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Let’s Talk YOGA!!

The Skinny Confidential talks yoga, yoga, yoga.

The Skinny Confidential talks yoga, yoga, yoga.

Ahhhh yoga…I love you but I hate you.

A lot of you have e-mailed me about yoga & I wanted to do one big, huge-ass post on the topic.

First off all, it’s kind of annoying having a sweaty guy with everything hanging out in my space…if ya know what I mean. Let’s just say there needs to be better hot yoga clothes for men…LOL.

Secondly, you guys know I have self-diagonsed anxiety.

So yoga is supposed to help with anxiety, right?

And it does.

But for me, it helps only post-yoga.

The Skinny Confidential talks yoga, yoga, yoga.

The Skinny Confidential talks yoga, yoga, yoga.

When practicing yoga, I’m constantly struggling with shutting off my mind. It runs wild with stupid stuff. Like, did I turn the oven off? Do my highlights need a touch up? What should I get Jackie for her birthday? God this pose is hard, FML. Pixy needs a bath. Do I really need those Forever 21 black heels that are sitting in my online basket? Hmmm, what should I make for dinner? OMG, I love that girl’s shorts. Maybe I should wear my hair in a ponytail more often. I need to blog right after this. I’m tired. Shit! I forgot to send that e-mail.

You get my drift?

So technically I’m having anxiety that yoga is taking up my time. LOL.


After yoga, I feel calm, collected, & not too OCD…which is rare!!

So like I said, I like yoga, but it’s annoyingly needed. I probably practice a couple times a month & after every class I’m left with this: I need to get my ass to yoga more often.

The Skinny Confidential talks yoga, yoga, yoga.

TSC Yoga Essentials:

➝➝➝ A comfortable outfit: this Nancy Rose Performance wear I’m rocking is my absolute go-to in yoga. Why? Well, duh because it’s so damn cute. But it’s also comfortable & I can move. Sometimes I feel like workout clothes are like SPANX. They’re pretty much suffocating me making it difficult to breathe. In yoga, I want to move comfortably but let’s face it, I also want to look good. Nancy Rose just does it right. The thumb holes ( can I just say I’m DEAD over thumb holed anything ) are rad, they use the finest fabrics, & it really sucks you in all the right areas without feeling like you’re Rose AKA Kate Winslet in TitanicThis boatneck long sleeve top & these workout leggings by Nancy Rose Performance rock my world ( I literally haven’t taken them off for days..LOL ). Now, if I’m in hot yoga ( <—- rare, it’s just too damn hot ), I’ll rock a built in bra top.

➝➝➝ WATER. I always bring a ton of water to yoga to keep me hydrated. I use this pretty water bottle with iced water with lemon. So a ton of ice, a ton of lemon, & sometimes a couple pomegranate seeds for some extra antioxidants.

➝➝➝ A cute mat, grippy yoga towel, & face towel. Don’t be that girl that forgets her towel. It sucks, trust me.

➝➝➝ Paint your toenails ( my fav color here ). Sorry, I’m going there…pedicures are a necessity. You’re barefooted in yoga so take care of your toezies. Get real, no one wants to see nasty toes. I love to do this at-home pedi.

➝➝➝ Other small essentials: ouch-less hair ties, shaved legs ( ESP if you’re wearing shorts ), a rad yoga studio, a hoodie for afterwards, & of course, a zen mindset.

Ok so, what are your yoga essentials?

x le

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{ ♥♥♥ Photo cred: Chantel Marie }

The Skinny Confidential talks yoga, yoga, yoga.

  1. Oh my gosh I totally submitted a comment without meaning to!

    Anyhoo, do all bloggers have anxiety? I do too, and definitely the yoga thing helps me too. Sometimes I work myself up into anxiety, and I really have to work on emptying my mind. Great post!

  2. Love this. I definitely have a similar love/hate relationship with yoga. I feel SO great afterwards and am always telling myself that I need to incorporate it more into my life, but I feel like I usually prefer pilates, or a straight up gym workout because its more fast paced, to go with my fast paced brain!

  3. This post is so funny but actually this love/hate relationship with yoga applies to so many people! I personally didn’t like yoga at first, I just could not get it. You really need to practise it for some time and to train your mind to be free and in tune with your body! But everything comes in time…Though I enjoy doing yoga, I sometimes have days when I cannot concentrate on yoga at all, so much is going inside my head that I even fall out of the simplest asanas.

  4. I have anxiety too and a yoga teacher suggested Yoga Nidra- yoga for your brain! It’s a totally relaxing guided meditation specifically for stress and anxiety and releases the good brain chemicals and re circuits the brain(so to speak).It has been literally a life saver for me! My anxiety has diminished greatly and sometimes is just gone for days at a time with this specific daily meditation. Hope this helps and love your blog!

  5. I thought I was the only one who had a love/hate relationship with yoga! Thanks for posting this and for introducing me to bkr (I’ve been obsessed since your first post on the brand). Will definitely try to make it to yoga this week, there’s a $5 class on Sundays in a park nearby so no excuses!

  6. I LOVE yoga! I go once a week – I used to go like 2-3 times but I realized it would make me burn out if I do. I love to change it up. 🙂 My essentials are a water bottle and a grippy mat, perfect for when it gets sweaty so you don’t slip or worse – fall. I love my lululemon mat, expensive but durable, totes worth it!

  7. Totally agree. I’m actually in the process of trying a whole bunch of different types of yoga to determine if maybe I just need to experiment! I want that yoga high, but gosh…sometimes pouring sweat is something I could do without!

  8. I feel the exact. same. way. I have a lot of anxiety and OCD, and I always feel better after a yoga class, but during it my mind has trouble settling down. And I always tell myself the same thing you do afterwards…must. do. more. yoga. Yet for some reason I rarely do! I’ll get my ass to one class and then won’t take another one for months. I got a new Lulu mat (looove) at Christmastime, and I’ve used it once. That’s how bad I am about getting myself to do yoga. It’s a constant goal of mine to do it more often.

  9. My yoga essentials:

    My body.

    Because yoga is about letting go of your shell and expanding the consciousness. It shouldn’t require you to buy anything or be anything.

  10. I really want to start yoga but the fear of being the new girl..the girl who is not flexible in the slightest…the girl at the back of the class…etc, etc, totally freaks me out! I think I need to suck it in and just go! Thanks for the tips, one day I’ll make sure I get my ass to yoga


  11. I am the exact same way. I cannot ‘let go’ and focus. I love yoga for its benefits but I wish I could master the art of relaxation! haha

  12. I think I’m gonna find a day to start doing yoga each week. I love it but feel it doesn’t give me as much of a work out as things that really get my heart rate up. But I love how it makes me feel!

  13. Im not a fan of yoga. I never want to do it, I never want to go… but after every session, I feel AMAZING! But that feeling isn’t enough to overcome the dread I feel right before. Haha. I try so hard to like it!

    Hilary x

  14. i love yoga more than anything. at first it was very difficult to turn off my brain, but it just takes practice! now my mind gets so quiet i usually fall asleep at the end… whoops!

  15. Same with myself me and yoga never clicked although it forces me to stretch which I need more of and I need to feel more at peace during my week so maybe I just need to get my ass to the park with the yoga crew in Thailand Lol lots of love C

  16. I have a ton of anxiety, (general anxiety and probably social anxiety) and yoga definitely helps! It reminds me to breathe deeply and focus on my body. I have fallen in love with it over the past year. I’m still not the best at it and have actually had a girl make fun of me in a studio…so I prefer to do it at my house for now haha.

  17. I feel like a slacker thanks to this post, I’ve haven’t been to yoga in 2 months. Maybe I need some new yoga attire to get inspired.

  18. haha! That’s totally me in yoga too! Which is why I don’t go that often, but after I go, I do always feel better and more relaxed. I probably make it once a quarter. haha. My yoga essentials are yogitoes for hot yoga. It’s the best. And definitely cute bootie shorts and sports bra from lululemon. 🙂

  19. For all with anxiety or OCD I recommend trying kundalini yoga. It will get you to the bottom of things a nd focuses on breathing. SO important in order to concer a monkey mind. In the end, it really is all in the breath.

  20. I love yoga! It’s really hard for me to shut my mind off, as well. The biggest thing I’ve tried to master is not attempting to ‘stop’ the thoughts, but rather, just ‘letting them happen’ and ‘watching them’. Pretty soon, you’ll just notice them, rather than be affected by them. AKA, less anxious, more aware of the present! It’s something I need to practice all the time, and something I always feel better after I try doing it.

  21. I’m a yogi newbie, in fact I’m so new I’m about as new as it gets. I really want to find a studio and have almost purchased a groupon to try one out, but I’m scared. That’s right I’m scared of yoga. The last thing I want to do is go into a class with Yoga All-Stars and fall over like I do in my living room. I admit it, I fall over….on my face…. and it’s painful. Is yoga really for the coordinately challenged? Does anyone else worry about looking like a total dork while trying to relax? Thoughts anyone?


  22. I can completely relate to this – it took me a while to get into yoga as I felt like I had too much going on elsewhere to take an hour for myself to just chill the eff out – but once I got into it, it became a part of my routine I can’t live without! XO, D

  23. See, I love my yoga studio. The teachers are awesome and whenever I find my mind wondering, they somehow say “bring your focus back to class” soo for me it works pretty well. I do agree I feel even better after the whole experience!

  24. You nailed it! I feel pretty much the same about yoga. I love it, and I hate it. Some days it’s enjoyable and relaxing, while others it’s a pain and so difficult to stay in a certain position for more than 5 seconds. I also suffer from anxiety, and I know that it absolutely helps to calm me…the effects afterwards are extremely beneficial, but sometimes during the whole shebang, it’s too much to handle.

    Be sure to check out my latest video post talking about my workouts and how I stay fit!

  25. I LOVE yoga – I didn’t think I would, but it is something that I know I need in my life about 3 times a week. I always feel more relaxed and decompressed from sitting at my desk all day.

    I also agree – you have to have very comfy clothes to enjoy the experience too!

    Mandie from

  26. I’m not sure where you live in SD, but if you’re close to North County you should check out Mantra Yoga & Juice Bar. They have amazing teachers that really help you get in the zone while in class. There’s a lot of class variety too, from yin to hot yoga to bikram. And who doesn’t love an all natural, healthy juice bar to be able to go to after a sweaty hot yoga class? It’s seriously so nice, you really should check it out.

  27. I used to also have thousands of things running in my mind while starting to practice yoga! I think i was more self retrospecting myself! But I knew Yoga was definitely helping me get over those extra Flabs hanging on my body! So I finally decided to enrol myself in a group Fitness studio in Windsor and fromt hat day on, i have never looked back!

  28. I have been wanting to try yoga for a while now but I just can’t make myself do it! Great post!!

  29. I hear you! I actually avoid it at times of particular stress or when my workload is heavier than usual, which I know is the opposite of what I should do. It actually stresses me out more and makes me annoyed … that and the fact that progression in yoga is all about patience and self-connection so it makes it even more frustrating, ha! Give me a kettlebell or circuit class any day of the week instead.. but I know I need it so once a week is my baseline. Here’s to patience! X

  30. Hey there, thanks for reaching out and letting us know how you feel. Honestly most people are in the same boat, with or without yoga in their lives. I understand from your experiences that yoga can be difficult while doing it but it’s worth it afterwards. I was reading about how chanting the name of God ( according to our religion of birth) on a daily basis is one of the best ways to reduce anxieties. There is an article published by SSRF, where it talks about the physical,mental and spiritual benefits of chanting. Perhaps chanting can be done with yoga to provide for the ultimate stress reliever 🙂 You can read more about it here. What do you feel about it.

  31. I’m a yoga lover ,since 2 years ago.Yoga make me more relaxed and decompressed in my life

    i recommend you a yoga blanket to enjoy your meditation!

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