Let’s Talk About The “Crackly” Elbow Epidemic

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Ok so apparently cracked elbows is a serious epidemic.

For reals.

Like, I can’t even go grocery shopping without seeing half the store filled with “Cracklers.”

Yes. I might have made up that term ( should I trademark it? ).

My official defintion of “Cracklers” ( noun ): a person who neglects their elbows for so long that they turn into crackly/chapped skin patches that resemble a desert.

Seen ‘um?


Welp, let’s be real: no one wants dry, nasty elbows.

So on that note…let’s talk about the SKIN Stick:

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.

Lauryn Evarts talks fashion, diet, and fitness.

We’re talking balm.

Not lip balm.

Body balm.

Excited yet?

Thanks to the rec from my friend, Jordan, the SKIN stick has so, totally kept me “Crackler”-free & saved my elbows from being overly dry/disgusting.

I ESP enjoy the ‘Meyer lemon’ flavor…because honestly if you know ANYTHING about me it’s that I’m obsessed with Meyer lemons.

My ultimate dream is to be like Yolanda from Real Housewives of Bev Hills. She’s all like, in her garden of lemons whipping up fresh lemonade & lemon master cleanses’, whilst running through her casual, full-blown Meyer lemon orchard.

SO jeal.

Ok, sorry for the tangent— anyway. This balm is seriously the bomb.

Try it & thank me later. It will def get rid of any “crackily” situations.


** (( Again— this isn’t a product review. I haven’t been paid to talk about this or received product- I just sincerely love this gem of a product )).

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, fashion, & health.


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16 replies to “Let’s Talk About The “Crackly” Elbow Epidemic”

  1. Omg I laughed so hard! Thank you so much! I’ve never had this problem but gosh I wish I could share this with some of the elbows (and feet!!!) I’ve seen! Just important to remember that all women are beautiful, some just need some polishing. Shine up that penny gal!

  2. Hah! This epidemic is definitely real. I have a separate jar of coconut oil in my bedroom that I use for cosmetic purposes, and sometimes I’ll dip my fingers in just to rub some on my elbows. Dry elbows are nasty. But now that I know about THIS…I think I’ll have to switch up my elbow moisturizing methods. You always have the greatest finds. I’m not the hugest lemon person though (I know, GASP), so I’m going to have to check out the other scents. 😉

  3. This post is HIL-arious! Hahaha did you order your skin stick online or does a local store carry it? I’d love to try and I’m from the SD area! Love a great local find 😉

  4. Josie Maran Cosmetics makes a really great argan oil balm too! I use it on elbows, feet, hands…even on flyaways when my hair is really dry. It’s really awesome.