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Talking Post-Baby Bods With My Hottie Best Friend & Her Amazing Mother in Law

Jackie Becerra talks diet, fitness, and health while being a new mom.The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

Ok, guys I’m not going to lie…

I have a special love for this post because it’s all about my best, best friend & her mother in law. They’re both the kindest, most beautiful people plus they both happen to be be mommies.

Little background: Jackie and I met when we were in junior high & went on to the same high school ( we were kinda rivals…ahh high school, how I hate you ). Anyway, we ended up becoming roommates during college…& man, those were the days!!!

We sort of had a pink princess palace ( << thank God I got that phase out of the way ) where we hosted mini parties ( we’re both OCD so no one could ever sit on the couch ) & did all the things 19 year olds do. And ever since living together we’ve stayed best friends- she helps me run the day to day of The Skinny Confidential & seriously sparkles when she walks in a room.

Ok so, Erica, is her mother in law— & lemme tell ya, Erica’s bod is smoking! Like, she’s had three kids & she looks like she’s in her twenties. Jackie & I always harass her to spill her secrets. So today I did a lil double interview; check it out:

+ Introduce yourself.

Jackie Becerra: Hiii!! My name is Jackie Becerra and I’m twenty six years old. I’m from South Carolina but grew up in sunny San Diego! I’ve been happily married for three years to Felipe Becerra and we have the CUTEST three year old boy, Ford. We live in Clairemont, CA. and own two successful barbershops called Lefty’s Barbershop down in Pacific Beach. Also, a fun fact: I’ve known Lauryn since we were thirteen & she was my roommate throughout college.

Oh! and we have the fattest, most adorable bulldog ever, Archy. Can’t forget Archy!

+ Ok Becerra, spill it: what’s your quick skinny trick?

JB: A quick skinny trick that works for me is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. I use to be a little piggy and stuff my face with a big breakfast, lunch, & dinner. BIG no-no. I started to notice that I was always tired & was lacking energy ( & having a toddler you need all the energy you can get, trust me ).

I now eat small meals throughout the day and small snacks in between. This helps keep my metabolism going all the time!! Also, eating clean is important…especially if you want to set a good example for your kiddos & hubby.

+ How has having a baby changed your body ( because you still look damn fine!! )?

JB: Having Ford was the BEST thing that’s ever happened to me but my body did change in some interesting ways: my hips got wider & I lost a lot of hair afterwards. But that’s because your body is trying to change revert back to your pre-baby bod so it’s going through a shit ton of hormones. It can be super hard in the beginning but it def mellows down and gets better.

My skin would also go through gnarly phases of acne. I know that sounds super gross but my skin would look flawless one day and the next look like a pizza face! After a year my body started to get back to normal. Everyone’s different in their own ways & people go through different things after having a baby.

Overall I love my body and embrace my curves! : )

+ Weekly workout schedule?

JB: I try to change it up as much as possible. Now that Ford’s in school four days a week I have some time in the morning to get a good work out in— which is so nice.

I love to run a few miles two or three times a week. When I’m not running, I like to do Pure Barre in Pacific Beach &/or go on hikes at Torrey Pines. On the weekends I love to go stand up paddling down at the Shores in La Jolla. It’s the BEST workout for your body!!!! Ahhh, try it!

The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

+ Go-to healthy food?

JB: When I’m on the go and I haven’t had time to make myself something to eat I love to grab a couple tangerines & some mixed wasabi nuts. I also love to eat half of an avocado with a little Himalayan salt & some lemon! Oh, & lots & lots of water! Or a fresh pressed juice.

+ Motivation to stay in shape?

JB: My son and my husband. It’s so SO crucial to have a healthy mentality & lifestyle so I can set great examples for my family and friends. I don’t want my kid growing up around lazy parents who are unmotivated to exercise and eat right.

I know exercise isn’t for everyone and eating clean can be very difficult, but ultimately it’s a lifestyle that you should constantly be striving to attain. No one can do it for you.

+ Favorite beauty product ( << Jackie literally sparkles 24/7 )?

JB: I’m OBSESSED with Shiseido foundation!!! It literally makes your skin shine and will hide any blemishes. It’s a sun protection liquid foundation so I use it everyday. It’s very water resistant ( plus it’s SPF 42 ). So it’s a win/win: protection + makeup.

+ Natural beauty remedy that you do?

JB: I know this is going to sound nasty as F & I usually wouldn’t ever share this with anyone except my close GF’s but…I only wash my hair ONCE a week ( << hmmm. Me too. Best friend secrets! LOL ).

It’s a little secret of mine that keeps my hair super shiny. It also happens to create the perfect beach waves. Honestly, washing my hair takes forever but once it’s dried & straightened, I curl the ends & wrap my hair up in a bun to sleep on!

My hair the next few days is perfect. Also, contrary to popular belief, t’s not good to wash your hair everyday. It is good for hair to develop its own natural oils ; ).

The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

+ WTF’s in your purse?

JB: Since I’m always carrying around Ford’s backpack, it’s turned into my purse! Haha. I always carry my Kate Spade wallet, car keys, some snacks, water bottle, MAC ‘Snob’ lipstick, my Skinny Confidential chapstick ( << the best flavor ever! ), and my Crap Eyewear sunglasses.

+ As a mom I’m sure it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself— any tips?

It’s so important for us moms to catch a break whenever we can. Having kids is the best gift God can give us but man oh man it can be exhausting. My tip: whenever your kids are at school, a friend’s house, &/or grandma and grandpa’s— take advantage & go do something for yourself. WE DESERVE IT. Get your nails done, get a facial, go on a walk, DO something!

+ Quick, easy recipe:

My tomato, mozzarella, avocado & basil salad is MY ABSOLUTE favorite!!! Felipe loves it when I make this recipe and it’s super easy & healthy. Andddddd absolutely NO dressing is needed.

+ 5 medium size tomatoes

+ 4 medium size avocados

+ 1/2 a log of fresh mozzarella cheese

+ 10 big basil leaves

+ Himalayan salt

+ 1 lemon

Take all five tomatoes and gut out the insides. Dice them into little cubes. Take the avocados and dice them up as well. Take the half log of mozzarella & also dice up into small cubes. Grab about ten big basil leaves & chop them up into small, minced pieces. Add everything together into a bowl and mix at once. Sprinkle a little salt & squeeze a lemon in the mixture. Toss all together again until everything looks evenly mixed. Again, no dressing needed. The avocado & other ingredients make up their own dressing when mixed. ENJOY : )!

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The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

Ok, now get ready to meet Jackie’s beautiful, badass mother in law. She’s the kindest, sweetest lady— so stoked to have Erica on the blog:

The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

+ Introduce yourself.

Erica Becerra: Hi! I’m Erica Becerra, wife of the greatest husband ever, mom of three amazing boys with wonderful wives &/or girlfriends, & grandmom of one beautiful three year old boy ( see Ford below )!

+ Is it more difficult to lose weight as you grew older; if so, why?

EB: I was overweight when I was younger so I’ve always been really weight conscious but your metabolism definitely slows down as you get older & yes, it’s definitely a lot harder to stay thin!

+ Quick skinny tip?

EB: Carbs earlier in the day…for example brown rice, quinoa, or pasta at lunchtime & then protein and greens for dinner. Eating more during the day and less at night allows me to sleep better too!

+ For someone who’s looking to lose weight, what’s your number one trick?

EB: Count calories, even if it is just for one week— it’s the biggest eye-opener ever. Portion size is the key. Information is everything! We thought we were eating so well until we started counting calories…now we can add things we want ( like a glass of wine ) & then eat more salad so we keep our calories in tact.

That way we enjoy what we eat while not feeling deprived. No diet- it’s a lifestyle now.

+ Favorite healthy, snack?

EB: Carrots/celery with hummus or cottage cheese.

+ How do you maintain your weight?

EB: Watching what I eat & exercising. I love to stand up paddle or surf every day…( exercise is so important!! ). I treat myself to things I want but not all at once, so dessert on occasion. But the dessert must be great— make those calories count : ).

The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

+ Cocktail of choice?

EB: Love my wine…Chardonnay or Cabernet. And occasionally a scotch & water!

+ Recommendations for women who have trouble keeping weight off?

EB: My husband & I have been using a calorie counting website to keep track of everything we eat daily and it’s truly kept us on track. We set a goal, say 1400-1600 calories & really stick to it, that way any exercise above and beyond that will be calories burned.

It’s hard in the beginning but on the site you can set up favorites/groupings so the foods you regularly eat are automatically inputted so you don’t have to add everything every time. It makes you think every time you’re about to snack.

It also taught me that I can eat one meal with high calories & control the rest of the day, that way I can maintain my weight.

+ Weekly workout schedule?

EB: I have been stand up paddling every morning for about a hour to an hour & a half. I surf and run too!

+ Quick, healthy recipe:

EB: Great breakfast that fills you up: Scramble three to four egg whites with tiny bit of butter, warm up 1/2 cup black beans warmed from a can, 1/4 avocado sliced, & add ‘Margarita’s Salsa.’

‘Margarita’s Salsa’: boil five Italian tomatoes and five serrano chiles for fifteen minutes. Put them in the blender with salt…& that’s it! ‘Margarita’s Salsa’ has almost no calories and you can eat it with wheat thins or pita chips for a snack ( << making this ASAP!! ).

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The Skinny Confidential talks to moms, Jackie and Erica Becerra about diet, fitness, and health.

  1. This is SO AWESOME! Shows that one can be fit at any age. And this totally motivated me even more to get my butt in the gym after work today 🙂 Thank you for sharing these two hot mommas!

  2. I loved seeing this post!

    In January, I broke my knee skiing in Utah.. when I flew home and got a CT Scan, they informed me that i’m pregnant! I had to undergo surgery, and needless to say, didn’t start this pregnancy off the way I had always imagined. Of course, you can read more about that at

    I always imagined being very fit during my pregnancy, and of course afterwards, but now it’s going to be a while until I can really start working out again. I’m FINALLY able to start going on walks.. but that’s been about it, besides arms!

    Of course, watching my body change is so beautiful, but it freaks me out at the same time, since I’m a pretty fit person! I’m just going to be anxious afterwards to get back in shape! So thanks for this post–it’s great inspiration!!!

  3. Hi Lauryn,

    Thanks for sharing. Both of these women look fabulous. But what stands out to me most about both interviews is that each is completely committed to their healthy lifestyle. That’s reality. You can’t look and feel great if you don’t put effort into your health.

    And to comment on Jackie and her hair. Do you (does she) use dry shampoo in between or just let it be? What about after a workout? I get pretty sweaty teaching group fitness several times a week, so I have to wash two to three times, but I’d love to get down to one time.


    1. I had the same question about the hair. Does dry shampoo get rid of the sweat smell too?

  4. Both are beautiful, hot women. I loved reading this.

    Little secret from a black girl who works out like a demon? I only wash my hair once a week as well! Thank you so much for sharing these two beautiful women! Hope to be as hot when I’m a mom/glam-mom!

  5. Loved reading this post- as a Mom who is on a fitness kick after saying ‘i just had a baby’ even though my daughter is one, I loved reading how these hot mamas stay in shape.

  6. It’s inspiring to see these beautiful women!!! Many mothers believe it is impossible to have a kid and look gorgeous!! It takes commitment, but your bf and her mother in law prove it is possible!!

  7. I’m SO making the Magrarita’s salsa, sounds delicious! For me calorie counting is vicious since I tend to get a bit obsessed. That just shows that different things work for different people 🙂

  8. So cool! We love seeing healthy chiquitas of all ages looking and feeling amaze! These two are definitely adorable- thanks for sharing! Xo

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