WTF To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers? Use Them As Beauty Products, Der

The Skinny Confidential x Fox Channel 6.

Assuming you’re all going to have leftovers…

If you guys were watching Fox this morning I was a contributor on San Diego’s CW sharing how to use Thanksgiving leftovers…but as beauty products!!

Some of my favorite ways to use food for the bod? Check it:

|| The best toner ever ||
Apple cider vinegar with a little water on a cotton ball is GREAT for hyperpigmentation.

|| Sweet potato eye masks ||
F cucumbers, you can use sweet potatoes too! They’re filled with antioxidants & vitamins!

|| Cranberry sauce scrub ||
Ok, so you guys know I’m OBSESSED with dry brushing, right? Use fresh cranberries with a little thick REAL brown sugar & sugar & voila! You’ve got yourself an all natural scrub.

|| Brighting, rad oatmeal mask ||
Make a quick, lil mask by using lemon, oatmeal, brown sugar, & apple cider vinegar. The lemon seriously, seriously whitens skin removing any dark spots. And mixed with the apple cider vinegar?! Soooo good.

|| Pumpkin pie ultra hydration mask ||
 For those of you with drier skin, this mask is perfect. Just use pumpkin puree ( real pumpkin, none of that fake shit ), cinnamon, & turmeric. Turmeric is AMAZING for inflammation. So pile the mixture on your face for a few minutes & prepare to see the difference. Another pumpkin product I die for? This spicy pumpkin scrub. YUM.

|| Brown sugar lemon exfoliate ||
You guys know my sick obsession with lemon sugar scrubs so this one was kind of a no brainer. I feel like it’s an all-natural version of this one. Plus…you could eat in the shower if you got hungry.

AND pleasssse don’t forget to feed leftover pumpkin puree to your dogs. PIXY & T.BOONE PICKENS DIE FOR IT. It’s sooo good for dogs. Total superfood.

Ok, no go get your buzz & tryptophan coma on. Happy Thanksgiving!!! – Lauryn


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