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A Little Teasy-Weasy…With Love from The Style Kittens


Here’s our latest teaser…I hope you all like. We’ve been working Friday nights, weekends, holidays, etc. to share tons of quick/easy tutorials on beauty, health, fitness, diet, jewelry, & fashion. Although it’s a lot of work, work, work, it’s also been way too much fun shooting the shit with Jackie, exchanging tips.

Tomorrow we launch the first episode on Valentine’s skinny treats. Ahhhhh, I’m so excited ( & maybe slightly nervous ) to connect with all of you through YouTube!!

If any of you have an suggestions or comments, LMK below ; ). Subscribe to The Style Kittens channel here. Happy Sunday, babes! xx.


  1. So excited love!!!!

    Happy early Valenties and don’t be nervy at ALL — you two are FAB and we are all dying to see the videos. Were you ever an OC watcher? Remember, “Confidence, Cohen.”


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