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Barefoot In The Kitchen…For 2 Minutes Though: Thanksgiving Fake Cake

thanksgiving cake 3 _ by the skinny confidential

thanksgiving cake 7 _ by the skinny confidential

thanksgiving cake 10 _ by the skinny confidential

Let me set the scene: Thanksgiving hits you in the face like a ton of bricks ( what’s new though, it does every year ), you have nothing to wear, nothing to bring, & really no time.


You’re like me. I get it. But that’s why I created The Skinny Confidential in the first place: quick, fast, easy tips & tricks for women on the go.

So you’re good.

For all you worker bees, busy moms, college students visiting home: don’t stress.

Obviously no one wants to show up empty handed, especially when you’re going over to someone else’s home. & let’s face it, sometimes a bottle of chilled champagne in a brown bag just doesn’t cut it.

ESPECIALLY on Thanksgiving.

SO. We’re doing Round 2 of TSC Fake Cake.

But this time we’re going pilgrim-style.

You in?

You should be, because the whole thing takes like 5 seconds & I swear, I like want this cake for my wedding because it kind of looks professional. NO?

Here are the details: go to the market, grab a frosting-less cake ( Yes. They have these. If your local market doesn’t have these, go to another one because their cake game is OFF ), & get some pretty flowers ( I choose orange & yellow ), & throwback cream cheese pre-made frosting.

Pre-frosted cake looks like this, by the way:

thanksgiving cake 8 _ by the skinny confidential

thanksgiving cake 5 _ by the skinny confidential

thanksgiving cake 4 _ by the skinny confidential

At home, simply cut the flowers so the stems are about one inch long. Frost your pathetic/frosting-less cake & sprinkle pomegranate seeds down the middle of the cake, adding flowers where ever it looks cute.

Of course if you have actual time to bake the cake yourself, well then aren’t you the star of show, & by all means— be my guest. Whatever floats your boat on this one.

This festive cutie is kind of up to you— modify it to fit your needs. GET CREATIVE. Add fresh herbs, cranberries, yellow rose petals, cinnamon, &/or pumpkin icing.

Mmmmm pumpkin icing…

So there you have it: you’ll be barefoot in the kitchen for two minutes with an apron feeling very domestic. I mean, you’ll feel like you basically cooked Thanksgiving dinner yourself, not really, but kind of.

What’s an easy dessert that I have to check out? You should know I’ve thoroughly procrastinated & only have about 4 hours to shop, bake, shoot pictures, prep, etc tomorrow. The usual. Send help.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! lauryn x

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thanksgiving cake 1 _ by the skinny confidential

thanksgiving cake _ by the skinny confidential

  1. Love this! I have celiac and my gluten free cakes always turn out… well, just off. I never thought about getting pre-made layers from my local bakery, as they have pre-made gf cakes. Love the fresh flowers and pomegranate seeds. I think I’d add some sprigs of rosemary, too 🙂

  2. Best cheat ever!!!! I am beyond useless in the kitchen when it comes to baking (other than chicken breasts), and this is so much better than showing up with bought cupcakes. The best part? The way you decorated it!! xx

  3. I made pound cake from scratch but it just doesn’t look pretty. I’m totally swinging in the store to pick up some cream cheese frosting and pomegranate seeds. So gorgeous!

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