism with a juicing plan. Sounds like fun!

  82. My husband and I have a daughter and want a sister or brother for her. I never got the baby weight off with her and before we start fertility I want to change my way of living. Not only for my health but for my family.

  83. I love your site but why is it always so complicated to get the meat of things? Maybe I am just lame but it seems to be so many steps to get to the actual 3 day plan. I have found this before. Just a constructive thought.

    1. Just e-mail me at and I’ll send you the instructions babe. Quick and easy! X.

  84. We are in…. Husband & I …..
    Winter here down under, lots of slow cooker meals with a glass or 3 of good Australian red…
    Feeling very ‘blobb- ish’ so in need of a kick start….
    Tomorrow morning…. Wooooo hoooooo

  85. Hello! I am interested in doing the cleanse o kick my sugar addiction. I also am hoping to gain more energy and hopefully help to clear my skin issues.

  86. Every 3 months I do a detox but they are a bunch of pills. I’d love to try one a natural way with juices.

  87. Want to loose my baby weight and go back to prepregnacy weieght. <3 2 months pp, via csection.

  88. Hi, I just completed the cleanse….I found it tough but feel very proud of myself for completing it!

    I have two questions….I added chilli flakes to my protein, is this an issue or can I do it again next time?

    Also I really struggled with day three but day one wasn’t too bad! Would you advise doing day one only a couple of times a month?

    Sarah x

    1. CONGRATS@! Chili flakes are fine : ). I love them! I like doing the cleanse five times a year : ). E-mail me for more details at xx.

  89. is it too late to get the recipes for this cleanse? i found this link through the oct. 23 post. seems like it might still be available?

    in any case, i’m looking forward to cutting back on sugar cravings and all the sugar already consumed from all that halloween candy! i’ve also recently been breaking out more than usual, so i’m hoping to flush out the toxins from my body.

  90. heading for surgery, won’t be able to workout for awhile 🙁
    need to cut sugars, and focus more on healthy eating!

  91. I have never tried a juice cleanse. I am currently counting my calories and working out and have lost 27 pounds since Sep. 2013 and plan on losing about 30 more pounds..I thought I would just try a juicing cleanse for fun and learn more about it!

  92. I am motivated to really up my metabolism and I have been wanting to try a 3 day cleanse for a while now!

  93. I want to do the juicing cleanse because I want to feel good about myself, and control what’s going in my body properly.

  94. I feel tired and sluggish I also have heomcromtosis which is high iron so hoping this will help as digestion is bad x

  95. Are you still doing this? I am finding my legs heavy and believe I’m carrying water weight. I’ve never been this heavy in my life and want to jump start a weight loss and toxin cleanse.

  96. I’m motivated by resetting my digestive system and organs. Also to release inflammation in my body. Thank you!

  97. Hi this is kinda of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  98. Am 4 days of cigarettes and suffer IBS constantly and would really like to try a detox that I can afford. Started going the gym I want to start eating well but on a budget as money very tight.

  99. My body needs a serious detox as I am craving sugar all the time and not feeling good because of it. I want to kick start weight loss and feel better!

  100. I am very interested in starting the juice cleanse tomorrow. I have a male friend who needs a cleansing/weight loss approach as well. Would the recommendations for the one meal per day vary for males. I was thinking he would need to up the protein. Should he also add a healthy carb like a sweet potato?

  101. I have 3 shows on saturday 6/18 and I want to be bikini ready! I need to perform in just my sportsbra and boxer shorts so I want to be on stage as confident as possible!

  102. I want to give my body a super healthy kick start! I have arthritic hips so my exercising has decreased greatly. I am limited to light biking, walking and moderate weight training. So, want to focus more on nutrition now!

  103. ‘m interested in getting started with my journey in cleansing, detoxing, exercising, eating better feeling healthier in general.

    Please advise…Thank You!

  104. Loved the article and I will have to try this at home very soon! It have provided me valuable insights in juicing. You have explained three day juice cleanse so simply and better. Keep blogging!

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