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OMIGOD. Lisa Allen. Where do I begin? I mean, you probably already know her. Like who doesn’t? You’ve probably seen her with


Today 2 badass sisters, Mady and Scout are here to talk about how they were able to stop smoking ( *spoiler* The


One thing that most definitely does not change is my three things I do every.single.morning. These three things set up each day

5 MAJOR Healthy Takeaways From Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival

Hi, hi, hi. 11:33 PM on Tuesday night- winding down from Mother’s Day weekend. This year Michael & I decided

TSC Approved Fitness Favorites… For BOXING

Just wanted to share some TO DIE FOR fitness gear…with a little twist. OF COURSE. Do you guys remember all

Workout Gear YOU Need

A girl can never have too many leggings, sports bras, or seriously AMAZING gym bags. Am I right? If you’re

Sweat Anytime, Anywere…YES

Recently I re-discovered the park by our house as an awesome spot to workout. There’s something breezy & fresh about

My 4th of July To-Do List

Fourth of July is cominnnnng!! This means: sparklers, chips (!!!), guac, flag cakes ( every year I’m that flag cake

Q x A Sesh

{ Wearing my absolute fav workout top found here } Hey guys, It bugs the hell outta me when big

Rocking Hottie Fitness Wear for 2014

1.} Sunnies like these mirrored lens aviators are perf for hiking, running, &/or running errands. 2.} I’m literally IN LOVE

TSConf ‘Sweat the Holiday Cookies Off Your Ass’ Playlist

Can we talk about my rose gold/white leather headphones? Like, can I sew these to my face? Soooo cute, right?

I Mean, REALLY? Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Does It Again

Is it just me or does depression sink in during this time of year? I’m not talking the holiday season,

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