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MEOW! THIS POST HAS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. I feel like we need to talk more about hair. Hair

How To Throw A Festive Baby Shower

Baby showers! Fun, festive !! But if I have anything to do with it, I’m not going to let the


Hi guys! I wanted to share the cover story I just did with LOCALE Magazine! I’m super excited about it

Date Night: Part II (AKA A 20 Minute Look)

So, you guys already read up on ‘Date Night: Part I‘…& well, didn’t want to leave ya hanging so here’s

Mini DeLites x A Witch Doctor

{ Sunday with the homies || outfit deets below } { sunset from our balcony } Coming live to you from

Kaitlynn Carter On Pumpkin Masks, Gluten-Free Vodka, & SoulCycle

As you guys can see Kaitlynn Carter seriously beautiful. Like, is this real life?! Kaitlynn & I connected when my blog

The Haunted

Recently TSC teamed up with Andrea Van Vort from the popular boutique, Van De Vort and Kaitlynn Carter from The

Blog-Doo’s Revamp

Ok, so a bunch of you guys know that I have a side business called Blog-Doo with my GF, Erica. ( If

A Lil DIY: A Sexed Up Peacock Chair

I love a good DIY. But only if it’s easy, quick, & cheap ( << sounds kinda slutty ). But

Croquet & Cocktails: The Skinny Confidential Book Launch Party Deets

It’s cominnnnggggg. Super excited for The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Health and Lifestyle Guide. The book is avail March 4th (

TSC + Van De Vort: All Black Everythanggg

Hi guyyyyysssss—! I’m back at it with Van De Vort in Del Mar, CA. And today I’m feeling all back

Mini DeLites

{ Friday night’s event } { My friend’s dreamcatcher-inspired wall } { A little peak into our next DIY } So Friday

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