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Shrink Your Muffin Top for Summer

In the latest issue of US Weekly they did an article on “Foods That Whittle Your Middle,” which I wanted

Deets on a Gluten-Free Lifestyle with Blogger Erica Stolman

Lately gluten-free is the new, hip food trend. Since there have been countless questions about it I sat down with

DIY Banana Chips

I appreciate crunchy textures, so I figured baking homemade banana chips would be the perfect project. Considering they bake for

Right Now

On this perfectly rainy day, we decided that it’s totally appropriate to mix up DIY, extra spicy Bloody Mary mix

Scrambled Salad

This scrambled salad was thrown together in a total of five minutes. I successfully managed to make a healthy brunch

Q & A

Dear Fabulous, Healthy, Beautiful Reader: In this post, I am attempting to answer all your frequently asked questions. It’s really

The Jennifer Aniston Greek Pizza

After discovering Jennifer Aniston’s pizza recipe on a local news station, I was beyond excited. Somehow Jennifer Aniston + pizza

Mini DeLites

[ Turquoise Lifefactory glass water bottle: BPA free ] [ New cookbook additions ] No one likes a rainy Monday.

My Friend’s Quick Skinny Tips

[ Gluten-free granola ] My girlfriends always have the most amazing, bikini-ready tricks. Naturally, I went ahead & asked them

Guilt-Free Nachos

I am obsessed with Mrs. Renfro’s verde salsa– it’s perfectly spicy, complements blue corn chips better than anything, & just

Skinnista of the Month: Jessica Mulvey

[ Jessica Mulvey, private yoga instructor ] Meet Jessica Mulvey. Just by looking at the picture above it is obvious

Creepy Halloween Mummy Wieners

[ Mummy hot dogs: 5 grams of fat…as opposed to a beef hot dog with 16 grams of fat ]

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