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How To Stay Healthy ( AND HAPPY ) While Traveling

I have a strategy. A very specific one when it comes to travel & staying healthy. Hell, if I didn’t

France Outfits: Saint Tropez, Provence, & Paris ♡

blue set | white shoes | sunglasses | Michael’s outfit kaftan | bikini top | bikini bottom | sunglasses As promised…FRANCE outfits.

Mini DeLites: Provence, France ( & A LOT of Bread? )

{ exploring Provence! | dress } { view from our room } HELLO! What’s new? Anything fun? What’s everyone been up

Hello, From Saint Tropez !!

WELL HELLO GUYS! So it’s been a hot minute. The past couple days were much-needed. Let’s just say I was

Mini DeLites: Florence, Italy…LOTS OF PIZZA

PIZZA! PASTA! WINE! BREAD! MORE PIZZA! DID I MENTION PASTA? No surprise that Italy was full of carbs. & I

TSC Itinerary: Full On Guide To Venice, Italy

Susan is BACK ( aka Michael ) on The Skinny Confidential discussing his favorite subject: TRAVEL ITINERARIES. You know we promised more

Mini DeLites: DALLAS

{ Dallas purse details } { nothing better than home <3 } Hello, hello! Fresh from Dallas, in bed drinking

MINI DELITES: A Throwback To Miami

Hiiiiii. After making TSC Year In Review I realized I COMPLETELY FORGOT to share my Miami video & pictures with you guys!!

Mini DeLites: VEGAS ( Well, Kind Of )

{ Steve Wynn’s cure for hangovers } { with my girlfriend, Elena, at breakfast } Well hello. SO I went

Mini DeLites: New York City Shenanigans

{ New York street style | sweater is sold out, similar here } { hemp milk cappuccino…boo, missing them already

Mini DeLites: LAKE COMO

LAKE COMO is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. ( For the record, Phuket, Thailand is a

New York, Paris, Milan STYLE…SO MUCH YES.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 As you guys know I just returned

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