The Skinny Confidential Team’s Gift Ideas

The Skinny Confidential Team Gift Ideas

We have a little plot twist happening on the blog today…I went to the members behind The Skinny Confidential to get their gift guide for you!

Some people are full-time, some are freelances, but regardless, all of these people are fucking badasses. They help make sure everything happens quickly, effortlessly, & seamlessly. I would not be able to have this brand without this amazing team.

Today they’re going to share their gift ideas- things they love to give & things they love to receive.

We love to hear from the community so we can get ideas & be inspired. You guys always have the best suggestions so be sure to tell us what gifts you love to give.

With that, let’s get into The Skinny Confidential Team’s gift guide of 2021.

I’m sure you’re all running around like a chicken with its head cut off – I know I am. Trying to balance podcasting, interviews, writing posts, buying presents & having a toddler is just insane. It’s just so much easier if the whole situation is streamlined. You can get all these gifts before Christmas, so happy shopping!

The Skinny Confidential Team Gift Ideas


Dior Apricot Nail Cream

This nail cream is my go-to gift. It’s not too expensive at $29, & comes in a beautiful Dior box. Also this cream is just amazing too, I started using it after having acrylic nails. My nails were obviously trashed from that, but this nail cream is now my holy grail. It hydrates my nails & cuticles, I use it before bed because it’s a little greasy to use during the day. 

The Daily Stoic

This one might be obvious, but this book has truly changed my life. When I was 20 Michael & Lauryn gifted this book to me for Christmas ( Michael even wrote a sweet note in the opening page ). Ryan Holiday, the author of The Daily Stoic answers the question “why we study philosophy? …to become a better person.”

Some of my favorite concepts I’ve learned from reading The Daily Stoic “if the conditions dont suit you, leave.” And “there is never a need to get worked up over things you can’t control.” And “our own worth is measured by what we devote our energy to.”

Every morning I look forward to waking up, making my bed, drinking my coffee, & reading The Daily Stoic, my morning ritual is by far the best part of my day. Gifting my friends The Daily Stoic is now something I also look forward to, I write a nice note on the inside cover & on the page of their birthday ( this also is great because I can tell which of my friends actually reads the book based on who notices my notes ). 

 Canopy Humidifier

Through my time spent in Asia, I have really learned how important keeping your skin hydrated is. The winters in Korea are brutally cold & dry, when I was there I had 3 humidifiers going at all times: one next to the bed, one on my desk, & one next to the couch.

It’s also known that women carry around small misters in their purse so that they can keep their skin hydrated on the subway or in the car LOL. So needless to say, I would not be caught dead going through winter without a humidifier.

For someone like me who constantly has a humidifier running that means I am refilling it at least once a day, most humidifiers need distilled water which is a huge hassle, or I just end up putting in non distilled water, but that means pollutions from the water are diffusing into the air ( ick ). The Canopy Humidifier is great because I can put in water from the tap, the jug is small & detaches from the body ( nothing worse than lugging your humidifier with the cord attached into the bathtub to fill it up- if you know, you know. )

Plus, you can use code PINKSALE for 15% off your purchase!

Other beauty items I am obsessed with / I give as gifts:  Illiyoon ceramide lotion, Pyunkang Yul Hand Cream Lancôme Eye Serum First Care Activating Serum Seiso Beauty Serum



Mini Theragun

The mini Theragun has saved my life – using it on my quad & booty has helped alleviate knee pain & general use helps me to bounce back from any tight muscles so much faster. Your workout fanatic bestie will love it.

Ikea Champagne Coupe Glasses

OBSESSED with these glasses — they look so much more expensive than they are! Love them for champs or a martini. These are affordable & elevate your entire vibe. Super cute to gift these with a bottle of champagne!

The Always Pan

I use this pan for everything. I’m not a huge cook, so I hate buying a ton of different kitchenware things I only use once in a while, so this pan is perfect because it can be used for so many different things & doesn’t take up an insane amount of space in my apartment. Makes a great gift for the cook or the non-cook! 

Lulu Lemon Everywhere Belt Bag

This bag is cute because it’s chic & you don’t have to worry about holding onto anything while you power walk, go for a run, or just run errands — love anything hands-free! Great gift for your active, on-the-go bestie!

Crate & Barrel Footed Cake Stand with Dome

I use this stand for cake, cookie displays, gingerbread loaves – and you can make cute, festive displays with it — can be a great decor piece. It’s also a great hostess gift for holiday parties — fill it up with a pound cake or cookies & let the host(ess) know to keep the stand!

Pink Toolkit

PRACTICAL & cute — the pink vibe makes it fun to use & even though it’s not an extensive toolkit, it’s just something that is always good to have on hand. Makes a great gift for a college student or a friend who just moved into a new place!


Sangre de Fruta Botanicals

Anything by Sangre de Fruta makes an amazing gift. Their body cream is so thick & melty- feels so good after a hot bath ( my favorite is the Melaleuca & Frank ). Not only is this body cream super luxurious, it’s also healing! I used to travel a ton & almost every time I stepped off the plane, I was left with some skin issue. Two nights of sleeping with this on & my skin is healed. Every single one of Sangre de Fruta’s products has no nasties & the glass jars are so sleek.


Ok ok ok, maybe I’m biased BUT I think this book is a great gift. It’s useful, it’s cute & it’s never too early for anyone to start taking care of their skin. You can learn something new on every single page & the doctors, experts & influencers featured are top notch.


Mejuri has some really cute stuff right now & I think it’s really special but still really affordable. I have the Huggies & the Spheres bracelet on my wish list & gifted some things from Mejuri too!

HAY Kaleido Trays

I’m in love with these trays. There are so many colors & sizes at every price point so you don’t have to spend a fortune. They’re great to give someone for their home or office. The best thing about these is you could give 1 or 5. They all interlock & fit into each other in different ways. You can’t go wrong with a big black or white one & a small one with a pop of color. They can be used as decor, for beauty products or for food.

Custom Gift Bag

I think it’s so cute to make up a gift bag of 3 or 4 little things- minis from Sephora, along with a candle or an essential oil. Some things I like to add are: a small pack of peel pads, Dr. Jart hydration mask ( it’s THE BEST ), nail polish, maybe a Beauty Blender. I try to keep it neutral & useful.


Theragun Elite

Everyone deserves to feel like a million bucks & THIS is literally a game changer. We bought this for my father-in-law this year & he is going to be obsessed. Helps ease sore or tight muscles without having to see a masseuse!

Béis Travel Kit

Basically anything from Béis is amazing, but this Dopp Kit is that item your person doesn’t know they need. Big enough to fit ALLLL the skincare, makeup, shower & bathroom travel items while still looking cute on your countertop. My parents are each getting one this year – in black & beige!

The Always Pan

I received this pan as a gift, & it’s the perfect item to gift someone who loves to be in the kitchen. Literally nothing sticks to this bad girl…she’s lightweight, comes in CUTE colors, & has all kinds of attachments and add-on’s to make it more multi-use. It’s a must!



I’m not kidding when I say that my gift list is filled with all things TSC. Everyone needs a HOT MESS ICE ROLLER & everyone needs a HOT SHAVE RAZOR. It’s a gift that is just as fun to give as it is to receive. BUT, if I had to pick 3 other things that are at the top of my gift guide this year, they are: 

Bala Bands

I’m all about self improvement this year & becoming the fittest version of myself so these are at the top of my list. They are so aesthetically pleasing, but also add something extra to your workout/walk.


I’ve been a robe girl for a long, long time. I love being comfy & cozy. Giving someone a plush, soft, cute robe to lounge in is a great gift. AND, for the procrastinator, you can find them at all different price points & places. This is one that I love.

Five-Minute Journal

I’ve seen the 5 Minute Journal all over instagram & I can’t wait to give this to the people I love most. A perfect gift to help reflect on the past year & plan for the next.


Skincare Fridge

This skincare fridge is so cute & the perfect addition to any bathroom. They’re perfect for storing your face masks, gua sha, ice rollers & other skincare products that can be refrigerated. 

Los Sundays Tequila

My FAVE tequila hands down. My favorite is the Los Sundays Coconut Tequila because I like my alcohol on the sweeter side, but they also have Blanco & Reposado tequila. If any of your friends like tequila, I’d highly recommend getting a bottle for them to try ( & one for yourself too cause why not lol ). Did I mention they have super cute merch too? 

Hay Color Crates

These plastic storage crates are the cutest way to organize any space. They come in 3 different sizes and so many colors, so the combinations are endless. These crates would make the perfect gift for anyone’s office or for those who work from home. 


Olive and June Nail Polish

I’m an absolute nail polish junkie, like I have over 100 bottles it’s ridiculous. I’m also big on non-toxic products and Olive & June makes some amazing colors that are free of chemicals commonly found in nail polish. I love a good mani but don’t need the chemicals that usually come along with it! They also have a fun product to help you paint your non-dominant hand & make your mani look amazinggg. DOUBLE ALSO they make the cutest nail stickers to make your mani look even cuter!  ( Use code SKINNY for 20% off your first mani system ).

Story People Prints

My mom has always had a bunch of Story People prints around the house so when I found out they had a calendar I was thrilled! Story People have the sweetest drawings with wonderful words accompanying them and with the calendar you get a new one each month. I even bought myself one this year!  

Lulu Lemon Align Pant

Okay so confession, I used to work for Lulu Lemon so I could tell you all the sales points for these bad boys, but ultimately they are just so dang comfortable. Anything in the align collection has the buttery soft & smooth fabric that makes ya feel like you don’t have anything on when you really do.  When I don’t want to wear pants I wear these. P.S. they come in several different lengths, in shorts, and flared!


Lauryn here. I’m speaking for Michael because DUH I know what he likes to gift.

Bose Noise-cancelling Headphones

Oh weird, Michael has copied me again. No surprise there. These are bomb headphones though. We both bring them everywhere with us. Michael likes to use them before bed to listen to books, a podcast or a meditation.

The Nest Video Camera

Michael loves to spy on the dogs with this & make sure there’s no intruders in our home. It updates him the second there’s any movement in our house.

Sonos System

He loves to give this as a gift. We use it all throughout our house. It’s awesome to play music & has Alexa built right into it.


Hope and Help For Your Nerves

This is a great book. It’s basically step-by-step for how to calm panic & anxiety. It’s a great gift because most people suffer from some kind of anxiety in their lives.

Mosaic Party Glasses

These are a cool gift for your guy friends. They’re fun but not too sentimental. Great for a NYE party or party any time of year.

TSC Phone Cases

I like to give the women in my life TSC phone cases. They’re durable & very good quality. They’re funny, pink, and always a big hit.

Boone & Slim

Doggy Dental Wipes

These doggy dental wipes are a must if you have a dog. They’re minty & the dogs love them ( an introduction to Slim will come soon ). You simply take the wipe & brush it over your dog’s teeth. I do it very calmly and it works like a charm. These are great for dogs of any size, but especially small dogs. These are so cute to bring to your dog-loving friends & family.

Pet Car Seat

This car seat is such a good idea if you drive with your pet in the car. It keeps them in one place & obvioulsy therefore prevents them getting hurt should something happen. It’s safe & also so regal for your pets!

Cute Dog Toys

We have this pack of squeaky dog toys for Boone & Slim.  They also have the plush ones. Lucky guys. They love them & it’s so cute to give your pets a gift for the holidays.


Towel Warmer

You may remember me talking about the towel warmer recently & I think it makes a great gift, because it’s not something most people would by for themselves ( except me LOL ). It’s one of those things that once you have, you can’t imagine your life without it.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

AKA…The Kardashian blanket. I’m OBSESSED with this blanket.

Here’s how I fell in love: we were in Aspen with our friends & after dinner went back to their place to watch Wes Anderson movies. Gillian was telling me about the blanket she was all curled up in. How it’s her favorite, it’s so soft, she wraps her son up in it & how all the Kardashians travel with it. She let me borrow it while we watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou & I knew I was never turning back. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BLANKET. I was instantly obsessed. Two weeks later the blanket was on my doorstep- Gillian had gifted us me one.

Michael went on to order 3 more because the dogs & I just can’t spare a measly corner for him.

This is one of the best gifts I’ve EVER received, therefore, it’s one of the best gifts to give. It’s just so comfortable & chic. It’s soft, big ( good for tall people ) & meant to be used. This isn’t some decorative throw- you guys need to USE this. Once you touch it, you’ll get it.

This blanket is ALWAYS on my favorites list because it’s that good.

Basil Candle

When I went to Glossier in NYC, there was this smell throughout the entire building. I NEEDED to know what the smell was- it was sooooo good. I tracked down the girl at the front desk & she said it’s this special candle that everyone loves. Everyone asks what the smell is when they walk in. It was this Cire Trudon Basil candle, almost burnt down to its last little drop.

It’s described as a mint tea, gingery, peppery scent but seriously… it’s basil.

And it’s a little expensive but makes a great gift. The scent is so beautiful- not too strong, not too sweet. It’s the most perfect smell and I swear everyone will like.

I highly recommend wrapping this up in a super cute way & giving it with a mini bottle of pink champagne. I think it’s such a chic gift.

Please tell us below what gifts you love to give. I always want to know what you guys are up to.

Honestly, this year, I’m so incredibly impressed with my team. A lot of new people have joined & they’re all AMAZING!

With that, I hope you’re all keeping cool as a cucumber during this hectic season.

Happy holidays, ( don’t go insane )!

x lauryn,

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