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wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

Wedding Invitation Process…Weigh In PLZ!

October 5, 2016

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidentialwedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

So the reason it’s taken me so long to start planning our wedding ( hey 2 months out…still haven’t gotten a dress ) is because it takes me a while to wrap my head around the way I want to execute the whole thing. ( HHHHmmm, this sounds oddly familiar? Kind of like how it took me a year of OBSESSIVE planning to launch The Skinny Confidential? LOL ).

Firstly, there’s one thing that may seem very strange about me: I always like to lead with a strong foundation.

( Bear with me, because I’m fully aware I can sound CRAZY? ).

The foundation, for me, is the invitation.

You lead with the invitation. The invitation sets the tone of the celebration. Like I said, bear with me. My invitation needs to set the tone of my wedding BECAUSE I want the vibe of the invitation to dictate the entire experience from the beginning.

From the invite to the thank you & everything in between.

I mean, think about it: there’s the table decor, wedding outfit(s), flowers, cocktails, food. The invite is representative of the experience you’re creating for your guest.

Are you with me?


Anyway, I have to be very honest here, I was just not excited about the invite. Literally not one sample invite was my style. They were too white. Too bridal. Too Curly Sue. Too blah. Too meh. Yawn at calligraphy. Bored with mini flowers cascading up the side. Overly feminine. Just not the experience I’m planning on creating for our wedding.

I want vampiness.

I want some goth.


Give me DRAMA.

Kind of anti-bride but I hate the word anti…so not anti?

I’m a Gemini, what can I say?

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential
wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

Ok, so I looked for years. I’ve been engaged for 3 & a half years ( ALWAYS late )…& I haven’t been actively planning but my eyes are open, you know? NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING.

& then a reader tagged @blissandbone in a post I did. BINGO.

Immediately, their brand was EVERYTHING & more. It was very ME. I felt some fucking personality in their carefully made invitations. SO much personality.

Here’s the thing with me: the second I see something I like, there’s NO stopping me. I figure out a way to make it happen. & I always know what I like & don’t like. This is highly annoying, by the way. It’s not fun because it takes me a while to peruse. A LONG WHILE.

Like I’m the online shopper with 13458094672345 tabs open, just looking & then I find one dress & it’s just the one. Literally I’ll probably find my dress online & order it because I just know when I know. Hence why I’m not too concerned about not having a dress…two months before the wedding.

Ok, so back to the invites. After connecting with Cindy of Bliss & Bone, we decided it was really a match made in heaven. Their invites are sexy, sultry, kind of masculine, & full of depth. Bliss & Bone is really all my dreams in one space: leather, suede, gold touches, marble, black palm trees, velvet ( I KNOW SO GOOD ) & most importantly to me, DRAMA.

Together we decided to design a custom invitation that would set the tone of my entire wedding. A foundation to showcase our vibe & style that will carry our guests throughout the entire experience.

SOOOOOO here’s where you guys come in:

Help! I want opinions!! Cindy set me a bunch of samples & I’m slowly picking & choosing pieces from each that I like. Definitely don’t want to copy anyone’s invitation. I want something very custom to our taste but love the inspiration Cindy sent me. So ta-da, check these mock-up invites out & LMK your opinions. Help me put together the perfect invite?!

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

Also, I’ll be Snapping some options early next week so follow along to help pick invite details. Username is @laurynevarts.

There’s a lot going on here: are we loving the suede? I feel like leather is JUST insane on an invite though. Are you feeling the vibe here? Which is your favorite? Weigh in. Come on please!! Everyone has an opinion! I WANT to hear. Tell, tell.

I’m also launching my wedding website with Bliss & Bone next week, but that’s a whole different post. Be prepared for a wedding on steroids because I’m planning the whole thing in 2 months & I’m bringing you guys along for the crazy-ass ride.

Can I ever NOT procrastinate? GAWD.

Looking forward to sharing each small wedding planning moment with you guys…over the span of 2-ish months.

Happy Thursday! x

+ more info on Bliss & Bone.

+ ALSO, check out @wayswemeet on Instagram. Michael & I are sharing how we met ( …craziness, in 6th grade!! ).

{ photos }

wedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidentialwedding invitation process with bliss & bone | by the skinny confidential

Shop Wedding Vibez:

Wedding Wear Tips Coming At Cha

August 13, 2015

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

Ok, so I guess wedding season is technically over.

But since I’m the worst bride-to-be on the planet, it’s very much fitting I’m a little late on this post, right.

Also, it works because I learned this summer.

Since attending a bunch of weddings this year ( I’ve been to more weddings this year than I have in my entire life! ), I picked up a few tippity-tips, ya know?

NOW if something is a faux pas on my recommendation list, please ( PLEASE ) let me know. Again, I am most certainly not QUEEN OF WEDDINGS.

In fact, I’m kind of clueless. Literally though, if one of my friends came to my wedding wearing white, I wouldn’t care ( what is wrong with me?! ).


I get it.

I guess I’m just not that savvy to what’s ok & what isn’t. So feel free to add extra education below.

Favorite ways to prep for weddings:

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

Ok, let’s get started, shall we? Going to discuss wedding wear to the max: hair, brows, lips, dress, shoes, makeup, tan, nails, you name it.

Hopefully I’m not committing any wedding crimes with my recommendations (!!!).



Ya, ya, ya, we all know I love a good tan. But not a sun tan. EW. I like a spray tan or at-home tan. I know there are a ton of chemicals in some spray tan products, but that’s the price I pay for staying out of the sun. Huge fan of balancing life like a checkbook. Especially when it comes to the sun. Personally, I’d rather spray than go in the sun. Do what works for you.

When it comes to wedding season I need a glow or I will look like Casper asking the usher for a brochure. No bueno.

I wrote a full-on blog post about a new vegan, organic, at-home sunless tanner that I like AND of course, it’s no surprise that I LOVE MY MYSTIC LEVEL 3’S.

Oh, & try leg makeup if you’re pinched for time. Trust me.

Nails!!! For weddings I like a light, pretty nail. Especially if I’m wearing a bright lip. Right now I’m loving Ballet Slippers or Marshmallow by Essie. Simple! These colors are described as sugary, soft, & sweet. Oh, & if you’re showing toes, do white or red ( because EVERYONE looks good with white or red toes ). If you’re not showing toes, who cares. LOL.

I love a pop of color on the lips. Maybe not right now…because I have full-on green rubber band braces, but when I’m brace-free? I love a hot lip. My favorite lipstick on the planet right now is ‘American Doll’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills— not sponsored, just obsessed. I talk about it every second but it’s just the best red ever. In this blog post, I’m wearing it with a red MAC lipliner ( I used the ‘overline’ trick, found here ).

To wrap up the makeup look, I always contour when I go to a wedding. You can find my whole tutorial here. When attending a wedding I like to do big lashes & mascara with no other eye makeup AND OF COURSE, I LOVEEEE a good, thick brow ( my friend, Kelsey did my make-up here— I just filmed a YouTube makeup video with her, so stay tuned for a fun Kelsey tutorial! ).

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


In these pictures I’m wearing this dark navy blue dress. I’m OBSESSED. It was an investment piece BUT I can wear it to tons of different black tie & wedding events. I absolutely love it. Navy blue is just the best color ever really. Plus it comes in ‘English rose’ pink too ( wedding appropriate, no? ).

If you’re looking for something less expensive & just as chic, check out this bad boy. It’s super pretty for weddings & looks so similar to mine, it’s kind of crazy!

AND if you’re looking for a pop of color, I’m very much about this deep red dress. I have it in purple-ish blue, but I think I like the maroon better for a wedding soirée.

For hair, I like it straight. Straight is always in. It’s not overwhelming & you want to let the bride shine so you don’t want to show up with full on bombshell curls. Sleep bun curls, maybe. But don’t go overboard ( I would never want to insult the bride! ).

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


Personally, I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple. A nude pump or a black patent leather pump is perfect for a wedding, in my opinion. If you’re wearing a super plain dress you could add a pop of color with a red kitten heel though.

This nude pump has been on rotation for me all summer & I’m definitely not mad about it. Plus it’s under $100 bucks.

If you’re feeling FIESTY, try out a leopard heel ( but not like a Vegas, bandage dress leopard heel… ). Just make sure to keep it simple up top. Also, if you’re doing leopard YOU HAVE TO DO A RED LIP. It just goes, you know?

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


I love a pretty clutch to complete an outfit. I fell head over heels in love with this gold-lamé clutch & I’ve used the hell out of it. It fits my phone ( YAY ), lipstick, mints, & a cell phone charger ( don’t kill me, Michael ).

You may notice the pieces I invest in are always staples that I can wear to black tie events. They’re forever pieces. Nothing trendy!

For jewelry, I keep it simple with my engagement ring, men’s watch, & maybe some little studs. Too many accessories is overkill, especially to a wedding. A thin anklet is always fun too.


wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential

SO YAY! Those are my wedding recommendations. I hope I got it somewhat right. At least I know not to wear white, right?

A little wedding update for us: we currently have a wedding Dropbox folder and we…wait for it…did the guest list. AND we may or may not have booked a venue, more to come.

Ok, anyway please, oh please leave any wedding prep recommendations below. I kind of need all the help I can get for next summer’s round of weddings!

From bed…trying to relax ( really though, trying ), lauryn x

+ my pathetic attempt at a wedding update can be found here.
++ wedding pics are from my friend, Richard & Julez Fowler’s gorgeous wedding. 

wedding wear | by the skinny confidential


Bombshell Bride Carly Feagler: How to Get into Amazing ‘Wedding Shape’

August 19, 2016

Carly Feagler talks skinny tips and tricks with fitness and diet blogger, Lauryn Evarts.

Check out my smoking hot GF, Carly. Not only is she gorg, she’s also the sweetest girl EVER.

Carly recently got engaged to her fiancé, Adam:

Lauryn Evarts talks to Carly Feagler about everything wedding, quick skinny tips, and snacking tricks.

How freaking cute are they? I mean, right? They just may be the most adorable couple on the planet. The second she told me they were engaged I wanted to know all the deets on her wedding prep. Here ya go, babes:

+ Introduce yourself:

Carly Feagler: I’m a special education school teacher who is a self-proclaimed Yogi, dog lover, foodie, traveler, & lover of all things healthy and green! I just got engaged to my fabulous fiancé, Adam & we’re super excited to tie the knot July 6, 2013.

+ Weekly workout routine + wedding fitness plan:

CF: I’m a firm believer in switching up my exercise routine daily. However, I still tend to be a creature of habit so having a weekly routine works best for me. To prepare for my big day in July, my goal is to stay firm with my current weekly routine, adding one extra hot yoga class each week. My weekly routine will be as follows: hot yoga three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. I like to switch up yoga studios, but Core Power Yoga is my favorite right now because their classes fit any schedule. They have two locations that are super convenient for me, and they give student, teacher, & military discounts! On Tuesdays I will do a yoga sculpt class so that I have a little weight training in my routine. Every Thursday I play cardio tennis with a girlfriend. This is our own made up thing- we just play a couple matches & it’s a great workout. Since neither of us are star players we run each other around the court a lot!  Tons of fun!

On the weekends I allow myself some flexibility, as long as I get a good sweat in! Usually on Saturdays I love to go on a long bike ride then a walk at the beach with my dog. On Sundays my fiancé and I like to walk with our dog around the Rancho Santa Fe golf course, which is about a two & a half mile walk. I love my weekly workouts. This type of routine is fun, I don’t get bored, & I look forward to all my different activities throughout the week!

Lauryn Evarts talks to Carly Feagler about everything wedding, quick skinny tips, and snacking tricks.

+ Favie Body Part?

CF: If had to pick one body part to flaunt in an LBD it would be my booty. I’ve learned to embrace my bubble butt.

+ Trend you’re loving:

CF: My favorite trend right now is COLOR! I always add a punch of color to every outfit. My favs right now are colorful bags, jewelry, & shoes. Think mint green, orange, & plum. 

+ Natural Beauty Product:

CFOrganic coconut oil! I use it as a hair mask about once a week and also as body moisturizer-it keeps the skin so soft. Not only is it a beauty product, I also use it almost daily for cooking, baking, & even as a topper for my dog’s food [ it’s really good for dogs’ oral hygiene & coat ]. Favorite natural makeup line is Tarte. I love their marajuca oil & cheek stain in apricot, bronzer in Park Avenue Princess, & smolderEYE eye liners.

+ Quick Skinny Tips?

CF: Drink warm water with lemon first thing every morning, followed by blended greens [ see my recipe below ].  Also, take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily. I mix it with 1/4 grapefruit juice + a cup of water to dilute the vinegar taste a bit.

+ Fav Healthy Snacks?

CF: Coconuts [ pre-cut at Whole Foods; the juice is delicious & don’t forget to eat the meat ], fermented veggies [ local fav found here– the “Power Krautage” is the BEST ], apples with peanut or almond butter, pistachios, & avocados with a little sea salt. I love food & have learned that when you start eating healthy your body no longer wants the bad stuff!  I like clean, natural foods.

Lauryn Evarts talks to Carly Feagler about everything wedding, quick skinny tips, and snacking tricks.

+ Let’s talk cocktails…

CF: I LOVE a fresh margarita. Don Julio tequila, splash of Grand Marnier, lots & lots of fresh lime juice, shaken and served up freezing cold. Lauryn makes the best skinny margs!

+ Five Fashion Essentials:

CF: Since I am a school teacher, I do a ton of traveling in the summer. I live in bathing suits, little, lightweight dresses [ think Urban Outfitters ], & hats. These are the five things I can’t live without in the summertime:

1.} Black Ray Bans: especially the foldable wayfarers.

2.} MOR Perfume Oil in Marshmallow: smells amazing.

3.} Noon earrings– love for day to night looks, & they’re local.

4.} Bumble & bumble Surf Spray: great for sexy hair on the go!

5.} Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer w/SPF 20 Tarte 24/7 lip sheer w/SPF 15 in ‘Summer Fling.’

+ Quick Easy Recipes?

CF: I drink this every single morning- swear by it. I know there are a ton of green drink recipes out there, but it’s always fun to mix it up!

Green Juice

About 4-5 handfuls of organic kale, chard or spinach [ I use two or all three, depending what’s in the fridge ], fresh lemon juice [ one lemon ], fresh ginger [ as preferred ], 1 tablespoon of organic flax seed oil, 1 cup water, & 1 banana. Blend & enjoy daily!

Coconut Blueberry Quinoa With Lime

[ Serves 4 ]

2 cups cooked quinoa
1/2 cup light coconut milk
2 limes, juiced
1 cup fresh blueberries
Dab of honey to taste

+ Directions: Cook the quinoa to package directions and measure out 2 cups into a medium mixing bowl. Allow to cool. Mix in the rest of the ingredients & enjoy! Note: I highly recommend rinsing the quinoa before cooking it, even if the box says it’s already rinsed. It tones down the earthy flavor considerably & allows the other flavors to come through. Also, if you double the recipe, only use 3/4 cup coconut milk; 1 cup is too much.

Energy balls

1 cup dry oatmeal
1 cup toasted coconut flakes
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter [ I use 1/4 almond butter & 1/4 cup peanut butter ]
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1/3 cup honey
1 tsp. vanilla

+ Directions: Stir all ingredients together in a medium bowl until thoroughly mixed. Let chill in the refrigerator for half an hour. Once chilled, roll into balls of whatever size you would like. Mine were about 1″ in diameter. Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to one week. Sub different nut butter & dried fruits, if desired.

+ To follow Carly on Instagram, search @CarlyFeagler.

Lauryn Evarts talks to Carly Feagler about all things wedding!