Let’s Talk Halloween: The Good, The Bad, & The Slutty

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.They’re loose.

…And they’re out there…


A proper Urban Dictionary definition can be found here.

And ya, I went there.

I mean, is it necessary to wear a thong & bra in freezing cold weather? Like, the stripper, practically naked devil/cop is so out ( …was it ever really in? ).

Also note: it’s a tit bit nipply out there! Wearing a see-through bra in zero degree weather ( because even San Diego is F-ing cold on Halloween ) is overkill.

If you’re showing some leg, tone down the top. If you’re showing your hottie six pack, please wear pants ( not a thong or G-string. Thanks! ).

Ok, ok, we’re getting off track: let’s talk Halloween in general.

To me, Halloween is about a bad-ass costume, glitter pumpkins, Festive Candles, & baking a skinny pumpkin roll.


I don’t care AKA IDC.

Beats running around with my boobs hanging out with red lipstick smothered all over my teeth because of too many ‘Monster Mash Martinis.’

Like, sorry I’m not sorry.


I’ll guess I’ll get to the point of the post:

TSConf’s Do’s & Don’t of Halloween:

Do…wear a rad/cool/cute costume { ideas below }.

Do…get festive. Have friends over & create a spooky environment: grab some creepy decor, light pumpkin scented candles, &/or whip up a ‘Skinny Witches’ Brew’ ( ** don’t worry- The Style Kittens gotcha covered on the skinny brew ).

Do…drink lots of water, eat something substantial before you drink alc, & have some F-ing fun ( see more Halloween tips here ).

Do…workout before the big night. It tones/defines muscle for semi-revealing costumes. Plus you’ll feel better if you’re hungover the next day ( hangover tips here ).

Do…read this hilarious post on why guys shouldn’t pick up Halloween sluts ( to all boys: it’s a real must-read! ). I literally LOL’d when they said “it never fails; we see a nurse, devil and a cop costume at least three times at every Halloween party. It gets boring. A rule of thumb: You get what you see. A generic costume gets worn by a generic girl. That’s true whether you’re looking for a girlfriend type on Halloween (bad idea) or just the Halloween hookup.”

But please don’t:

Don’t…dress as Miley Cyrus ( I actually have no problem-o with Miley but the whole world is going to be her ). Get creative!

Don’t…forget to leave candy outside the door for the cutie trick-or-treaters! My favorites to leave out can be found here & here.

Don’t…be a boring, old Grinch. Honestly though, don’t be that person that’s too cool to throw cat ears on. Have some fun!

Don’t…drink & drive. Call a cab or an Uber for God’s sake! I mean, driving on Halloween drunk? FAIL.

Don’t…& I mean don’t, go practically ( or fully ) naked.

You know you love me. XOX, Gossip Girl ( kidding, kidding ).

Ok, I’m done. But real quick…here are three costume ideas I’m loving:

>> A sex kitten skeleton: mini dress or maxi dress. I would add this oversized black beanie to the costume too.

>> A bat: sunglasses, hoodie, skirttights, ears, & silver shoes.

>> A black jack-o’-lantern: leotard, skirt, & mesh shoes.

Happy Tuesday! x.Lauryn

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17 replies to “Let’s Talk Halloween: The Good, The Bad, & The Slutty”

  1. I HATE slutty costumes, mainly because they are cold, especially when you live in Canada. I like to do scary make up so I’m often a zombie or skeletal something whether it’s a zombie prom queen or a skeleton Marie Antoinette.

  2. Gah, couldn’t agree more about the super-skimpy Halloween costumes.
    PS, those glitter pumpkins are so cute! I feel an art project soon.

  3. Love, love LOVE this post. Seriously though, slutty costumes are so predictable & so done with. Also, the Miley Cyrus thing… bad idea. (With the exception of one girl that I saw dressed up as Hannah Montana which was kind of cute & funny).

  4. I went to a party this weekend and I saw a Miley Cyrus that definitely should NOT have been dressed the way she way. Shorts were too little, and all of that junk was hanging out.

  5. Absolutely hilarious and true post. Stop the slutty, just be sexy.

    I’m a new reader and I am 100% in love with your style. But I must confess that I’m not skinny in the least. I hope you’ll still love me as a reader.

    MJ @wetdesertbranding.blogspot.com

  6. OMGG YES, love love love this. I’m always so blown away/impressed/slightly jeal when I see girls in kickass, creative, or hilarious costumes that obviously express their personality & play up their confidence…it’s so much sexier than a sexy _________ from a $50 bag in a costume store that probably 30 other people you see will be some version of! I’m totally cool with everybody dressing however they feel like on Halloween [[aka best holiday ever]] BUT I always notice peeps who do something a little bit different.

    Especially people wearing pants.

    Ps. obsessing over your glitter pumpkin. I just sprinted across the house screaming at my fiance asking him where we keep the glitter.

    apparently we don’t have any glitter, and he thinks I’m a crazy person. Soo….I’m off to attack Michael’s.

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