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On Le Bloggy: The Stone Cold Fox Babes

Ok so, if you don’t know the brand Stone Cold Fox, come out from the rock you’re hiding underneath &

Summer Fashion Finds <3

Hey, hey. Just wanted to share some of my recent finds: 1.} Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch in Leopard 2.} Mosaic

Clothing Designer Mary Simonsen Shares Skinny Tricks & Style Tips

Recently I interviewed fashionista/clothing designer, Mary Simonsen. Not only is she sweet & gorgeous, she’s also insanely talented ( ummm…her

How to Eat Healthy When There’s Only Sickie Options Available

[ Being weirdos ] [ The hotel’s duck-shaped soap ] [ #OOTD ] Oy vey!! The food at trade shows

Weslie Christensen’s Beauty Tricks, Style Tips, & Fitness Recs

[ Weslie’s cute fam ] Not gonna lie, I’m supaaaa excited to introduce you all to Weslie Christensen. This mega

Mini DeLites: Shopping {!!!}

[ Green sweater, fringe shorts { on sale! }, ankle boots, cross necklace, & shark tooth necklace ]  [ Multiple cross

The Skinny Confidential does Europe Playlist

Since I met up with Jordan in Europe [ & we did our fair share of partying- Tiësto at Pacha was

Mini DeLites

 [ One Line a Day memory book ] [ My new favorite snack ] Here in San Diego, we’re experiencing what

Mini DeLites

[ My new teal day planner ] [ Missing Cabo ] There’s nothing been than curling up in bed &

Champagne & Cupcakes: How to Not Gain Ten Pounds at Birthday Parties

Let’s face, when it’s your birthday [ or a friend/family member’s birthday ] it’s natural to want to overeat. That’s

Mini DeLites

[ Our vibrantly decorated bed in Cabo ] [ Loving these new necklaces: a wishbone + mini cross ] Ahhhhhhh!

Q & A

Dear Fabulous, Healthy, Beautiful Reader: In this post, I am attempting to answer all your frequently asked questions. It’s really

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