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The Skinny Confidential Team’s Gift Ideas

The Skinny Confidential Team's Gift Ideas

Last year you guys loved hearing from The Skinny Confidential team on their favorite gift ideas, so here we are, back for round 2.

Some people are full-time, some are freelances, but regardless, all of these people are fucking badasses. They help make sure everything happens quickly, effortlessly, & seamlessly. I would not be able to have this brand without this amazing team.

Today they’re going to share their gift ideas- things they love to give & things they love to receive.

We love to hear from the community so we can get ideas & be inspired. You guys always have the best suggestions so be sure to tell us what gifts you love to give in the comments

With that, let’s get into The Skinny Confidential Team’s gift guide of 2022.

If you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, I hope our gift guides make things a little more effortless & streamlined for you.

The Skinny Confidential Team Gift Ideas:


♡ The Daily Stoic

This one might be obvious, but this book has truly changed my life. When I was 20 Michael & Lauryn gifted this book to me for Christmas ( Michael even wrote a sweet note in the opening page ). Ryan Holiday, the author of The Daily Stoic answers the question “why we study philosophy?…to become a better person.”

♡ Canopy Humidifier

Through my time spent in Asia, I have really learned how important keeping your skin hydrated is. The winters in Korea are brutally cold & dry, when I was there I had 3 humidifiers going at all times: one next to the bed, one on my desk, & one next to the couch.

It’s also known that women carry around small misters in their purse so that they can keep their skin hydrated on the subway or in the car LOL. So needless to say, I would not be caught dead going through winter without a humidifier.

The Canopy Humidifier is great because I can put in water from the tap, the jug is small & detaches from the body ( nothing worse than lugging your humidifier with the cord attached into the bathtub to fill it up- if you know, you know. )

Other beauty items I am obsessed with / I give as gifts:  Illiyoon ceramide lotion, Pyunkang Yul Hand Cream, Lancôme Eye Serum, First Care Activating Serum, Seiso Beauty Serum.

Canopy Humidifier



I love to gift these to the fun girl who already has everything — this feels nostalgic for college days, but adds class and glam to the situation.

♡ Baccarat Rouge 540

I’ve worn this for years & never get tired of seeing a Maison Francis Kurkdjian box under the tree! 

♡ Diptyque Candle

I love receiving these & I also love to get them as hostess gifts for my friends.

♡ Lily Pulitzer UPF Pullover

For prevention & anti-aging, duh.

♡ Gorjana Lou Huggies

Dying for these because they are adorable & perfect for everyday wear.


♡ Taja Collection Candle Care Set & candle

I have a wick trimmer and snuffer from Taja and I love them. They look so good displayed on a candle plate & make a cool gift too. Obvs pair with one of their custom candles too – my fave (& Lauryn’s) is vanilla bourbon.


This planner is such a good gift for a friend. The prompts and details are so thoughtout (as always with TSC), but what I love about it is that it forces you to sit and focus on your day ahead, and take the time to be thoughtful about your day. You can learn more about it here.

Taja Collection Candle Care Set & candleTSC HOT MINUTE PLANNER

♡ Charcuterie board & knives

When I was doing some Christmas shopping I got into a deep Amazon dive and somehow ended up on this really cool charcuterie board situation. It comes with knives & pull out drawers for fruits & nuts etc. Love this as a gift idea.

♡ Everlasting Candle

Could go on forever about these. LOVE MINE, and everyone I’ve given them to loves them too. They have different shaped glass oil holders and different color candlesticks. They literally can last forever. The best part is that they will look good in everyone’s home, no matter their aesthetic, which is why they make a perfect gift.


♡ Stanley Cup

This is super trendy right now and for good reason. I’m OBSESSED with my Stanley cup. It’s chic too in the cream color, but they have a ton of other colors too!

♡ Shacket 

Who wouldn’t love a cozy shacket to throw over their outfit for the cold season? I love this natural color too, it goes with everything!

 ♡ Fuzzy Slippers 

 We love a bougie slipper moment and these nails it. I love having a cute pair of slippers to wear around the house during the chillier time of year.




I’m not kidding when I say that my gift list is filled with all things TSC. Everyone needs a HOT MESS ICE ROLLER & everyone needs a HOT SHAVE RAZOR. It’s a gift that is just as fun to give as it is to receive.

♡ Glass teapot

I read on Poosh that Kendal Jenner loves this. Immediately I was sold, and it’s under $25. It’s the perfect winter gift & elevates any space.

♡ The Skinny Confidential x Canopy waterless diffuser

Dying over how cute this is. Perfect for the pink lvoer in you life, the scents are delicious & it’s super easy to use.

♡ Nécessaire Holiday Set

All Nécessaire products are so good, and a holiday kit like this one make a perfect gift. Plus, the packaging is super cute.


Body Oil  

The best body oil and smells so lovely -and not over powering.

Cozy socks

Perfect for lounging and WFH sitch during the cold winter months.

Ice-powered facial mask 

When my face is EXTRA puffy in the AM, i put this on and ice roll over it for double depuffing action.


♡ LAPCOS sheet mask

Perfect all skin types – my favorites are the pearl and Vitamin C.

♡ bubble candle

These candles make super cute stocking stuffers!

♡ back & neck massager

Affordable, works so well, perfect from those who work from home. Find it here.


♡ Olive and June Nail Polish

I’m an absolute nail polish junkie, like I have over 100 bottles it’s ridiculous. I’m also big on non-toxic products and Olive & June makes some amazing colors that are free of chemicals commonly found in nail polish. I love a good mani but don’t need the chemicals that usually come along with it! They also have a fun product to help you paint your non-dominant hand & make your mani look amazing. DOUBLE ALSO they make the cutest nail stickers to make your mani look even cuter!

♡ Story People Prints

My mom has always had a bunch of Story People prints around the house so when I found out they had a calendar I was thrilled! Story People have the sweetest drawings with wonderful words accompanying them and with the calendar you get a new one each month. I even bought myself one this year!  

♡ Lulu Lemon Align Pant

Okay so confession, I used to work for Lulu Lemon so I could tell you all the sales points for these bad boys, but ultimately they are just so dang comfortable. Anything in the align collection has the buttery soft & smooth fabric that makes ya feel like you don’t have anything on when you really do.  When I don’t want to wear pants I wear these. P.S. they come in several different lengths, in shorts, and flared! 


Lauryn here. I’m speaking for Michael because DUH I know what he likes to gift.

♡ Bose Noise-canceling Headphones

Oh weird, Michael has copied me again. No surprise there. These are bomb headphones though. We both bring them everywhere with us. Michael likes to use them before bed to listen to books, a podcast or a meditation.

♡ The Nest Video Camera

Michael loves to spy on the dogs with this & make sure there’s no intruders in our home. It updates him the second there’s any movement in our house.

♡ Sonos System

He loves to give this as a gift. We use it all throughout our house. It’s awesome to play music & has Alexa built right into it.


Moon lamp

Moon inside your room?! How cool is that?


Keep your fingers grease-free as you work and play with your PC / Consoles

Chopsticks Lightsaber

Fun way to eat your Chinese takeouts.


♡ Doggy Dental Wipes

These doggy dental wipes are a must if you have a dog. They’re minty & the dogs love them ( an introduction to Slim will come soon ). You simply take the wipe & brush it over your dog’s teeth. I do it very calmly and it works like a charm. These are great for dogs of any size, but especially small dogs. These are so cute to bring to your dog-loving friends & family.

♡ Pet Car Seat

This car seat is such a good idea if you drive with your pet in the car. It keeps them in one place & obviously therefore prevents them getting hurt should something happen. It’s safe & also so regal for your pets!

♡ Cute Dog Toys

Love the look of these dog chew toys that are neutral, so they won’t fuck up your home’s aesthetic.

Please tell us below what gifts you love to give. I always want to know what you guys are up to.

Honestly, this year, I’m so incredibly impressed with my team. A lot of new people have joined & they’re all AMAZING!

With that, I hope you’re all keeping cool as a cucumber during this hectic season.

Happy holidays, (don’t go insane)!

x lauryn,

+ for all my most-loved items and gift guide, stalk my favorite things of 2022

++ also, check out these small businesses for gift ideas.


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