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Tanning Tips: The Sivan Ayla Method to Being Tan As Fuck

Oooh lala, the tanning queen is on The Skinny Confidential today sharing her best tanning tips. 

You may have read Sivan’s other posts on her top beauty hacks & how to live your life after having a baby. But let me reintroduce you…

Sivan Ayla is the blogger behind Lux Unfiltered. I first met Sivan at my The Skinny Confidential x Casetify party & immediately started following her on Instagram. After following her for the last couple years, I noticed that she’s a bright light & definitely an influencer you should be following.

Personally, I like influencers who have a strong opinion & don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Sivan embodies that. It’s been really fun to watch her & her husband become parents, & to watch her flourish as an influencer in this industry. ( Sidenote: she has the best tanning lotion & a swim line called Tan Lines. It’s super cute & you guys should definitely check it out. )

Sivan is actually coming on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show soon, so leave any questions for her below. In the meantime, let’s hear about all of her top tanning tips. Whether you’re into faux tans or laying out in the real sun, this post is for you.


Hey guys! It’s Sivan & I’m back with some insight & tips. It’s been a minute since I shared How the Fuck to Have a Baby & Still Live Your Life + 5 Beauty Secrets to Keep it Nice & Youthful. Hope you’re all surviving this shitshow of a year so far, I know I personally cannot wait for 2021. But let’s focus on the good stuff! 

Lauryn & I have always bonded over efficiency, a boozy vacay, & being boujee yet relatable  bitches. I’m excited to be back on the The Skinny Confidential, this time to talk about all things [fake] tanning — a priority for me & Lauryn. 

Growing up on Maui & in LA, I’ve always lived by the beach, which resulted in a nice natural color pretty much year round. I became super accustomed to having bronzed skin & even as an adult it became the topic of conversation on my IG. People always want to know how I maintain my tan, which honestly was the driving force behind starting my beauty brand + Lux Unfiltered

While I love the heat & the sun, I don’t want to end up like the old lady in Something About Mary! That’s why I created Nº32 Hydrating Self-Tanning Gradual Cream. I wanted a good, natural-looking tan without all the risks of sun exposure ( aka WRINKLES & much worse! ). 

Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a good amount of time outside in the sun ( you can catch all my weekend shenanigans on my IG ) with an ice cold cocktail, wearing my TAN + LINES swim, & bossing my hubby around, but there’s a safe way to do so. 

With that, Lauryn & I thought it’d be fun for me to share real + fake tanning tips. After all, my livelihood is now built around a good tan…literally. Whether you’re more of a sunless tanning girl or you can’t say no to lounging in the sun, here’s how to safely get the best tan of your life!

The Faux Tan Approach:

Self-tanning can be a game-changer. It just takes practice. Oh, & the right product. The good news is I’m about to walk you through everything you need to perfect your sunless tanning experience:

♡ Find a quality product.

First up, I can’t talk about self-tanning without pimping out my gradual + hydrating self-tanning cream, Nº32. I created this formula after decades of trying shitty self-tanners that left me streaky, orange, smelly, & dried out. Nº32 is the opposite of all of that: it smells like Rosewood, has clean ingredients, provides a natural looking color, is super hydrating, & very easy to apply. It doesn’t transfer on your bedding or clothing either! 

♡ Experiment with color.

Every self-tanner is different & this one is gradual, which IMO is one of the best things about it. You can apply daily to slowly build your tan & simply stop once you achieve your desired color. After that, play around with how often you reapply to keep that ideal tan & glow going. I apply every few days in the summer & more often when I’m not seeing any sun.

♡ Apply correctly.

Now that you know which product to use, here are some HOT TIPS for the Nº32 application:

+ Exfoliate before your initial application. I have an exfoliator in the works but for now I love Ouai’s Body Scrub. Don’t forget elbows, ankles, & knees. I do this once a week. 

+ Apply a liberal, even amount all over your body.

+ Use less on hands, feet, knees & elbows. 

+ Rub, rub, rub in circular motions. NOT up & down! This is how you get that streak-free finish. Here’s how I do it if you’re into visuals. 

+ For this product, you don’t need a mitt. Apply with your hands. Super important: wash your hands with soap & water ASAP after you finish applying! 

+ To help blend your tan on tough areas like your hands, apply a thin layer of regular lotion before using Nº32 as a barrier between your skin & the self-tanner. 

+ Here’s an easy trick for blending on your hands, feet, knees & elbows if you’re struggling.

+ Applying in the morning is preferred so you have more time for your tan to develop & set. I apply mine right after the shower & do my skincare routine naked. I give the tanner at least 5-10 minutes to dry, then get dressed.

+ Avoid water exposure after applying for up to 8 hours so there is no interference with your tan development. 

+ More specific HOT TIPS on Nº32 here but these are the most important to know. 

♡ As for the face…

We are launching our Face Drops in early September, so stay tuned on our IG! In the meantime, I live for Kosas’s Face Oil which provides a light color + coverage. 

Laying Out In The Sun:

While I’m an advocate for the fake tan, I’m also human— & a California girl—so there are days where I need to soak in Vitamin D. If you like the real thing every so often, here’s what to do:

♡ Wear a damn visor!

You will rarely find me in the sun without my face covered completely ( another thing Lauryn & I have in common ). The face is the money-maker & not something I fuck around with. Sun spots & wrinkles? No thanks. I love this style of visor, created by yours truly, for face coverage. 

♡ Get a clear sunscreen for the face + decolletage.

I’d like to thank whoever invented invisible SPF & Zinc because it’s GENIUS. I used to avoid face sunscreen because of the white mask it gave me. Now I swear by this for the face which is non-toxic, dewy, & sexy, or this SPF setting spray. Don’t forget your decolletage ( aka your chest ) to avoid leather chest.

♡ Use SPF 30-50 on the body first.

I always apply SPF 30 all over my body when I’m going to be in the sun, & then after an hour will add an oil. I do re-apply the SPF often but the combo of SPF with oil always gives me the best natural color. You can also do the Supergoop SPF 50 Oil, which is the best of both worlds. 

♡ Set your tan.

After a long day in the sun I shower & then set / hydrate my tan. I always apply a layer of Nº32 over a natural tan because it just enhances the color, adds a glow, & hydrates the skin, which is the key to a lasting tan! 

♡ Stay hydrated but get boozy!

OK so obviously you need to be hydrating always, but a crisp cocktail is also nice while laying out. I have tons of drink recipes on my site like a Classic Spicy Marg & my personal favorite, an Aperol Spritz. Let’s not forget my Top 5 Rosés either.

Pregnant? Don’t worry, you know I have a delicious mocktail waiting for you. My rule of thumb: for every sip of alcohol, take a sip of water. Internal hydration does affect your epidermis, so drink water! 

♡ Cooling spa towels.

It can get over 100º in The Valley so I like to find ways to battle the heat. If I’m laying out, you better believe it’s with a spa towel nearby. We have a set of soft hand towels that we reserve for this hack & basically you get them wet, spray them with essential oils ( I like peppermint ), & then roll them up nicely. Place them in a bowl over ice for an hour & then enjoy a boujee cool-down by the pool. I have other Boujee Survival Tips for When It’s Hot AF if you’re into this vibe.

Think that about covers it!

Want more? I’m always sharing skincare tips + tutorials, how to care for your bikinis, what you need for a boujee poolside situation, & other important shit over on my platforms. Come follow me for more fun! And don’t forget to try my holy-grail self-tanning cream. Thanks for having me, Lauryn! 



There you have it, the best tanning tips ever from the tanning queen herself. Be sure to follow @sivanayla for the cutest look into Sivan’s life, @luxunfiltered to stay tuned for new products, & @shoptanlines to keep up to date on the latest swim suit drops ( Sivan even makes bathing suits for little girls ! ). Tomorrow Tan Lines is dropping a ton of new colors at 9am PST, so don’t miss out. 

Head over to to check out my top time management tips for new parents ( but like, I’m still figuring it out, ya know? ).

x, lauryn


  1. Hey! I love this post because I am obsessed with self tanner. I’ve been using self tanner since I was literally 14, and I am 32. A long fucking time! I’d consider myself an expert on all things self tanning and bronzing? My question is, you mentioned that this self tanner can be applied using bare hands. I like to apply self tanner with rubber gloves (like medical gloves), because then my hands don’t get stained, and then I use a tissue to lightly go over my hands with the self tanner, so that I don’t have weird white hands lol. Do you think this product would apply well with gloves? You also mentioned applying in the morning. I like to apply at night before bed. Could that work? Also wondering if this product has a color guide? Thanks!

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